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    Help! argh!

    EP5 try this (be carefull) search the registry for the entry in your IE home page and del all entries with that internet address and that should stop it changing your home page on you.
  2. Emmett.hendrick

    Who'se your Favourite Villain?

    quote:Originally posted by Grayfox: hmmm hero... probaby indiana jones... or connor mcleod nut much of a hero person Ah Man! Duncan was much better than his elder clansman.
  3. Emmett.hendrick

    Bad movies I like.

    quote:Originally posted by Paddy Gregory: quote:And an old Sci Fi movie where John Boy Walton was the hero. Not really John Boy but the Actor you know who. "Battle Beyond the Stars" I believe it was called. Richard Thomas is the actor. I only know cos it was on the UK Sci-Fi channel the other day. I didn't stop to see the end. Or the beginning for that matter. That was one of my first ever SCI-FI flicks and it was/is pretty cool. Looks very dated now but still enjoyable.
  4. Emmett.hendrick

    BattleStar Galactica

    quote:Originally posted by Grayfox: quote:The original show wasn't exactly MacBeth. no, but now that im older, a new version wouldnt have that same magic the original did when i was a kid. it might be something my kid might enjoy, but remakes always change from when you were a kid. several examples: transformers (theres no dinobots for cripes sake!)and he-man. now that my boy is watching them i look at them and think, "you know, the original was much better"... the magic is gone for me Yea I've been thinking the same myself recently after I saw the current Version of He Man on satellite the other day - the remakes that are coming out now are no where near as good as I remeber the originals. Classic example for me was transformers, I loved that show but the latest incarnation is just pants. I still have a copy of the Movie and even now I love to watch it with my son - he loves it too.
  5. Emmett.hendrick

    The one that got away... catch and release story

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Spindoktor: Good story. Usually for me, in chaotic encounters like that, I get a call from my wife asking me how she looks in her new outfit. LMAO!!!! Yup I know that pain all to well but with three kids its usually something like feed/change one of the babies or check see what the 3 year old is at (because he's gone too quiet)
  6. Emmett.hendrick

    BattleStar Galactica

    quote:Originally posted by Hades: Wow... a female Starbuck. That's gonna be interesting, not really, it'll suck. Yup that pretty much sums up my anticipation level alright!
  7. Emmett.hendrick

    Cat Caviar Detective killed in line of duty

  8. Emmett.hendrick

    Hunting for Bambi

    I don't know who's worse? The men being controled by the trouser snake or the women who are volunteering to take what could be a life endangering/potientially serious injury risks. As for the women just goes to show some people will do anything for money. As for the men - No comment!
  9. Emmett.hendrick

    ASCII Matrix

    Pretty cool!
  10. Emmett.hendrick

    BattleStar Galactica

    Have to say I'm not over excited about this one, and I'm a big fan of the original. Don't know I'll see what the first episode is like and if it sucks I won't be too disappointed as I'm not expecting much.
  11. Emmett.hendrick

    Matrix ping pong!

    LMAO that was classic
  12. Emmett.hendrick

    What do you do with your spare time?

    Hmmm lets see sending marines to the fighter bays when intruders are in Medical (or worse on the bridge) Sending two marines on search when perscan shows 7 intruders Playing with his gameboy instead of searching for intruders Basically being a doofus!
  13. Emmett.hendrick

    Anyone else tried Star Wars Galaxies?

    Personally I'm still excited about this game. Currently I'm playing Anarchy online. I guess I was lucky with Anarchy to miss the startup problems that it had and because SWG won't get released in Europe until at least September then I should miss the startup problems with SWG too. I am enjoying Anarchy Online at the moment and if SWG scrubs up as well I will be well happy.
  14. Emmett.hendrick

    GBS-II News?

    quote:Originally posted by William McBroom: quote:Originally posted by Gallion: hehehehe, It's ready when it's ready TTFN Ok here's a stupid question. What does TTFN stand for? Ta Ta For Now. Usually spoken by Tigger (which is Gallion's Avatar if memory serves)
  15. Emmett.hendrick

    The Omega Six

    "REPORT!" snapped Smyth as the Andromeda was violently thrown as a PTA blast tore into the skin of the carrier. On the bridge the crew grasped desperatly for anything they could to steady themselves. For moments James got no reply. He looked up at the almost dark bridge, slowly the emergency lights flickered on bathing the bridge in a red glow. James looked around as the bridge crew struggled to get back to their posts. The Andromeda was listing heavily to port and the gravity generators were obviously malfunctioning as gravity was pulling as though this was her standard keel, forcing everybody to stand at a lean. James pulled himself along a guard rail and back to his chair. "Damage report!" he commanded LT CMDR Talla took a moment to review the numerous damage reports on her pad before she replied. "Its bad sir!" she replied grimly "All decks report Hull breech, Engineering lost almost half their crew blown into space. Interceptor bay 2 and shuttle 3 have been lost and we are dead in space!" James stared out at the battle unfolding outside the viewport. Above the constant damage reports and command chatter of the bridge he could make out the faint exchange of fire. He was amazed how distant the combat now seemed even though only moments before the Andromeda had been in the thick of the action.
  16. Emmett.hendrick

    BCG - Reality Check

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Pyromaniac: The one thing that will make me happy in BCG, is the improved ground based attention. BCM has the ship combat down great, except for the immediate stopping of ships, which has already been said. I'm just wondering the following... 1)Will OC's has moving componets? Like turrets, wheels, ect. 2)Will you really be able to fire your handheld weapon when inside an OC? Some screenshots I saw looked like you could. 3)Will water based crafts be able to interact with the surface at all? 4)Obviously, a submarine can not hyperjump, so do you have to stay in one area, or mission zone? Thats it, thanks for your time. Yes Probably Meaning what? Well, yeah I can hear the ocean calling me! In my opinion BC took Elite and made it everything I wanted but Elite failed to deliver. Now with the marine units in BCG, it's set to do the same to Carrier Command. I Can't wait!!!!!!
  17. Emmett.hendrick

    Night at the Movies - The Matrix Reloaded

    I had come to somwhat of the same conclusion but thanks Jag you've nicely filed off the rough edges on my theory.
  18. Emmett.hendrick

    New Official Beta Testers

    quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Chavik: Figured out what happened to Blades. This thread explains it. Apparently his Thyroid kicked into overdrive. Hyperthyroidism. Yuck. Just read it - all the best to Blades - hope he gets well soon.
  19. Emmett.hendrick

    GG threads

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: hehe, thats nothing. Have you heard the one about intruders kidnapping crew? No? search for the word kidnap or kidnapping on the forum and you'll find the thread. Pretty funny one, that. Oh I remember that!
  20. Emmett.hendrick

    What do you do with your spare time?

    [rp] When your this deep into Gam space you never have down time, there is always something to do mid jump. Usually trying to work out how to avoid the task force waiting for you at the jump gate but repairs take up a bit of time aslo [/rp] I haven't seen Galcom space in must be about a month and a half now. I'm getting home sick.
  21. Emmett.hendrick

    The Omega Six

    A sigh of relief was heard on the bridge of the Andromeda as the last Gammulan ship was taken care off. "Sir only Omega II still remains in the region, the Invader is moving to intercept!" "Sir I'm not sure thats correct!" Suddenly a number of ships uncloaked in the region. "I've got a bad feeling about this!" Commented LT CMDR Talla. As she finished talking PTA fire shot from one of the ships hitting a Battlecruiser that was flanking the Andromeda. The Invader quickly accelerated to engage. "Lets Draw their fire!" Called Smyth, "Full speed ahead target the lead ship!" The massive carrier started to accelerate away from the fleet, who were jostling for better positions. Her PTA systems and main guns quickly found their target and her fighters roared ahead determind to make their impresion on the new arrivals.
  22. Emmett.hendrick

    An unusual way to fry an egg...

    quote:Originally posted by Tac: 11 mins to eat an egg? and use a $300+ CPU to do it? He's not crazy, he just needs to discover the microwave OTH, if he used an AMD it'd be cooked in 2 minutes. He did heres the specs of the rig he used: quote: XP1500+ CPU MSI K7T266 Pro-2 Raid Motherboard 720gig Hard Drives (this is a fileserv rig) Juno P6 Case 24x Liteon CDRW 16x LG DVD Soundblaster Platinum + Livedrive Floppy. The thing that surprised me is he reports the chip is still working afterwards
  23. Emmett.hendrick

    Anyone else tried Star Wars Galaxies?

    Well having only recently ventured into the land of MMORPGS VERY recently (I signed up for Anarchy online and Ultima online (1 month free trial )) I think I will/have enjoyed my time with SWG so I am still looking forward to it.
  24. Emmett.hendrick

    Anyone else tried Star Wars Galaxies?

    Right now that the NDA is gone. A lot of optimisation code work is being done in the final few days before shipping but even then SWG requires a fairly hefty PC to run it. Even with the beta code it ran on almost full detail on my Rig! As with most MMORPG's it's the community that really makes the game (much like here!) I have mine on pre-order now and am looking forward to the community expierence.
  25. Emmett.hendrick

    And now there are Three

    Ok sorry I'm a bit late posting this but better late than never. At 16:50 GMT on the 12/06/2003 the latest edition to our family was born. Weighing in at a healthy 7 pounds 2 ounces little Eoin James Hendrick was born by C section. Mother and baby are both doing well and we are pround to announce his arrival (and happy to anounce that after a brain scan he does not have the same condition as our second child, who is 2/3rd's brain damaged.) Eoin joins his two older Brothers Glenn(aged 3) and Daire(aged 1) and means that life in out house should definatly not be boring in the future! So Beers are on me! Cigars are in a box down the back.