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    BCMG in Europe

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Nope. Last I heard, it was in June. btw, there is a topic about BCMG for testers in Area 51, did you miss it? Nope didn't miss it SC but I thought this was more a general BCMG question than a beta one so I thought it best to post this here!
  2. Emmett.hendrick

    BCMG in Europe

    Derek, Any details on the European release for BCMG??? I have almost camped every games store from here to the Irish sea(which includes Game/EB) and none are stocking it yet. I have no access to a Credit Card(believe me if I did I would have a copy by now) and really want to buy this game. Any details would be appreciated Thanx!
  3. Emmett.hendrick

    Problem during installation

    quote:Originally posted by Eightball Maniac: Blast, I uninstalled it and started reinstalling it because the game wouldn't start, and I can't get through the installation now... EDIT - Okay, this is screwy. Now sometimes it will finish installing after I hit 'retry' and sometimes it doesn't. VERY odd. Hey have you tried the cd in another PC to see if it plays ok? Do you have any problems with other CDs? It may be a problem with the CD or the drive so lets start there and work up from there eh? Let me know if that helps any!
  4. Emmett.hendrick

    Planetary information

    quote:Originally posted by James C McQueen: Would be kinda nice to be able to get that information from tacops for any Planet or Moon you observe, but I belive that would have to go into a wishlist thread. Thanks again, Eclipse. Regards, James Carefull about those things an unathorised Wish list can be the death of you around here
  5. Emmett.hendrick

    Problem with video codec

    Ok many pointed you in the right direction here are the advisements First things first have a look at This topic to learn how to put your system specs in your signature. This really does help us help you! Secondly you can disabled the Intro from running by editing the shortcut to run BCM to end with the ' /n' switch or you could As the SC stated here And I quote quote: ( the 1.00.01 patch replaced the DivX encoded movie with an Indeo 5.1 version. heh
  6. Emmett.hendrick

    CTD Seemingly Unresolvable.....

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Stinger: Gee, nothing like being condescended to to make me remember to upgrade DivX.aw c'mon, you got off easy!! Your not kidding SC you got to devolop a thick skin around here and apply a good amount of common sense! quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Thanks. Everything works now and I appreciate the brick in the teeth. LOL!!! You see what I mean? Nothing like a sense of humor. Anyway, glad your problem is solved....though I think upgrading to DivX was a waste of time, since you could've just (a) disabled the intro by using /n as indicated in the VCF ( the 1.00.01 patch replaced the DivX encoded movie with an Indeo 5.1 version. heh Lesson 1 Always read the VCF before posting!
  7. Emmett.hendrick

    BCG @ E3

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Just go these in Lookin good SC. One of these days I may manage to make it to something like E3.
  8. Emmett.hendrick

    Adventures in Stupidity

    quote:Originally posted by Raider/Pirate VLAD: Or instinctivly hitting the missle button while cloaked and attacking a enemy space station Strangely enough I have done this a few times and never been attacked by said station. Sometimes I have launched a barrage of missiles at a station while cloaked and no retaliation.
  9. Emmett.hendrick

    GTA-Vice City for PC

    Read about this game on a biker forum I am part of. Probably buy it just because of the bikes in the game(and GTA 3 looked good when I saw it played on a PS2)
  10. Emmett.hendrick

    Night in front of the TV - What I'm watching/taping

    *Sigh* we got Sky Digital recently and keeping up with what is on is starting to tire me out. Don't have time to watch TV much any more but I will watch any of the following but wouldn't record any if I miss em(don't have time to watch em later) ST (any of em) Andromeda (fan since the first series) Buffy Angel Fastlane Scrubs X-Men cartoon Spiderman cartoon Bablyon 5 Knight Rider Airwolf The Simpsons Stargate SG1 and I'm sure there are more I am missing.
  11. Emmett.hendrick

    CTD Seemingly Unresolvable.....

    Check your Private messages!
  12. Emmett.hendrick


    quote:Originally posted by Wold: Thanks all! But who said I was going under the knife? Since I seem to procrastinate, she said she would take care of it herself. Uh, I hope she doesn't mean some sort of midnight raid..... HMMMM anyone remember the shower scene in Psycho
  13. Emmett.hendrick

    A Blast From The Past

    quote:Originally posted by Raider/Pirate VLAD: Id rather have the girl in my hand. Spoken like a true red blooded male!
  14. Emmett.hendrick

    A Blast From The Past

    quote:Originally posted by Tac: Derek, I still have the silver box and my original BC3K CD. I think its version 1.0 , I bought it when I was back home in Colombia, just weeks after I saw the first ad for it on the magazines. What I really want is the ad that made me buy the thing. You know, the one with the babe holding the silver box. She must have wrinkles by now though Tac From SC's first post
  15. Emmett.hendrick


    quote:Originally posted by Tac: Beware: "This is the last one" is often followed by "do you love me?" and ends up in *snip*ctomy.. buy life insurance. now Oh, and CONGRATS! Yup thats what happened to me!!!!!! Ah well congrats kids are great
  16. Emmett.hendrick

    Something cool - Dosbox

    Excellent - will download tonight - have a lot o old Dos games I'd love to run again including Privateer UFO/XCOM Apocolypse and a few others
  17. Emmett.hendrick


    quote:Originally posted by Raider/Pirate VLAD: YKYBPTMBCW P.S. Mr.Smart I would like a picture, and a place I can buy 3K J/K LOL You can download 3K check here
  18. Emmett.hendrick

    What to expect from Gammulans

    quote:Originally posted by Darkling: quote:Originally posted by Epsilon 5: full fuel load. the best systems your ship can handle, and a spare in the cargo bays. a shitload of system repair kits, droids and generic tools like that. spares for everying on a shuttle. weapon bays filled with AF and AS missiles. and the appendix. I've got about 100 Million in the bank, do you think that would be enough? Jez you whimps!!! be a real man - I just started a brand new career turned my Nightstar towards Gammulan space and turned on the hyperspace engines. Currently about half way there only thing slowing me down is that I have to send my shuttles back to collect my drones(silly mistake on my behalf left em on Lyrius) When you need supplies take over the nearest station - I have a trail of about 4 'converted' stations behind me.
  19. Emmett.hendrick

    Adventures in Stupidity

    quote:Originally posted by Commander Elio Jason: ever tried entering Jupiter and getting out alive? Standard tactical maneuvor - great for shaking off a few too many Gams/Insurgents once the numbers chasing you get a little overwhelming.
  20. Emmett.hendrick

    JK: Jedi Academy

    While we are on the subject of Star Wars This is possibly the best sabre combat I have seen in ages - very well done Art of The Saber
  21. Emmett.hendrick

    BCG - Reality Check

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: [*]The carrier class subs will only carry submersibles which only operate in water. In much the same way fighters only operate in space/air. Will they get shuttles and grounds craft like BC's so we can assault bases with marines and tanks/APC's the way we can now?????
  22. Emmett.hendrick

    BCG shots at IGN

    OMG Nope there is nothing else I can say.
  23. Emmett.hendrick

    What to expect from Gammulans

    Ah yes the suicidal charge to Gammulan space. Currently in the middle on one myself. Longest I've done is 3 game days in Gam space(around Gamma1 if i remember) but a patch update forced me to wipe the saved game so I'm enroute again. If you feel comfortable that far in Gam space on your own have a gander at Wraith fleet thats were many of us spend much of our time
  24. Emmett.hendrick

    Internet from the crapper!!

    quote:Originally posted by KreKol: Wonder if it comes with a web cam? Argh J****!!!!!!!!! Thats gonna taking some serious drinking to get rid of that mental picture. Edit: My job is about to get worse(helpdesk) the only break I get at the moment is a loo break - now I'll Never be free again!!!!!
  25. Emmett.hendrick

    JK: Jedi Academy

    Yea looking forward to this. If done well could be a good blast. With the dual and double lightsabres it would be nice to have the option to ignite one or both blades depending on circumstance.