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  1. Korono Lakeela

    John Kerry calls soldiers "Terrorists"

    Ok, I noticed that I don't have a sig, heck I don't have a computer. I tried to delete the post above since it does not comply with this boards standards. But I am not allowed. I apologize.
  2. Korono Lakeela

    John Kerry calls soldiers "Terrorists"

    Well, I will go far as to admit that we are a heavy-handed bunch. Innocent people get in the way and they get hurt, that is how war is. To go wave flags and send troops somewhere is to invite it. War is not pretty, especially over here. We are hardly terrorists.
  3. Korono Lakeela

    Rumsfield Letter signing flap

    Sending me to Iraq with no armor on my humvee, and he won't even sign my death letter. Support the troops.
  4. Korono Lakeela


    To me this is the best RPG for a console since they ported "Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday" to the Sega Genesis. I am just wrapping up a lightside career (37 hours) and when that final credit rolls I am going to do it all again. This is a game done right....
  5. Well, the game is pretty good, but as a support role player, it can be kind of annoying. What they need to do IMO is something like they do in Black Hawk Down. On the map they should somehow indicate which member of your squad is a medic or engy. Just replace the green dot with a red cross, or but a symbol next to the member number on the map. It would really make things a little easier than screaming "I'M a MEDIC!" etc. Also, if you have revive, it would allow other squad members who get popped to know that they can be revived instead of going all the way back to a spawn pt. Little things like that would do TONS for the game.
  6. Look out for me I am generally the VS character "Osbo" the medic on the Emerald servers. Fighting tonight was pretty viscious between NC and VS.
  7. Korono Lakeela

    Night at the Movies - The Matrix Reloaded

    The movie is R rated for a reason, just because it is "The Matrix" does not mean it has to conform to what we *think* it's standards are, we have only 1 movie to go on....thats it. And if a parent can't handle a little sexual reference...why are they exposing little Susie to an operator getting impaled by a bulkhead, or somebody getting popped in the forehead with a silver bullet? The sex scene and tribal dance/orgy bit kinda reminded me of the religious fervor/orgy in Dune. I thought the movie was deeper than some may give it credit for...The Morpheous the reverand scene followed by the orgy/dance thing really brought out the religious(faith/hope/etc) and animalistic nature of humanity. And while parents may want a PC version of this, like a speech or maybe a fuzzy rabbit singing a song, if you want to symbolize the sharp contrast between the living and the machines, show humanity being the creatures/beings/animals that make them human, even if it seems raw. I thought it was very artistic. Even if Morpheous did have something of a ridiculous voice during his speech. And a thing that made me really dig the W brothers direction was the fact that while they put this big emphasis on faith and fate, as so feverishly represented by Morpheous, I really dug towards the end they went.....OOOPS....."faith ain't everything!"..... Thing that makes this series interesting is that it has the balls to be provocative and smart on top being a first rate action flick. [ 05-16-2003, 02:12 PM: Message edited by: Korono Lakeela ]
  8. Korono Lakeela

    Matrix Reloaded

    Saw it....it rules The W brothers know what they are doing....stay until the end of the credits, they show a Revolutions teaser, at least they did here. In a nutshell....forget the hype, if you liked the first one, you will probably like this one. It is exactly what a sequel should be....not something thrown together to make a buck off a franchise. Of course, this is just my opinion. The whole thing makes me think of a live action anime. [ 05-15-2003, 05:05 PM: Message edited by: Korono Lakeela ]
  9. Korono Lakeela

    Random crashes

    Ok, Turns out my problem with the crashing was a hardrive that has developed a bit of a flaw, it is minor, but enough to mess with the game. I have transferred it over to my other HD, and the save games sometimes do some wacky things, but I can work around it if I back them up diligently. At least I can play now. I really dig how smooth it runs now at high resolutions, having a blast, thanks SC... And extra thanks to all that helped me out.
  10. Korono Lakeela

    Random crashes

    Straded, I think you may be on to something. The problem has begun to manifest itself in a non-BCMG enviroment. I think perhaps I may have picked up a nasty somewhere, so I think it is time for a re-format. Thank you Emmett and Gallion for you help on this too. I look forward to diving back into the game once my PC has been cleansed.
  11. Korono Lakeela

    Random crashes

    Thats a copy. I run the game at 1024x768 and 1280x1024, does not make a difference. As for the saved game corruption. It doesn't matter if I save at the start or while into the game. It will crash even if I don't save, and if I hit "resume" upon reboot, the same result will happen as a "restore". I will update the sound driver and post the info and results when I get home from work tonight. Will keep you informed... Much appreciated...
  12. Korono Lakeela

    Random crashes

    Hey Guys, I think I may have a crash issue of my own that is a little different than this one. My system profile is nearly up to date, the only thing that I need to change is the video driver version, which is now 43.45. (I have to find my old BCM serial number so I can log in and update my profile to reflect BCMG) The issue is with BCMG. I will start a game and save it right away, it does not matter if it is roam or campaign. After a while of playing, the computer will suddenly reboot and when I start the game up again and try to load my last saved game, it will make it to the "Game Loaded-OK" screen and then BAM! Reboot. When I start the game after this second reboot my profile and saved games have been deleted. I have done a full uninstall/reinstall, and played again. Not long into the game it will do this again. It happens anywhere, whether I am in TacOps, logged into a base, or just flying around. I am certain that everything is up to date in my profile, other than now having the latest drivers for my GeForce (43.45). Has anyone else had this issue? I don't mean to invoke wrath or anything, and I hope this post makes sense. [ 04-18-2003, 03:23 PM: Message edited by: Korono Lakeela ]
  13. Korono Lakeela

    Roll Call

    Yeah, I lurk so hard I forget my own name sometimes!
  14. Korono Lakeela

    Got Mine!

    Ahhhhh...tearing open the box on yet another BC title....will the obsession ever cease? Dig the marching Marine pic on the CD.
  15. Korono Lakeela

    Roll Call

    Let me at 'em