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  1. Korivak

    Quick Graphics Question

    My membership in ISS is debateable...I did stop posting and participating about a year ago. If I can play the game when multiplayer is ready, I'd like to join ISS again, though.
  2. Korivak

    Quick Graphics Question

    *waits 3 days for an answer* You know what? **** it. I'm going to buy the game, even if I can't play it for several months or a year, because I want it. If I can get it to work on my ThinkPad, bonus, but if not, it'll just sit on my shelf until I get a GeForce or ATI gets a clue.
  3. Korivak

    Quick Graphics Question

    From the VCF: "Revised transform handling code to solve problems on Radeon 7500 and 8500 cards which have a bug in the TnL drivers as well as some DirectX 8 tranform code. See FAQ for more details." From the Tech Support/General Issues Forum, "Its showtime!!! Now read this..." Topic :"The first VCF is now online. This first patch will be released as soon as the game starts shipping so that Radeon users can play the game out of the box." Later in the same post: "3DFX Voodoo and Radeon cards are NOT SUPPORTED in ANY shape or form. As such, don't expect ANY patches or fixes going forward." From the FAQ: "If you have a Radeon DDR, 7500 or 8500, go into Direct3D section of the Display Properties applet and make the the following changes (if available): Enable W-Buffer support Disable the 8 Bit stencil buffer Enable Error Diffusion Dithering when alpha blending" Later in the FAQ: "There are issues with the terrain detail level texturing. Until ATI fix their drivers, there is nothing that can be done Try the -nd1 and -nd2 commandline options, which disable detail levels 1 and 2. These impact the visual quality of the planetary terrain but alleviates the flickering of the terrain as you move over it at ground level or low altitude." (Since it gives suggested settings and workarounds instead of simply saying 'Not Supported', I'm not sure if these changes will make it work or if it simply won't work regardless) From the Soapbox: "Just know that as of today's date, 3000AD does not support ATI's Radeon brand of cards in ANY shape or form until they get their act in gear and release drivers which support the most basic DX feature set." Later in the same soapbox: "EDIT: [10/27/01] It has been confirmed with ATI that there is a bug in the TnL driver for the Radeon DDR, 7500 and 8500 boards, including other bugs in several DirectX 8 calls to the driver. A temporary hack in BCM prevents some of the visual artifacts on these boards at the expense of visual quality. This will have to do until ATI fix their drivers. The FAQ has been updated with this information and a patch for this will be available once BCM ships this week." From the post above: "I never said ANYWHERE that I was releasing a patch that includes a bug fix for ATI. Where'd you read that?" I've done some research, but it seems outright contradictory. We have three reports of a Radeon patch, two suggested workarounds, and four denials of any and all support of Radeon cards, including any patches to make them work. And so, my question was and is, is there any chance of running the game on my ThinkPad with a Radeon card, or should I wait until I get a nVidia powered desktop?
  4. Korivak

    Quick Graphics Question

    My question was actually more focused on the graphics card than the whole system. The SC said that 3dfx and ATI cards were not supported at all in the past, and now he's releasing a patch that, among other things, includes a bug fix for ATI cards. I'm just trying to get an idea of how well (or not) my Radeon will work in the game.
  5. Korivak

    Quick Graphics Question

    "A few years ago if somebody asked me if they can play games on laptops I would've said NO." Again, I didn't buy it as a gaming system, but if it can play games, bonus! "If I'm not mistaken SC said in an old post(months ago) to send it to him and he'll test it for you." My system was just mailed on Friday, so I can't just DL the demo, due to the fact that it's UPS's laptop right now. But there's also that line in the VCF about a Radeon work-around, so the demo isn't a perfect test of preformance. "No, he said whatever those driver cooks at ATI come up with taste like crude oil. (Or words to that effect.) The hardware was pure rocket science, if I'm not mixing up sentences." I summerized slightly...
  6. Not sure if this should go here or in the BCM Video Issues forum, but I don't want to be the first person to post over there and this isn't really a tech support question so much as a discussion. Please don't kill me sir... I just bought a new IBM ThinkPad for college and gave my old desktop (complete with my long serving Voodoo3 2000) to my brother, and won't have another desktop until I get a spare thousand dollars or so. My laptop is a work machine, so issues like gaming didn't really factor into things when I bought it, but I was in EB yesterday and saw BCM stuff, which reminded me about the series. So the question is, will my ThinkPad run BCM, or should I wait until I get another desktop to buy it? The biggest issue is the fact that my ThinkPad has an ATI Radeon Mobility 16MB in it, which the SC has nothing good to say about. Should I buy BCM at launch, or would I just be wasting money? IBM ThinkPad A30 (with RAM upgrade) Mobile Intel Pentium III processor-M 1.0GHz 133MHz FSB 384MB 133MHz RAM ATI Mobility RADEON 16MB Sound Blaster Pro 16 compatible sound system Windows 2000 Pro Thanks!
  7. Korivak

    New History of Markus Korivak

    This is a revised version of my original application to ISS with a totally new history. Name: Markus Korivak Age: 34 Fleet: ISS Wing: Defense Flight Group: FG Sol Command: GCV Norfolk Assignment: Patrol of Sol System Physical Description: Tall and almost ridiculously thin (6'1", 125 lbs). Thick black hair kept short, heavy eyebrow (meets in the middle), heavy facial bone structure, small black goatee and piercing blue eyes make him look slightly creepy, but smiles easily and often when comfortable. Quiet, reserved, and a bit of a misanthrope, but always fair and kind. Wears simple black clothes while off duty. Moves with speed, purpose, and silence. Has a habit of pacing and bouncing his knee, and can often be found walking from one end of the ship to the other, which he jokingly refers to as "long distance pacing". Is rarely serious, being sarcastic and light hearted at any chance, but when the situation is critical, he goes about fixing it with hardly any display of doubt, panic, or indecision. Beliefs, Values, and Morals: Largely agnostic, strongly against highly organized religion, but lives by the ancient Pagan law known as the Wiccan Reed, "An it harm none, do what you will" (the 'An' is not a typo for 'and', it means 'If'). Values logic, reason and efficacy, but also strongly values a human side of things, and is friendly and kind at all times. He hates corruption, suppression of a nation of people, rebellion without cause, and random violence, making him a diligent warrior against Raiders, Gammulans, the Insurgents, and all other enemies of Earth and GALCOM (in that order). Joined the military because he feels that it is the best way to protect the innocent and punish the guilty, maintain order, and improve the lives of those around him. Values creativity and humour, impatient with people who take things too seriously. History: Markus Korivak was born on Earth in 2976 in the city of Norfolk, Virginia. His father, Karl Korivak, was a man of the sea, working as on fishing and transport ships, and Markus followed in his footsteps. In 2988, an Insurgent cell bombed Norfolk Harbour, killing thousands, including Karl Korivak and his wife, Natalie Korivak, who was going down to meet him after three months at sea. As the Insurgents had hoped, Norfolk Harbour was ruined, and would take years of work and billions of credits to repair and replace all the ships, buildings, cranes, etc. Instead, all the shipping that had once gone to Norfolk was spread across the other harbours on the east coast, and Markus Korivak was out of a job. Instead of moving to another port town without his family, he left Earth and got a job with a transport ship doing short runs from Earth to the other inhabited planets in the solar system with finished goods, and then back with raw materials. He learned fast and eventually replaced the captain when he retired in 3004. Two years later, the ship, renamed by Korivak to UCV Norfolk, was attacked by Insurgent Raiders near Pluto. The ship and most of the crew were lost, with only Korivak and two others reaching a crippled shuttle in time. A pair of ISS ships, hearing Korivak's distress call, attacked the Insurgent raider at the jump point, destroying it. One of the ISS ships then rescued the crippled shuttle and took Korivak and his surviving crew back to GALCOM HQ, where Korivak immediately signed up for military service. After four years of training, Korivak became a rookie Commander and joined ISS in honour of their service to him. Benefits and Faults: B1: Gets along with most of the crew because of his laid back, humorous nature. Never gives orders, just suggestions that are followed out of respect. Always fair and kind. F1: Some of the crew and several of his superiors dislike his style of leadership, his slight impatience with pointless politics, and his shy, misanthropic personality. B2: Intelligent, creative, and calm. Never panics. F2: Appears aloof, weak, and cold to some. B3: Loves Earth, defending her from attacks from criminals, Insurgents, and enemy infiltrators. Doesn't mind staying at home and defending while others are out on conquests. F3: Dislikes heavy combat deep within enemy territory. Will follow orders if needed, but would rather defend the weak and innocent than attack. B4: Incorruptible defender of the innocent. F4: Feels mercy for Insurgents and enemy races when they are not actively attacking him. Wishes that he didn't have to fight and kill them, but he does have to, so he does it anyways. Strongly against attacking civilian populations and using more force than is necessary to disarm and weaken the enemy.
  8. Korivak


    Commander Korivak's Log 5/25/01 Location: ISSHQ (Renegade) Status: Waiting for Ship Not much to report. Keeping sharp in the simulator, waiting for my ship, trying to stay on top of the paperwork. If GALCOM had as many ships as forms, we wouldn't have any trouble with Insurgents, Aliens, or Raiders...we would have a ship for everything, in triplicate, with a massive network for firing them back and forth across the galaxy at the speed of light. Here's to all the desk commanders: papercuts make you strong, combat makes you dead.
  9. Korivak

    ISS Meeting

    GMT -5, Canada, Ottawa, every day, some time between 5 and 10pm in that order.
  10. Korivak

    Console to be or not to be ?

    I personally don't touch console games because i find that they are usually nowhere near as complex as pc games, can't be patched or able to DL more stuff like new maps, scenarios, and stuff, and the simple fact that you can do so much more with a computer than just play games (internet, writing, coding, music...and a whole bunch of other stuff). -K
  11. Korivak

    General BCM Demo Discussion

    I'm also curious about the radar range...is it buried in some massive text file somewhere and i missed it, or has it not been discussed yet? [Off Topic] DeSylva, are you going to join ISS again? *Crosses fingers* [/Off Topic] ------------------ Commander Markus Korivak GCV Norfolk (pending commission), ISSHQ (Saturn) ISS, Defense Wing ISS Fleet Defence Wing GCV Norfolk "Honour is what no man can give you, and no man can take away"
  12. Korivak

    ISS Meeting

    When and where? -K
  13. Korivak

    BCM Demo - What I think!

    In response to the person who asked what GCO was, look here. -K
  14. Korivak

    BCM Demo - What I think!

    First off, let me just say i love the demo...it is everything i was expecting and them some. I can't wait for the next episode (and the full game, for that matter!) The new interface is pretty sharp, but i feel sad to see the old cockpit-style look go. I loved the feeling of switching from the BC to a shuttle and seeing the cramped little cockpit, then switching to an interceptor and seeing the sleek military cockpit...but i wasn't really expecting to see a different cockpit graphic for each of the god-knows-how-many differnt ships...and this certainly gives you more viewing area... The thing that really bothers me, however, is the physics behind the flight dynamics. In space, there is no air resistance (on account of there being no air...) and so there is next to no drag on an object moving throught space. Because of this, there isn't really a "top speed", but rather max acceleration. As long as something is accelerating, it will go faster, and as soon as it stops accelerating, it will continue at the same speed until you begin decelerating. Because of this, the physics (IRL at least...) should work based on acceleration and deceleration, and not the silly, watered-down sci-fi Earth based top speed with drag when you stop accelerating system which is so popular among ppl who like their sci-fi soft and fluffy instead of going for real hard sci-fi stuff. Let me just make it clear at this point that i am not suggesting that the whole game be remade to satisfy a picky hard sci-fi nutbar like myself (it would really make the game that much more difficult and mind breakingly complex...) or that i am singling out DS for this...i'm just annoyed with the idea that the actual laws of physics are raped and tossed aside in favour of a grossly simplified version of flight dynamics for ppl who can't think beyond how their car works here on Earth on such a large scale and so casually. Spaceships don't have "top speeds" or need to have the engines running constantly to maintain a constant speed. However, it might be possible (and this is the part where the SC tells me i am a fool and that the game will not be changed at all ever) to modify the jetpack code so that it works on a accel/decel system. I hopped out of my ship as soon as i could and started playing around with my jetpack and flying circles around my ship and admiring the model, then decided to cruise over to the station and check it out. I pointed towards it, held down 'W' and watched my fuel drop towards zero...and then came to a dead stop all of a sudden. "WTF?" i asked myself, dead in space "...the heck is this?" I let the pack charge for a moment and set off again...and almost immediatly came to a complete stop again. I chew on my lip in frustration and decide to head back to the ship...in tiny, two second bursts every twenty seconds or so. "Forget this" i grumble as i quit and start a new game. This time, i park the ship directly over the station and jump out to look around at the great model...and notice that the station orbits faster than my jetpack's (grrr...) "top speed" and so the best i can manage is to fly a shuttle over in front of the station and let it pass by me like some kind of cheap slide show. "there's something to explore," i say, and then watch as the cool little detail, moving along at a snail's pace, slowly but surely outpaces my little dinky jetpack. The jetpack fallicy is, without a doubt, the biggest disapointment and the the most irritating frustration of the demo, and completely avoidable by making a few minor changes to how the jetpack moves. First, have it act like the afterburner and retro rockets. Second, only have fuel be consumed when you accelerate, decelerate or turn and reduce the fuel supply accordingly. Third, remove the drag. Forth, put a cap on speed so that you don't have little guys whizzing through space at insane speeds by holding down 'W' for long periods of time. Take this however you like...it is, after all, your game, the end result of a period of work longer than half my entire lifetime, and for some person with about a dozen posts to start suggesting sweeping changes to the code is something that you have treated in the past with the proper amount of respect...ie an infantesimal step above absolutely nothing. -K ------------------ Commander Markus Korivak GCV Norfolk (pending commission), ISSHQ (Saturn) ISS, Defense Wing ISS Fleet Defence Wing GCV Norfolk "Honour is what no man can give you, and no man can take away"
  15. Korivak


    [RP] Commander Korivak waves as Commander Jamont walks by. "What's up?" asks Jamont. "Not much...just waiting for my ship. She was supposed to be ready for trials on Tuesday, but with the Supreme Commander's big announcment coming up, it kinda slipped through the cracks. Just waiting now...playing with the simulator, reading some of the material, you know...killing time." "It's been kinda quiet lately..." "One day soon, we'll all be so busy, we'll wish we had this much free time...Raiders, Insurgents, Criminals...Once we get our ships, they'll be tonnes to do. I can't wait to be out there again, watching the beauty of space on the bridgeviewer of a sleek new Battlecruiser. If it gets quiet enough, I might even slip out of an airlock and just fly through space for a bit." Korivak and Jamont both look out the porthole on the wall of Korivak's office, thinking about ships, stars and spacesuits. "See you later, Korivak," Jamont says as he walks down the hall again. "Yeah, later," Korivak replies, going back to the technical manual for a minor system on a Battlecruiser, studying the obscure details and memorizing the operating limits. [/RP] We're all still here, Jamont...just waiting for the demos and the game... ------------------ Commander Markus Korivak GCV Norfolk (pending commission), ISSHQ (Saturn) ISS, Defense Wing ISS Fleet Defence Wing GCV Norfolk "Honour is what no man can give you, and no man can take away"