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  1. quote:Cmdr Laracuente posted on 01-27-2001 Damn Resnig.... i'll throw his GameBoy to the surface of one of those fiercy Gammulan planets. I'll use halt next time ROFLMAO. Then he would have to get an X-Box
  2. People!!! Where are you? MP is coming out very, very soon so, INTERCORP NEEDS YOU!!! [ 01-25-2002: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  3. BTW spaceadmiralx and voyager, I have yet to hear from you guys regarding your caste and race. Please email or pm me with the details so that I can add it into the Corporate Profile.
  4. Gentlemen, According to Riga, the server is up with bare minimals as he can only work on it for a limited time a day, due to RL constraints. Anyway he intends to register the url www.intercorp-unlimited.com. Don't ask, www.intercorp.com has been taken. Anyway, this server will hold our website and forum for Intercorp members. Directors & members, please email Riga or myself, if you can help out. We are also discussing the upgrade or setting up a different server as per the SC's guidelines for MP. I can provide the moola but not the facility as all the isps in Malaysia only cater to 56.6k modem access to my hometown. Which means that even if I put up a hot server, the internet speed will be slow, unless the isps decide to set up ADSL connections to my place, which will not happen for the foreseeable future. As always any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated, please pm or email us. [ 01-25-2002: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  5. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: No. There are enough castes in the game already. There may be new ones in BCO - but definitely not in BCM or any of the XP add-ons.
  6. quote:SC posted on 1-10-2002 Tip: There are commercial castes in the BC world Any chances for other independent castes? [ 01-16-2002: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  7. quote:Outlaw posted on 01-07-2002 Wassup indies! Guess each new proposal and offer for Intercorp keeps improving. Keep it up guys, this is sounding more and more like old school privateer back in the DOS days. Welcome back Outlaw, haven't heard from you for quite some time now. Thanks for your praise and encouragement. And do join us on the link provided by Nova
  8. Welcome back Riga now get yourself over to the BCCC board and register yourself as per my third last post above [ 01-02-2002: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, Is the proposed online celebration still going on? When will it be held?
  10. quote:Kenada posted on 12-29-2001 Eh? Whats the ISS chat? Please go here
  11. quote:Kenada posted on 12-28-2001 Hey... You guys want to get together one night and chat on something... dicuss some things...? Well? I would interest in chatting and picking brains about Intercorp... Can do, gentlemen, please post your free times so we can get together at the ISS chat for a meeting
  12. Gentlemen, Kindly report your presence here [ 12-29-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  13. quote:Rico Jansen posted on 12-28-2001 Hey guys, where is that director Mr. Mistery of yours with his amendments. I'd like to see what he has to say. Been a month or so since the charter was posted. Fendi, please yank him away from behind those curtains. At the moment Shadow Inc.'s director is busy with RL. Please be patient he/she will try to send to amendments in asap
  14. Cmdr Laracuente, i have sent you a PM please check it
  15. Gentlemen, We need to start up a new RP session please email me with your ideas.
  16. Thanks for the quick reply. Have sent you the relevant emails.
  17. quote:Cmdr P. Laracuente posted on 12-27-2001 Hey, Guybert. Do you have any words on Jeffery, i need my approval with Intercorp. Over and Out quote:Ask where?... here? Anyway, i am here now to sign with Intercorp. I want to be a part of the division "Guns For Hire". I meet all the standards and i promise good reputation for Intercorp (don't take seriously the last line) I am waiting for one of the leaders to reply, Jeffery Eu i presume. Over and out. You're in Mr. Laracuente. Thanks for making the decision to join us (Intercorp) I would appreciate it if you could pm you email address so that i can send you some stuff to go over. Welcome to THE Corporation!!!!!
  18. quote:Jerold Keenan posted on 12-26-2001 all the while eating my BBQ sauce sandwiches! You are really weird Jerold [ 12-26-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  19. Ahem, I actually did all that I said in the my previous post, sad huh?
  20. Boys & Girls, Our guest Shirley's is on the ISS Chat, feel free to drop in for some laughs
  21. Ladies and Gentlemen, Fendi and I are camping over at the ISS chat, feel free to join us Still waiting for Shirley Hint. Hint. [ 12-23-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  22. Ladies and Gentlemen, Fendi & myself are over at the ISS chat, please feel free to join us. Detractors need not apply Watch the adjectives pls TTFN [ 12-22-2001: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  23. quote:Remo Williams posted on 12-19-2001 RP I just had a couple questions before I consider joining.(not) 1. Does Intercorp give out christmas bonuses? 2. What type of retirement Plan does Intercorp offer? 3. If I joined the raider division and attack and intercorp trader, boarded his ship. Shoved the cmdr. out of the airlock. Then made off with his ship an cargo. Would I still be in good standings with Intercorp for a job well done for my division? /RP ROFL [RP] 1. You earn your own Christmas bonuses 2. You set up your own retirement plan 3. You can do that, and someone else can do the same thing to you. You don't get promoted doing your own stuff and if you get heat from doing something personal don't come looking for our help If it's a contract recommended and presided over by Intercorp than it's different story. [/RP] Note: We ain't a charity. [ 12-19-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
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