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    BTW Fendi, are you recruiting for ISS or Intercorp?
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    quote:Rico posted on 12-25-2001 An official 'miscellaneous fleet' does not exist, Fendi. You know that. And they need to be official to exist. It's either the terrans with (twinkling star)Prime(twinkling star), ISS, Orion, Wraith and Earthcom. The insurgents with their *censored*, *censored*, *censored* and *censored* fleets. And then there are those pathetic Gammies. Indies are indies, independant. Forsaken from any kind of political support. And a corporation is not a fleet. Don't give newbies the wrong impression, please. **Cough** Excuse me, while what you say is essentially true, you seem to have forgetten one little detail. Riga, myself and a couple of others are in the process of establishing Intercorp Unlimited a corporation catering all UCVs, assuming Tacops or the SC have the chance to read my email and profile.Hint, hint
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    Signs you've been playing BCM too much...

    Ahem, I actually did all that I said in the my previous post, sad huh?
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    Online Celebration

    Boys & Girls, Our guest Shirley's is on the ISS Chat, feel free to drop in for some laughs
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    Online Celebration

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Fendi and I are camping over at the ISS chat, feel free to join us Still waiting for Shirley Hint. Hint. [ 12-23-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  6. Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    It's a Girl, #4 Girl!

    Here's a missile launcher and a lifetime supply of vagrant missiles together with lifetime warranty to get those pesky buggers that will be buzzing around your girls Congrats!!! [ 12-23-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  7. Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year!

    Not again Fendi!!! When does your tommorrow arrive anyway?
  8. Cmdr Jeffery Eu


    Looks good Riga.
  9. Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    Online Celebration

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Fendi & myself are over at the ISS chat, please feel free to join us. Detractors need not apply Watch the adjectives pls TTFN [ 12-22-2001: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  10. Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year!

    Season's greetings, Merry Christmas to you all, here's a broken turret for each and everyone of you, taken off my Sunflash initialed by Insurgents You should look at the other guy, if you can find him [ 12-21-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
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    Introducing Cmdr.....

  12. Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    General Critique of Battlecruiser Millennium

    Joe, As others more worthy than I have mentioned most of the information you want can be found on the appendix installed on your HD just try and look for it. As for most of your questions, if you have time try using the wonderful search function included on this board, you will find Q & A's on the topics you have mentioned. Finally, the tutorial doc installed on your HD does tell teach you the basics of the game so please try it.
  13. Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    Second thoughts... I'm a bit confused.

    I agree with Charles that you should discuss your future decisions with your wife and family first as your decisions will affect them
  14. Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    Introducing Cmdr.....

    Welcome to the Community, Cmdr Black. I won't try to out do the other fleet's recruitment but if you have some time try to read up on this and this. If you are interested please feel free to contact me
  15. Blades & Fendi, the comedy team
  16. Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    Intercorp Recruitment

    quote:Remo Williams posted on 12-19-2001 RP I just had a couple questions before I consider joining.(not) 1. Does Intercorp give out christmas bonuses? 2. What type of retirement Plan does Intercorp offer? 3. If I joined the raider division and attack and intercorp trader, boarded his ship. Shoved the cmdr. out of the airlock. Then made off with his ship an cargo. Would I still be in good standings with Intercorp for a job well done for my division? /RP ROFL [RP] 1. You earn your own Christmas bonuses 2. You set up your own retirement plan 3. You can do that, and someone else can do the same thing to you. You don't get promoted doing your own stuff and if you get heat from doing something personal don't come looking for our help If it's a contract recommended and presided over by Intercorp than it's different story. [/RP] Note: We ain't a charity. [ 12-19-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  17. Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    Online Celebration

    Thanks Stephanos
  18. Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    Ashes of Victory

    about the Bazhell series? Do you follow those? The Shiva Option is the starfire series if I remember correctly. Yeah the Dahak series rock!!!
  19. Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    Ship versus ship wars (yep another one)

    I'm there but there's no one?
  20. Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    Ashes of Victory

    As you can see I very, Very, VEry, VERy, VERY, VERY bored as I resurrecting old threads. Any David Weber fans out there that has read his latest book The Shiva Option, how did you find it? I haven't got my copy yet so please don't tell me the whole story.
  21. Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    Ship versus ship wars (yep another one)

    If you are a fan of David Weber, anyone of their SDs could chew a BCcruiser out provided that they get in range and have firing soultion or better yet one of the brank spanking new carriers with Shrike Bs.
  22. Alright that does it, the next whippersnapper that says that he or she hasn't turned 18, is gonna get..........get..........hmmm........I'll think about it and let you know But trust it ain't BBQ sauce [ 12-19-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  23. Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    Online Celebration

    I wonder what day and time that works out to be over here in Malaysia? Seriously I have no clue and would appreciate some help in figuring it out. I try to log on for the last celebration but there was no one on, so either I was late or early. As at posting this it's 9.00pm Wednesday 12/19/2001. HELP!!!!
  24. Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    BC3K Webring Stats

    To whom it may concerned, I seem to remember a thread talking about restructuring the Webring, as I can't find it, I'm reviving this old thread. I've just tried go to all the websites listed on the Webring but it seems like a large majority of the sites are down or no longer available. With release of BCM and the large influx of newbie commanders, I would recommend that whomever that is in charge of the Webring to update the websites listed. Cheers