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  1. Hooray!!!!! I say give him to the Kurds!!!
  2. Derek, You do what's right man, if you can get a Battlecruiser title out with Multiplayer faster by bypassing BCM then I am all for it! I think the REAL future for the Battlecruiser franchise is BCO. Reading throught the recent article I came across this quote by the SC .. quote: The only contents which will make it into BCO - and possibly the Xbox title (depending on time and funding) - are the internal levels. With BCO, being pay-for-play etc, I don't have to do it all at once. We could start small by providing levels for some ships and stations and slowly add others as the game matured. Other games do these in add-on packs. As long as there are gamers making BCO profitable, I will continue to make huge investments in it. ... I am excited now more than ever. Derek BCO is where it's at man. Do what you have to do to get there. You know that we are all with you. WarpCore
  3. Blades, don't get me wrong. I am not flaming him by any means. Trust me on that one ok? I know he is a good guy, he has helped me on several occasions. I used to look for him to ask him questions when I got stuck on some planet somewhere and couldn't figure out how to get off. (lol!) One of the first thing I remember when I signed up for this forum was the number of stars under his name. Then I noticed sometime later that they were gone. Disappointing. I am not jumping on any bandwagon, I was under the impression that he had turned turncoat and joined the detractors. I have very little patience with them. I suppose time will tell if this is really the case. I hope it isn't. Knowing what I know now, I may have voted differently. Keep in mind that you musn't jump to conclusions as well. People DO change. I think time will be Epsilon's best friend here, or his worst enemy. It is really up to him. Hope I cleared at least some of this up.
  4. Ok Epsilon, if the SC says one more chance I am with him 100%. But be mindful, in the words of the Great Captain Picard We'll be watching ....
  5. Well, posting that mensah stuff on Ve3d was uncalled for. Epsilon Joins the Dark Side American Taliban if you ask me. John Walker Epsilon. He's had enough downs. I say you punt.
  6. Wow! The Multiplayer Patch is finally near! Derek YOU ARE THE MAN! Guess its time to RTFM. (LOL) WarpCore
  7. Sounds Good to me. This seems like the ideal situation for just about everyone. Some of the bugs in the VCF sound a bit tricky to swat! At least we can get the code that is completed and working in the meantime. I say go for it SC!
  8. Whew! WarpCore Breach Averted! Good Work Scotty! - WarpCore
  9. Warning! WARPCORE BREACH in 2 minutes! E2 Demo now! he-he - WarpCore
  10. Coolant Leak! We have a Coolant Leak in the WarpCore I can't shut it down! I ESTIMATE 5 MORE MINUTES TO A WARPCORE BREACH! P.S. Where is E2 anyway?!? - WarpCore
  11. quote: Patience, Warpcore. If SC says today, it's today, man. hehe. Warpcore is going critical!
  12. YES! I've been checking the sites (3dfiles, voodooextreme and the rest). Still no sign of it yet. SC will you post a message here when you've released it? - WarpCore
  13. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! quote: [20:35] <@Lum_> I CANNOT ESCAPE [20:35] <@Lum_> I AM TRAPPED IN A FIELD [20:35] <@Mako> ahahaha [20:35] <@da_slog> Shift escape Lum [20:35] <@Staberinde> Did you hit the ice grass? [20:35] <@Mako> 'trapped in a field online' [20:35] <@PyroRaven> im loging all this [20:35] <@PyroRaven> lol [20:35] <@Naivete> that field is hiroshima, post bomb. LOL!
  14. LOL LOL LOL!!!! You want to read something funny about WW2 online?!? CHECK THIS OUT!!! http://lumthemad.net/ww2log.html This is an IRC Chat log of some guys trying to get stuff to work in the game. LOL! You're gonna laugh your ass off! They even mention the SC, but GCO won't be ANYTHING like this!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA [ 06-07-2001: Message edited by: WarpCore ]
  15. IT SUCKS!!!! Problems, Problems Problems Servers down or too busy most of the day REQUIRED 60 MB Patch (Servers too busy) Can't get the throttle control working (makes flying really useful!) AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! I hope the GCO Launch is MUCH smoother than this! - WarpCore
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