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  1. Chillum

    Site Move

    FYI All my light-bulbs are lit, even though I made sure that I'm up to date on the General Discussion and Demo forums (and re-loaded the page). When I just reloaded the page, only two forums had lightbulbs (General & Demo) after I read the General group and went back to the forum list, all light bulbs had gone out. ------------------ Cpt. Chillum "Chill, you'll live longer" Good advice or thinly veiled threat ? [This message has been edited by Chillum (edited 03-23-2001).]
  2. Chillum

    General BCM Demo Discussion

    I've not managed to port the demo from my laptop to home PC yet, otherwise I would know the answer to this, but could anyone tell me if ramming is a feasable option? (I'm thinking supplemented forward shields + large speed vs. already damaged ship) Thanks. ------------------ Cpt. Chillum <UCV Smokem> "Chill, you'll live longer" Good advice or thinly veiled threat ?
  3. Chillum

    Console to be or not to be ?

    You're right of course. I'm fortunate enough to be able to afford whatever I decide (assuming I can sneak it through the door before my SO sees it ) If I was to just buy *one* machine it would most defintely be a PC. (btw, if my SO does see it, she gets the same amount of dosh that I spent so she can go shopping ) ------------------ Chill, you'll live longer
  4. Chillum

    Console to be or not to be ?

    I don't know about everyone else, but I usually have a variety of machines at home, I only get rid of them when I get bored and the software stops coming out ) Dedicated gamers (imo) will get their games whatever the system, be it console or PC. So in answer to your question, I'll stick to whatever runs the best software, hardware is irrelavant (well, in theory ------------------ Chill, you'll live longer
  5. Chillum

    Please explain - do not just delete

    Don't get me wrong, if I posted something that should not be posted..fair enough. But the posts just disappeared. The follow up one even said 'off topic' in the title and *politely* requested a reason (at that stage I listed removal as #3 option, rather than the #1 option that it is now) I fail to see how I could have given offence. The only reason I can think of to remove the post was because I raised a question that not did someone not want answered, but didn't even want asked. A bit rough really. Still, I'll give it one more go, you can judge for yourself.. Q. Could someone please tell me where I can find information pertaining to the 'announcement' that was about to be made, you know, the one why the release date of the BCM demo was pushed back a week ? (problems at VE notwithstanding). Thankyou kindly good sir. ------------------ Chill, you'll live longer [This message has been edited by Chillum (edited 03-19-2001).]
  6. There is something rotten going on here I posted a thread in the Demo discussion group and it got deleted. I posted a follow up requesting info on why it happened, be it error or on purpose. Since the follow up also went missing I have to assume it was deleted by a moderator. I will not repeat the question that I asked, but I will ask for an explanation as to why they were removed. To note, there were no swear words, no criticisms and I believe the question I asked to be prefectly reasonable. Blind cencorship is not something I want anything to do with, I expect this post to be deleted as soon as it gets noticed, that is your right of course, it's your board after all, but it does leave a slightly foul taste in one's mouth, and I for one am very disappointed. If I am way off base, this post will not be deleted and a reasonable explanation will be forthcoming from the powers that be on this site. If I'm not, then I'll just go away. For the record I doubt I will stoop to the levels that some people on VE have lowered themselves to, but it does appear to lend some credence to their viewpoint, if not the manner in which they express it. Assuming my account has not yet been deleted..Chillum.
  7. Chillum

    Derek, how's it goin' eh?

    I just read the response that Derek gave to the latest thread on Voodoo Extreme (http://www.voodooextreme.com/comments.taf?postID=12287&_start=51 comment#60) and have to say that it was fairly restrained considering the comments that have been put into that thread. Personally if it was me they were trying to slate I'd wait until they got a copy of the game, got hooked, and then proceed to make sure they got their arses kicked every 5 minutes. But then I'm a vindictive ******* and I expect the SC isn't ------------------ Chill, you'll live longer
  8. The site that ran the article from SC saying that the demo was to be released today also has an article to say that it is being delayed to coincide with an important announcement. What it doesn't say is when the announcement (and hence the new release time of the demo) will be ? I am simply busting a gut to take a look at this game ! ------------------ Chill, you'll live longer