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    New America - Insurgent base

    Damn, the asteroid seems to big to break apart with OTS Lucky insurgents. Now if you can excuse me, I must go back to my BCM Screenshots therapy. Playing 1 ACM mission that's my medication ------------------ Commander M. Pelletier GCV - Deathwing ICQ# 7630611 E-Mail: [email protected]
  2. Martin Pelletier

    what is this memory error?!

    ???? I don't thing that the version 2.09 runs in 16mb of ram. The 2.0 perhaps yes, but for 2.09, I doubt it. ------------------ Commander M. Pelletier GCV - Deathwing ICQ# 7630611 E-Mail: [email protected]
  3. Martin Pelletier

    Matrox G400 bump mapped shots!

    Hoooo! Man! Those pictures rocks. I did fall from my chair and I still feel dizzy from knocking my head on the wall. Please call 911 for me With planets, star bases & ships bump mapped like that, Matrox will sell lots of G400 ------------------ Commander M. Pelletier GCV - Deathwing ICQ# 7630611 E-Mail: [email protected]
  4. Martin Pelletier

    Battlecruiser Strike Pak News

    WOW! And WOW! for being able to see battles from the inside. Well I think I should study the ship map right now. I don't want to get lost in the ship with a major battle going on outside. And I don't want Paul Resnig to be alone in such a moment. I don't want to hear on the internal comms. "We're runned out of combat kits ------------------ Commander M. Pelletier GCV - Deathwing ICQ# 7630611 E-Mail: [email protected] [This message has been edited by Martin Pelletier (edited 01-07-2000).]
  5. Martin Pelletier

    Battlecruiser Millennium Logo Released

    Your logo fits alright on my desktop now. The logo would be very cool on a t-shirt too ------------------ Commander Pelletier GCV - Deathwing [This message has been edited by Martin Pelletier (edited 10-13-1999).]
  6. Martin Pelletier

    ...get your pampers here while they're dry

    Switching to Attends now, Pampers are back order for a week. Man, those picks!!! Looking very very good ------------------ Commander Pelletier GCV - Deathwing
  7. Martin Pelletier

    ...change of pampers available here!

    Looking very good!!! I think this is a good time to start saving money for this AWESOME game ------------------ Commander Pelletier GCV - Deathwing
  8. Martin Pelletier

    New Unit Screen Shots

    Boy! Oh boy! Look at the size of that station! Incredible! Man, I'm gonna have to ugrade that damn PC again! I want this game! quote: Like the others though, I'll just have to wait! Not if a can find that damn time machine I have. Where was the last time I left it... ------------------ Commander Pelletier GCV - Deathwing
  9. Martin Pelletier

    New technologies in BC3020

    quote:I have WIN2000 (NT5) too since I'm on the Beta team for that and DX7, and I have no problems with it. BC:3020AD will run just fine with it. It won't when M$ will remove their debug information from the code. They have the bad habit to put critical code between #if DEBUG #endif. ------------------ Commander Pelletier GCV - Deathwing