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  1. Explains how the instancing works. Yes. Its WoW in space and on ground. Pretty much.

    And got an e-mail yesterday :

    Coming February, 2010

    Greetings Captain!

    We at Cryptic Studios just wanted to share the good news with you: Star Trek Online has an official release date!

    You can begin boldly going where no one has gone before on February 2, 2010, in North America, and February 5, 2010, in Europe.

    Be sure to drop by www.StarTrekOnline.com for more information, and for the latest Star Trek Online updates from across the universe.

    Thanks, and weÆll see you soon!

    - The Star Trek Online Team


  2. I still have the silver box too. God that make me feel old. When I saw the description of the game, that is the game I want he!he!

    I remembered that I had a too recent video card at the time and BC3K refused to work. But even with debacle you had with Take 2, you kept improving the game. Everyone was telling me that this game was doomed to never be a succes. Well you still prove them wrong Derek ha! ha!

    I try to play BCM Gold as much as possible and enjoy it.

    Thanks for your dedication bro!

  3. quote:

    Every mercenary will engage any diplomat ship it detects in the area. So if you're TER/MIL, every destroyed diplomat means -5000 EP. It also means that every merc and diplomat will be on blue on your radar - watch it carefully all the time, because you won't get an alert beep when such situation occurs.


    Do I lose EP if I destroy the mercenary aswell?