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  1. Menchise

    What exactly is Freedom of Speech?

    The teachers issue is a tricky one. In my opinion, it depends on who takes the initiative. If the teacher raises the issue in front of the children, then it's wrong, but if one of the students asks a question about the issue, then the teacher has the right to express an opinion.
  2. Menchise

    Freelancer not vaporware?

    quote:Granted.. the demo is cheesy but hey! thats the demo for you.. DO NOT diss a game or comment on a game just because of the demo, prime reason why I don't judge a game untill I've played through it.The whole point of playing a demo is to help one decide if the game is worth buying. The only reason why I got games like Deus Ex and Mafia was because I was impressed by the demos. The full games impressed me even more. If a demo is trash, it is more likely that the full game will suck even more, because it has ten times the trash of the demo. It is uncommon for a good game to have a demo that puts people off buying it. I haven't played the Freelancer demo yet, but I will not touch Freelancer with a ten metre pole if the demo disappoints me, despite waiting years for its release.
  3. Menchise

    Why do the French hate us?

    You want to know why the French may hate Americans? Take a look at what's being written in this thread. Could it get any more insulting than this? quote:if it wasnt for the US they would be speaking german right now.If it wasn't for the French Navy the US might still be a British colony! quote:thats gratitude for youThat's liberation for you: they have a right to disagree. Get used to it.
  4. Menchise

    State of the Union

    Did Bush colour his hair recently?
  5. Menchise

    Top Ten BAD Video Game Movies

    quote:and who cares if angelina jolie can act?The problem wasn't her acting. The problem was that the character was poorly written. There wasn't much that she could do with the script.
  6. Menchise

    Virus Attack on US and other countrys

    Ever since I started using Linux for Internet access, I've never had to worry about viruses again. The system is so immune to virus attacks that hackers don't bother trying.
  7. Menchise

    Top Ten BAD Video Game Movies

    quote:Top Ten BAD Video Game Movies Don't they mean "Top Ten ONLY Video Game Movies"? Anyway, I thought Final Fantasy was good, despite its incoherence and vagueness (e.g. ghosts being killed with bullets and the spirits never being adequately explained). The characters were substantial and well-voiced (especially Sutherland's), and the animation was impressive. In my opinion, it's the best game-inspired movie so far. Tomb Raider had a few good parts (e.g. the fight scene on jump cables in the mansion), but Angelina Jolie wasn't one of them. She was nothing but star power for a character that had no substance, with the notable exception of that brief scene with Jolie and Voight. I could not have been more disappointed with Wing Commander. It was soooooo botched!
  8. Menchise

    Freelancer not vaporware?

    Hehe. Looks like a minelayer to me.
  9. Menchise

    The future of tech support...

  10. Menchise

    A lesson in capitalism...

    AUSTRALIAN CAPITALISM: You have one cow. The government sells you a local school, which you turn into a milking academy, cancelling classes such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. A second cow arrives by boat from Indonesia to request asylum, and is locked up in a concentration camp. The government sells you another school to pay for "border protection".
  11. Menchise

    copter game

  12. Menchise

    All your base are belong to us

    Hehe. It's been a while since I've seen "All Your Base". I wonder what the next fad will be.
  13. Menchise

    Death, terror in slave camps

    quote:If this is true its one more reason why we should bring down the communists in N. Korea!If this is true it's one more reason why we should bring down the capitalists in Australia!
  14. quote:Hey this calls for a celebration! Me and Nick final agreed on something! The first rounds on me.Yippee!