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  1. CNN's Showbiz Today reported that Peter Jackson has said that the DVD release of FOTR will be a directors cut that is "a bit over 4 hours". I do know a lot of the violence was trimed to get the movie into the PG13 rating. There are also quite a few scenes that were cut as well. Reports say the first "Jackson dream cut" came in at 4 3/4 hours and then NewLine had him trim it down to 3hr 50mi and then cut it again to its 2 hr 58mi theatrical version. No confirmed date yet for DVD although same rumors say August.
  2. Rick Gridley

    New Babylon 5 movie next weekend

    Battlestar rebirth has been shelved. Singer was yanked away to focus on XMEN 2 and the Galactica rebirth has been postponed if not outright killed.
  3. Rick Gridley

    Night at the movies - Lord of the rings (minor spoilers alert!!!)

    Some of those scenes you say are cut were in fact never filmed. There is more of Bree, Galdriel (sp?) and interaction amongst the fellowship during the journey that was cut but the Tom B. stuff and the Barrow Downs was never filmed in the first place. Jackson wanted a 3 hour 40 minute cut but had to trim it down to 3 hours to make theaters happy. Lets be honest you got to keep a movie moving and it would take 12 hours to put all events of the first book in and would bore many to death. I do look forward to the DVD myself but will see this baby a few more times in the theater. Its an epic like a Dr. Zhivago or Ben Hur.
  4. Rick Gridley

    playstation2, xbox, game cube ????????

    I have a PS2 and got the XBOX last Thursday. Let me tell you the launch games on the XBOX are much more impressive to me then the launch games of the PS2. HALO is a system seller for FPS fans. NFL Fever is a graphics feast as well. Individual blades of grass can be seen on the field along with uniforms that get muddy when playing in the rain. I am very impressed with the XBOX and I still like my PS2 and my PC so they all get along just fine.
  5. Rick Gridley

    Out of curiosity: Console preferences?

    Sports titles on the consoles dwarf anything on the PC albiet HH2002 baseball. Madden 2002 on the PS2 makes the PC version look very dated and basketball, soccer and hockey are all better on consoles. The XBOX will have an adapter so you can play on your computer monitor. Now strategy games for the most part do suck on consoles. Each has its strengths and why someone who would drop 300 plus on a video card would not add a console to the mix as well is suffering from PC smugness. (And some console users suffer from console smugness). I have two PC's geared towards gaming and a PS2, Dreamcast and after Thrusday an XBOX and you know what?....They all get along fine.
  6. Rick Gridley

    The NEW Enterprise

    From what I gather there is supposed to be a time rift war in the 29th century and sometimes this spills out into the 22nd century which will/can change the historic timeline so the trek history you think you know will not be in this timeline. As SF goes this is a good crutch and maybe, just maybe this series will be one of the better trek efforts. Lets give it time and not just one episode but the entire first season before we rush to prejudge. It takes time for any TV series to get its legs.
  7. Rick Gridley

    Movie Afternoon - Final Fantasy : TSW

    most reviews are impressed with the tech behind the movie but way less impressed with the writing/story. But if one enjoyed it thats all that counts
  8. Rick Gridley

    The NEW Enterprise

    SO because of the look of the ship the show is going to flop? I thought BC3000 players new better than to just look at eye candy to make a good production. Give it a chance before you prejudge.
  9. Rick Gridley


    "Hey, by the way, Microsoft said a long time ago that no computer will ever need more than 640kb of memory. Sure." And at one time Apple said "few would ever have any use for a color monitor." So a lot of people said some silly things way back when.
  10. Rick Gridley

    Microsoft's Court Ruling

    Reports are that MS may be buying DIRECTV as well. With this republican control just watch big business run amuck. Of course as much as ole Bush is becoming "turn around George" who knows what will come of this although the hand that controls the Bush sock puppet is having heart problems again. Hopes are for Cheney to make it through ok.
  11. Rick Gridley

    Win 98se or me

    There will be no upgrade from 98 tio XP? That really sucks as I never was able to get ME to install on my main machine. Kept getting some crosslinked file error message during install and no one and I mean no one at MS or on the net could figure out how to get past that.
  12. Rick Gridley

    World War II Online

    The problem even if this game does work is trying to get a group of people to follow orders. It will always turn into a big free-for-all. Some small groups will co-operate but a lot of people will want to freelance so to speak.
  13. Rick Gridley

    The Bush Doctrine

    "Senator Jim Jeffords reported that he has received numerous death threats since his announcement that he is becoming an independent. Republican leaders in the senate are reminding their constituents that Jeffords is still a senator not an abortion doctor!" (Dennis Miller "LIVE" 6/1/01)
  14. Rick Gridley

    The Bush Doctrine

    Blah blah yak yak. Prediction that the dems take control of the house in the 2002 election and gain a few more seats in the senate. Will another republican switch parties? Chaffe or McCain? In an newscast of a few years in the future.. "Internet poster Epsilon 5 today change his long hatred of the U.S stating that he welcomes the U.S. military in its efforts to make the world a safer place. In other news Chinese troops today landed in British Columbia..." And the famous last saying.. Democrats..tax and spend Republicans..borrow and spend They are all full of hot air... Who are the better parents? Bill and Hillary...daughter Chelsa what a fine young lady who respects who her father (sleeze that he was) was and never once got into trouble Geo and Laura..daughters not respecting who their father is (or following in his younger day footsteps?)
  15. Rick Gridley

    P4 1.3 ghz $999

    I was at Microcenter and I notice they have the PowerSpec P4 1.3 Ghz, 128mb RAM, CDR,TNT2 video card, soundcard (forget which one), 40 Gig HD, 56 k modem, keyboard/mouse, Win ME, (no monitor) for $999 plus tax. I know some have had problems on the PowerSpecs but one of my machines is one that is two years old, P3 550MHZ and it is on 24/7 and I have had no problems at all. Rip out that TNT2 and put a Geforce in it and you will have a nice prebuilt machine for that money. Now whether the P4 really starts to shine once software is written for it as INTEL tells us is something time will tell.
  16. Rick Gridley

    Beyond Pluto

  17. Rick Gridley

    Star Trek X Script Reviewed...

    A lot of people would add The Doomsday Machine and Devil in the Dark to the list of real good Star Trek (TOS) scripts.
  18. Rick Gridley

    Drugs (the illegal stuff)

    I do think that patients on chemo (sp?) and other stomach upsetting medications should be able to get pot legally. I get sick and tired of these so called rightous politicians campaigning against even this use of pot. They try to claim there is no medical benefit from this but just ask anyone who has had stomach problems from treatment and smoked pot whether it relieved symptons and I bet most will tell you yes. I have not smoked pot for a good number of years but I can remember once having a terrible stomach flu and could not hold anything down. Someone suggested that I smoke a joint, that it could help settle my stomach and by God it did. I was able to eat and hold the food down for the first time in two days so do not tell me there is no medical use for pot. I do not suggest anyone use pot for recreation use although adults should have that right in the home. Morphine is legal for medical use and is it not a refined product of heroin?
  19. Rick Gridley

    You know your getting old when you say -

    When you say: "Remember when we seen the Beatles at Shea?"
  20. Rick Gridley

    Whats The First Game you Ever Played?

    I played PONG in a bowling alley back before home consoles/home computers. The first computer game I played (and it caused me to buy an Atari 400) was StarRaiders
  21. Rick Gridley

    USA - China arms race

    We spend 100-200 billion for a system that can defend against a third world nation that has 10-20 missiles. Is not our 7500 nuc warheads enough of a deterent? My god, any third world nation (or "first world") nation that launched a strike against the U.S.A. would be leveled, turned into a parking lot. The real danger is for a compact nuc to be smuggled into the country (or built undercover by a terrorist cell here) and set off in a U.S. city. A 200 billion or 400 billion or one trillion dollar system would do NOTHING to prevent that. Dwight D. Esienhower, that great liberal (NOT!) warned against the military/industrial complex and do not think for one moment that this group is not behind this and we all know they got ties to this Whitehouse, ala Dick Cheney.
  22. Rick Gridley

    USA - China arms race

    The only thing about pouring hundreds of billions into a missile defence system (and yes it will cost much much more than projected (most, if not all weapons system or goverment projects have not cost more than projected?), is that the biggest threat from "rouges" will be a suitcase bomb or a biological or chemical weapon smuggled into the country and placed in or near a city and set off. I have very mixed feelings about the missile defence system. Really not sure if it can accomplish anything besides making the world a more dangerous place. Time will tell. (sad is it not that in a perfect world we could probaly send a man to Mars with a lot less cost than this system)
  23. Rick Gridley

    Leno Quotes

    JAY LENO" Quotables (4/23-4/27/01) Mon, Apr 30, 2001 01:03 PM PDT (Mondays-Fridays, 11:35 p.m. - 12:35 a.m. ET on NBC) After these hundred days in office, President Bush said the biggest misconception about him is that he's anti-environment. He says nothing is further from the truth. He says he loves the environment. Especially the part where you drill through it to find gas and oil. Now a 24-year-old model is claiming she is pregnant with O.J. Simpson's baby. Good luck proving his DNA matches, we tried that once. Let me know how that works out. Speaking of New Jersey, it seems female inmates in New Jersey are answering the phones and staffing the state's tourist hotline. It's true, they get fifty-eight cents an hour and people call and they tell people what to visit in New Jersey. And for $2.99 a minute they'll tell you what they're going to do to you when you get there. Did you know this is "National Turn Off Your TV Week" ? In fact, NBC did our part; we aired the XFL Football on Saturday. Here's something odd -- I'm driving to work today, I go past this store in Hollywood, it had a big sign in front and it said "We sell only name brand patio furniture." Can anybody here name a brand of patio furniture? "Is that a Morelli chair?" According to tabloids, actor Jack Nicholson recently lost 60 pounds when he broke up with Lara Flynn Boyle. Eminem is back in the news again. Eminem now says he's going to appear naked in the centerfold of a British magazine. After this, he's really going to have trouble claiming he's black. Men said in a survey, the first thing they notice about a woman is their eyes. I don't think optometrists notice a woman's eyes first. Actually, they came out with a huge report today and the average age of people watching TV shows. You know that's all they do in this business is research TV shows. You know the average age of people who watch "Fraiser?" It's 45. The average age of people who watch "Dateline" is 46 years old. The average age of people watching XFL Football? Trick question, no one has ever watched the XFL Football.
  24. Rick Gridley

    Leno Quotes

    And Lettermen quotes: "DAVID LETTERMAN" Quotables (4/23-4/27/01) Mon, Apr 30, 2001 03:42 PM PDT "Yesterday was Earth Day, or as George W. Bush refers to it, Sunday." "George W. Bush celebrated Earth Day by drilling for natural gas in the Rockies." "Here in New York City yesterday, I saw a rat celebrating Earth Day by drinking from a biodegradable cup." "Al Gore - you know, this is sad because, remember Al Gore, who was the Vice President for a while? Now he's teaching school up there at Columbia, teaching some kind of journalism class, and guess what. Since the election, the guy's put on 40 pounds. It's gotten so bad, every time he turns around, his ass erases the blackboard." "Gore got on the scales today and demanded a recount." "Unlike Clinton, Al Gore is just concerned with getting into his own pants." "They say that Bill Clinton - you know, former President Bill Clinton, he lives up there in Chappaqua, about twenty minutes from New York City - they say that every night now, they see him sitting alone in a Westchester bar. I'm telling you, ladies and gentlemen, it's like I have a twin." "It's funny, isn't it, how things change. One day you're the President of the United States, and the next day, you're buying a beer for the hooker at the end of the bar. No, wait a minute, I'm sorry, Clinton did that when he was President." "You remember President Clinton? Bill? 'Bubba'? He and his wife, our senator, got themselves a house up in Chappaqua, and she's down there in Washington doing whatever, you know, they do. And as a result, Bill, he's got nothing to do, so we're hearing stories now that he goes every night to this bar, like a neighborhood bar, and it's starting to get a little strange. Last night, he went in because it was so warm, and he asked the bartender, he said, 'I would like something cold,' and the bartender said, 'Well, then go home to Hillary." ' "President Clinton, he and his wife, Senator Clinton, bought a house not far from here, like twenty minutes up the road in a town called Chappaqua...And listen to this, they're saying he's got nothing to do, Bill Clinton. So every night, he goes to a bar there in Chappaqua. And Clinton says he really enjoys spending time in the bar because the more he drinks, every woman starts to look like Paula Jones." "Hey, you know what Monday is? It's the first 100 days of the George W. Bush administration...He's accomplished a lot of things in those 100 days, let's run them down now: he nicknamed everyone in Congress, and he had Billy Crystal to the White House for dinner." "It's interesting to see how George W. runs his White House versus how 'Bubba' was running his White House. And you wouldn't even think of something like this, but George W. Bush is changing the policy: no longer on Air Force One flights will they show movies with sex scenes in them. I would have never thought of that, you know. They made the change because recently on a flight during 'Tomcats,' Dick Cheney had another heart attack." "President George W. Bush is going to sell sophisticated weapons to Taiwan. Geez, I hope this doesn't screw up our warm relationship with China." "The Republicans are complaining now that Bush has put too many women in his administration...But to be fair, nobody has put women in more positions than Clinton." "Continental Airlines is being sued by a family because they had a dead guy on the plane and put him right next to the family...See, here's what happened: the dead guy used his frequent flyer miles to upgrade from cargo." "A lady is suing Continental Airlines because she took a flight...The whole time she had to sit next to a dead guy; on an airplane, sitting next to a dead guy for the entire flight. Here in New York City, we call that a subway ride." "Other passengers thought something was funny because this was the only guy to remain seated when the flight attendant said, 'Please remain seated until the aircraft has come to a complete stop." ' "It was so hot today in New York City, earlier, Puff Daddy shot up a Ben and Jerry's." "It was so hot, Puff Daddy changed his name from P. Diddy to P. Sweaty." "It was so hot today, my cab driver was stir-frying vegetables in his turban." "It was so hot today, my cab driver wasn't wearing a turban. He was wearing a bag of party ice." "The Supreme Court now says - and I think this is a pretty good idea - that you can be arrested and incarcerated for minor traffic offenses. For example, here in New York City, you know what that means? It now means you can get ticketed for hit-and-run."
  25. Rick Gridley

    USA Vs PRC Part Deux: The Aftermath

    The male memembers of my family have no need for guns. [ 04-27-2001: Message edited by: aramike ]