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  1. Baloogan

    Solar reactor

    could someone please put us out of our collective misery regarding this? iv wondered about the SR ever since bc3k... (bout the battery and such...) the SR has helped me in the past, Engineer ejectin' the core... limping home...
  2. 0_0 google for john titor !!!!!! read the PREDICTIONS!!!
  3. Baloogan

    UC 1.01.00 Patch Status

    sorry for spamming: but DAMN! the demo is fun!!!
  4. Baloogan

    UC 1.01.00 Patch Status

    ebgames: ... 14$ shipping for a 19$ game... GRR... I would have no problem with a 30$ game and 5$ shipping though...
  5. Baloogan

    UC 1.01.00 Patch Status

    where the **** was I when you released THIS? Where can i buy it???? my local eB games dont have it...
  6. Baloogan


    I have packaged BCTE the moduial Here
  7. Baloogan

    Out of touch

  8. Baloogan

    New Spammer Tactics

    my internet provider is shaw cable.... and Im guessing that the spammer lives near here... anything I can do to help?
  9. Baloogan

    Call of Duty

    quote:Originally posted by Commander 598: 2. I found half the Soviet missions pure suicide(Like running up the bank in the first one) guess how the russians felt...
  10. Baloogan

    World Of Warcraft leaked

    quote:Originally posted by rtoolooze: Holy cow, whats this world coming to? Welcome to the age of security...
  11. Baloogan

    XXX in a computer game

    quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: Or sue the sob and FORCE him to take it off (As in hack his domain and shut it down, which I know several people who can do JUST that) why? its capitalism.... to capitilize on such a mistake.... its not illegal what he is doing.... hacking is programming from a long time ago... cracking is bypassing security on computers
  12. Baloogan

    XXX in a computer game

    lol.... or not purchase the domain and just release pacthes...
  13. Baloogan

    Night at the movies - Tomb Raider : The Cradle Of Life

    pah..... Tumb rader's majic stoped for me at #2
  14. Baloogan

    Happy Birthday to me!!

    get the boss back!
  15. Baloogan


    have any of you played it? you can get it from file planet Actually fun,,, i wish the bots moved... Hey SC could you put out the level editor that you used? maybe when bcte ships as an addon pack for BCM? or..... maybe... now?
  16. Congratulations Jaguar
  17. Baloogan

    The BCM community...

    I have noticed after the release of the game the volume of posts has almost died... How can we keep this as a viable community with new people everyday like before the release... your thoughts? [ 10-30-2002, 07:42 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  18. Baloogan

    Battlecruiser Games Channel

    What is BCM gold, i havent replaced my BCM yet, and - is it a new release of the game? - if so: when will it be in canada?
  19. For my poor BCM disk, smashed by my younger brother... Well tomarro(sp) I'm off to EB boticke(sp) to get another copy... See U all in Multi...
  20. Baloogan

    Battlefield 1942 mp demo

    Is the server still up?
  21. Baloogan

    supernova 2

    I use supernova to repair...
  22. Baloogan

    Economic patriotism?

    Hell if this gets done... 116 TRILLION usd will be taken from all them terrorist groups, they couldn't do another attack like until we meed the vulcans!
  23. Baloogan

    Combat Medic: Special Ops

    I own the game, but found that it is VERY boaring after the first bit, the injuries are not randomized, there are about 70 or so cases...
  24. Baloogan

    Moment of silence please...

    quote:Originally posted by Commander Elio Jason: quote:Originally posted by Baloogan: For my poor BCM disk, smashed by my younger brother... another sad example of why some brothers are better off in the airlock. so true...
  25. Baloogan

    silly things that have happened

    LOL same sorta thing happeded to me, but I landed my ship on earth Life support off, cant they open a window or something???