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  1. Changed my sig Working on very small one... somehting like 10 frames
  2. Yes: first name... Templar: Warrior Warrior Baloogan'g'nar
  3. What would be acceptable? 20k - 40 k?
  4. (Unnoffishal) Hell... what if we support the insugents... better than some damn galcommies trying to tell us how to live... ... ... (/Unnoffishal) When questioned by the galstapo (Galcom secreat police): Huh... i didn't say anything... [ 11-13-2001: Message edited by: Baloogan ]
  5. Back up... srry bout the wait,, there were 7 active connections when my server was rebooted, sorry....
  6. Fer about an hour do -=NOT=- d/l the file... resturcuring site, and server stuffs... WILL BE CORRUPTED(cp?) after bout hour resure d/l mmmkay?
  7. Join up... to the most obsure race in the entire BCM unverse!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Read the readme,,, has lost of cool stuff u can do,, goto the brige... heh,,, the crew quaters? the resurch lab? armorie? ...... hell everything is there.... feels right like a battle crusier too, without all the people.... read the readme.... think about it.... seeing the sys enginers walk around...
  9. HEY,,, site back up d/l BC:TE Here! Any comments? cooleh [ 11-10-2001: Message edited by: Baloogan ]
  10. Sorri bout the link My damn ISP failed... shaw cable, both me an' ma server were off, my server is kinda out of it for a while... give me about a day from this post to get it up... sorry
  11. I have packaged BCTE the moduial Here
  12. Hosting(2 gbz big enoufe?) and asping, i not good at doing anything else because of my evil spelling mistakes and most of my websites turn out like a database acess point... MY server is based at vancouver so my site is not that fast to people almost any where else... never tested it but... in vancover you can get 1.54 megs per second I plan to be a commertial or trader, or merk [ 10-08-2001: Message edited by: Baloogan ]
  13. Sorry about posting in the economics page,,, but are applications still accepted? I could help with the site, i've got a server, slow one though, no banners, to see the speed of my server goto My server I also have experiance in asp... [ 10-08-2001: Message edited by: Baloogan ]
  14. Hey for intercorp unlimted are you accepting applications?
  15. quote: This is NOT open to discussion, and the first person to post anything to this thread, contrary to what I have just stated, I don't f*cking care if you've been around since WWII, you're getting banned. Yes, its THAT simple. Hey, man, dn't spaz! ur the SC, u can du vhat ever u like... plz dn't close this forum until like people in cold canada can get there fingers on a preodered copy form like July this year and there fore get the cdkey or vhat ever, reg number.... quote: I thought most of us here who posted has preordered already so we have nothing to fear. Yup... quote:Well not all of us have enough money... If I'm lucky I should have the game in early November. If I'm realistic I should have it in mid-november, maybe more. In canada, where E5 and i live the game is gonna be about 90-100 can$ in america it is 60 or so...
  16. I 'had' an ATI card, ahem. not really much of it left... would not even run BCM e2 would run e1 pretty good, now running on card cira: 1992 getting a GF3 asap + new computer asap
  17. LOL. what would be the plot?, the game is so open ended that... (Insert long winded talk about movie plots and movies that have a lack of a plot here)
  18. quote:Originally posted by Commander Jamont: i am starting my place to WHAT??? Finish your sentence. We want a qualifier, a subject, and a predicate. Plus PUNCQATION like: ,.!?, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH
  19. quote: Baloogan, are you going to do anything with that tower lobby? Nope, any one can have it.
  20. Nutrapacks are my favorite food except all my marines say that they suck
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