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  1. Baloogan

    System Damage (for no reason)

    I think I know what this is: have you used playmod? because after about 20 mins with playmod (upgrade all officers) my bridge get damaged 50% and random systems get damaged, my explination: the officers order upgrades on the systems?
  2. Baloogan

    Im getting bored HELP ME!

    What I do is send away missions down to planets and stuff... Maybe the SC will add a new uncharted univere
  3. Baloogan


    wasabi ice cream is good, there is a sushi place in vancouver where they serve it...
  4. Baloogan

    BCM code

    Hey SC and all, I was wondering: how does your game keep track of NPCs, linked lists, vectors or some totoly new way? (could you also release code from bc3k( or bcm)?
  5. Baloogan

    BCM Ground Op questions

    quote: Why the #[email protected]*&*^'in heck do marines get irradiated on planets that have obviously no background radiation (like Earth) when I deploy?!?Sunburn
  6. Baloogan

    BCM Multiplayer Patch Details

    hey SC could you release one(1) minor source file for the young budding programmer to see perfection? [ 06-02-2002, 17:20: Message edited by: Baloogan ]
  7. Baloogan

    Dagger Fall

    How to get it? in another topic I heard it was free but on the underdogs site there is only a like to the creators web site Plz help and thanks in advance
  8. Baloogan


    here, sorry bout not posting at all
  9. Baloogan

    R.A.N.D.O.M Weapon Use

    Bought the random weapon days ago but by ****ing resurch officer ai = 29 ARRRRGGGG
  10. We should have a set logo. Could we deside on one soon? Any one care fer any sudgestions?
  11. Baloogan

    Hey Derek yer bum, FIX THIS !!!!

    Had same probem as soback... stoked up on radine... due to power problems in my neiborhood i was forsed to save and load often, and after about 30-40 relaods i ran out of radine... had bout 2000 - 4 hjs
  12. Baloogan

    FBI Crack Down on Warez

    quote: Actually, Underdogs is a more or less legit site. I've never seen them leave a program up if the developer has a problem with it. great!!! Carrier command all the way!!!
  13. Baloogan

    FBI Crack Down on Warez

    Hey uhh does abandon games count as warez? i mean from the underdogs and the like? [ 12-15-2001: Message edited by: Baloogan ]
  14. Baloogan

    Something very strange

    Man... i wish i were u in commander carrer not many marines notice me,,, but then *CRACK* ... *TUH TUH TUH* ... *CRACK* uuuuuhhh...... better in some aspects than ghost recon
  15. Baloogan

    GUI for scripts

    Is there one,,, a gui, if not could i/anyone who wants to make one? Proablely VB Source forge would be a great idea if we could make one... any one wanna help? Don't wanna ask sc to do it... he would Explone in my face... [ 12-14-2001: Message edited by: Baloogan ] [ 12-14-2001: Message edited by: Baloogan ]
  16. Baloogan

    GUI for scripts

    oooooooooo... *Running away with bullets pinging at my feet as in: ghost recon*
  17. Baloogan

    GUI for scripts

    Hey uhhh SC? is GBS II like GBS I... i wanna start now...
  18. Baloogan

    Something very strange

    U guys never cut down by sniper fire at enimebase? i have die so many times!!!!!!!!!! *CRACK* ... *CRACK* uuuuhhh....
  19. Baloogan

    Improving the Marine Campaign

    Hurrah HURRAH!!!!! C U there in space, under my target reticule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA
  20. Baloogan

    Clueless Newbie Questions

    I think this question whould fall under this catagory: How to deploy SF marines from CC. If anwser in manual plz put the page....
  21. Baloogan

    BCM v1.0.02 RC Patch

    what was wrong with spfx probs?
  22. Baloogan

    BCM review @ Gameclub Central

    Uhh ,,, totaly off topic but were do you register the game,,, finaly got it,,, could wast any time,,, still playing, on my 4th hour now,,, can't stop...