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  1. As in the presidential election on tuesday.

    I think that because of the release of that binladen video bush will win. I really cannot beleve that binladen is that stupid; he is an intellengent man and if he beleves that threatening the US will in any way help his cause, he must not be that intellengent.

    I personally wish that Kerry would win because of his support of stemcell research.

    What are your views/predictions on it?

  2. quote:

    Originally posted by Jaguar:


    Originally posted by XOR:

    I swear that Michael Moore is a freaken enemy of the United States!

    I have known that for quite a while.

    The man is a flaming socialist, but not before he got rich first, now he can afford to be.

    Also in his documentary about that columbine school shooting; I found the way he presented canada as insulting.

    If I had any say I would not allow that bastard into my country.

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