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  1. I stole my copy from my older brother: Hey have you seen my copy of that battlewhatever game?, Nope. Well if you see it, it is mine (After locking door start to play BC3000ad)
  2. quote: Baloogan, are you going to do anything with that tower lobby? Nope, any one can have it.
  3. Nutrapacks are my favorite food except all my marines say that they suck
  5. quote:First off, ICV stands for Insurgent Command Vessel. Insurgent. Insurgents are a semi political entity that is in no way affiliated with Raiders, Police, Hackers or any other caste. They are Terran Insurgents, enemies of Earthcom, and to a lesser extent (By mutual affiliation) GalCom. The Insurgents are already banded together. Thats the Insurgency. I believe what you are talking about are the UCV's, as in Undesignated Command Vessels - non allied entities that follow whatever whimsicle desire they wish. Sorry, edited, thought it was: Indendant Command Vessle
  6. Hello, my name is Baloogan, and I was wondering that when BCM come out that all the UCVs would band together (The Criminals and the radiers) and (the commertial, the traders, police, and mercenaries(the commertials would be the only ones capable of paying a mercenary)) that in time of need all the UCVs would band together aganst a commen enimy, be they gallcommies or insurgants(who i have great regard for) or another races military. Together we could DEFEAT the galcommies and return democratcy to the galaxy, the insurgants would stop because of noone to fight aganst and finally PEACE would return to the galaxy. The cops will still chase the criminals, the radiers will still chase the diplimomats and the gams will still kill the whatever the gams kill. I call out to any UCV who has the spirit to defeat the galcommies. NOT to band under one banner, becuase that would take the fun out of BEING UCV, but to fight galcommies from the inside. WE ARE NOT ALLING TOGETHER but are only rallying under one cause, for money, for profit, for MORE TRADE GOODS FROM UNDER GALCOMMIES NOSES, to return peace to the galaxy and therefore greater profit, for your young children(or what ever gams have) to grow up in a galaxy of NO GALCOMMIE CORRUPTION!, and to have more profit and to share your profit(not with each other but just, uhh i dunno). This public annoucement was brout to you by Baloogan. Good day. [ 06-19-2001: Message edited by: Baloogan ]
  7. quote: I had really hoped that it would be Microsoft. Don't call me racist or anything, but I hate Chinese. Then what should we call you? that remark is totaly RACIST
  8. quote: Hmm, not that this has much of a relevance to the current direction of this thread, but I tried two times, without success, to download and install Active Worlds. I double-click the icon, my hard drive processes a bit, and then the wonderful windows Close Program box comes up saying the install program is Not Responding. Anyone have any clues why? I tried both the download off of the Files section of this site, and the Active Worlds page itself. Neither worked. I had this problem, but after my weekly formatting of my harddrive it worked fine
  9. quote: If you own a copy of jane's fleet command, and you have installed the "warship database" + patch, you can get a taste of it. Submarines suddenly became usable in FC I own this game, where can i get the patch?
  10. Ha, my younger brother alwas brags about his computer! Ha, he has a voodoo3. My computer is now superiar!!!!
  11. Out numbered by whom? all of the indies are not "banded" together they are as lickly to fight eachoter than the insurgants!
  12. How much POWER will BCM GBS have. Can we change the gravity on the planets? Can we make new planets, new jump point, new weapons? Can we change the items around? Can we affect the core stuffs: like making gravity in outer space?
  13. quote: Ah, life. Actually an August release would be perfect for me. How bout it guys! Guys? DIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIE!
  14. ill sacrifice my old elite games, and star flight 1 &2 LOL
  15. My computer runs the demo well, dose that mean that the full game will run well?
  16. Any one want an office, i can decorate it
  17. Where is Dee --- He was the keeper of the commadner's village, and his hideout is like 4 meters away from my office?
  18. in active worlds goto 954N 904E 5 open offices 2 floors and a meeting room to meet with each other and talk about BCM
  19. Indypendants Offices up @ 954N 904E Lots of office space
  20. I used to go to the commander's village until everything was deleted, my little office included by some regestered
  21. Acooring to EB games, BCM ships on 6/18/01 Today is 6/11/01 7 days? keep this alive until 6/18/01 (Feels like the countdown until 2000) Have you preordered your copies? EB will run out of copies very soon(i think). [ 06-11-2001: Message edited by: Baloogan ] [ 06-14-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  22. The last outpost? - bar? Psideck? - Psichick dek?
  23. Are they like the borg? Did they create the jump gates? Can someone please anwser me?
  24. I am a felow canadian, but was born in america and parents from america. Canada should adopt the american dollar but retain it's independance
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