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  1. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Sure, once again they took liberties with Asimov's bookThats a nice way of saying "once again they raped and mutilated an Asimov book"
  2. how is that political inuenndo? he said "Proving those of Intelligence"...
  3. ahhh xcom: ufo defence == best game ever created its my fav game, iv been playing it (and modding it) for about 9 years, if it gets boaring: google for xcomutil, and BAM! its like a whole new game btw: tftd is just a mod basically, nothing new...
  4. hehe, i thought it was good, kinda funny oh btw: im coming up on my 18th birthday and as a american living abroad, in canada, what do I do to sign up for the draft? theres a american consouate in vancouver, so i just show up with my passport?
  5. hell, mr smart IS the janitor for bc3000! gotta keep his workplace clean!
  6. I really like your work, esp. the UFO : AI music you made. Do you have any puchasable groups of music from your projects?
  7. ... You are scaring me... is adult life really that hard?
  8. ^^ I can awnser for the SC quote: Its ready when its ready. ...and just think. Its all free. For a $19.99 game.
  9. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Spacedust: The problem is, some of the "instant action" missions arnt really instant, the actual action is in another sector and for some reason the map doesnt work in instant action missions, so you spend more time trying to find it than actually in the action :/ Rubbish. well: instant action in LB2 has sopiled me for IA... Click instant action, and BAM! randomly generated engagement! maybe dropping troops off in a black hawk at night or kicking some tanks off hills with hellfires never a dull moment from the loading screen but in UC: they arnt 'instant'
  10. in the data folder in your uc installation are all these lovley fully documented ripe inis to edit... but they are md5 digest protected... you can edit most everything... from how many marines you have to storage capacaties.
  11. For the single player version of uc, could we have the md5 check removed? But the multiplayer version still checks the md5... Seems like such a great system for the end user to edit uc... Why not just compile the files into the executable if we cant edit the files?
  12. I think I would develop a taste for human flesh!
  13. personally i would like a command to give unlimited money! -m! fleet command and contorl? -c!
  14. great job vanetian: your newest work is greater than all the rest! great job!
  15. I loved interplay... 'for gamers/by gamers' who did the music for UC? Its much better than normal...
  16. btw: SC: have you ever had good luck with publishers?
  17. ...patch? just got the game... I rilly like the planets now...
  18. ...Depicting Bush As Devil linky quote: The boy was not arrested but the school district has taken disciplinary action. I wonder if the teach the kids about the first amendment at his school?
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