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  1. Hey Hecotr ty the demo has arrived... I think you guys won't c me for a couple of years huh TY HECTOR Like the new shots... Ur right SC is torture C u among the stars 2 Hector
  2. In answer to your question... I was seeing if you were different from every1 else... Every1 I know says they'll post shots in a min and 3 days later it is there.. just checked.. the other shots look good.. Can't wait 4 the demo 2 arrive...
  3. Of corse I don't know u well I haven't met u and I haven't been monitoring this board for as long as the others.. I know it's a drag but I might as well admit I am a newbie 2 this board but I hope I am fitting in well.. Thats the first time some1 has ever used my words in a quote.. touching.. probbably is a sort of kind man...
  4. Hello.. I was just checking what time it was... Where r the pics
  5. He is cool man It's a kind and generous act... I wonder if Derek is like that? by the sounds of the No suttup and sitdown he said when asked 4 a few shots I'm not so sure... j/k
  6. Cool thanks man.. I'll see you out in the stars 2
  7. Okies here is the address 2 send it 2 plz.. PO Box 337 Bedford Bedfordshire England UK MK41 7WZ Ty man I'll get practicing so when the time comes I can help you beat the bud guys asses back 2 their puiny lil planet hahaha!
  8. I have 2 get a post office box number because my perants don't wnat me giving out address to people on the web... It's ended up in disaster b4 no offence to you it's just to keep my perants cal and happy and my link to the web safe I'll get it asap thank you for ur offer I'll gladly acept Hey when I c u in multiplayer I'll run in and blow the hell outta the bad guys ------ Good things are like carnivals, wait long enough and they always come back. A quote from Ryoko the best blue/green haired women I ever did see
  9. I don't supose n e 1 is willing 2 send me a copy of the demo on a CD... At 56k it'll take 4 eva 2 d/l and the machine the web is linked 2 couldn't handle the demo... Luv the pics can't wait 2 c more.. Snoopy Bloke wiv Galcom Logo haha!
  10. L really like the Sub pics and the box art Thanks 4 the support with the off post thingy.. but htat was my 2nd post so not off 2 a good start with good ol' boss.. Have u guys seen the picture of him with his car.. the number plate is something like 3000AD or something ------ "Remember good things are like carnivals, wait long enough and they always come back" Quote from Ryoko the best blue/green haired women I ever did see
  11. My head is sore.. I can understand the killing of the question post but the last 1 I do not get... I was appologising for posting it now that 1 is gone.. I can never do n e thing right in this %*@! world.... I'm still buying this game no matter what..
  12. Yay at last I can post... Anyway I luv the pictures of the sub... I do a bit of modeling myself for other computer games (3 party) Whats the polycount on one of those things? Anyway I will intro myself.. My name is Snoopy and I learn't about this game last July in PCZone (page 99) where they were doing an artical on Space Sim and it had good ol' Derek's mug shot and it goes on about how 3000 was a bit ambitous at the time and then it goes on to say that he will be producing Battle Crusier Millenium , Tactial Engagment , Battle Cruiser 3020AD & Galatic Command Online. Thats it... History lesson over.. now lets have sum fun!
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