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  1. Anyone know how long an ATV can "patrol" before running out of power? I know according to page 68 of the manual, operational time varies depending on power usage. Thanks in advance!
  2. Stroman

    Accidently deleted saved games :(

    True ... I messed up. I thought I was just deleting a particular saved game within that profile. So given the information I gave initially, do i have any hope of restoring? Thanks!
  3. I thought i was just deleting a game within the profile, but the whole profile is gone. I was able to "recover:" player0.sg0 player0.sg1 player0.sg2 player0.sg3 player0.sg4 player0.sgd from the recycle bin. I copied these save games to a safe folder, removed 3000ad from the hard drive, including all the folders and reinstalled and patched from scratch. copied the save games over and no dice... any hope of recovering my game?
  4. Stroman

    Doc glossary V1.1

    How about the definitions of the missile guidance logic ... re ATL ATL/V CTL etc.
  5. Stroman

    BCM v1.0.02 RC Patch

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: 1.0.02 is final and will be released later tonite. I have a game running for the past 7hrs and 28mins non-stop on three win98SE, win2K, winXP machines (yes, I'm invincible ) and with zero problems. I have uploaded the final VCF Short of any fatal problem, this will probably be the last patch until next year. Good deal ... get on with your well deserved vacation!! December is half over for goodness sake. I can't wait to start playing again. I've been waiting for the final patch. Happy Holidays SC! [ 12-13-2001: Message edited by: Stroman ]
  6. Stroman

    Misc Tech Support Issues II

    Try this link and click through to get your card and os. http://www.americas.creative.com/support/
  7. Stroman

    New guy needs advice

    quote:Originally posted by Carl Burning: [QB]Uhm... Phased IOD does not need any AI whatsoever to be installed-- Surely you know that?-- (hehe always wanted to say that) Uhm, doesn't it still need to be analyzed? We had this discussion on another thread.
  8. Stroman

    Clueless Newbie Questions

    ahhh... No need to worry about having the station blown to bits while getting repairs from said station? Just to clarify then, you could get in a dogfight with another vessel, dock at a nearby station for repairs, exit station and attack the same vessel which will still be at the same damage level as when you docked (assuming you damaged it)?
  9. Stroman

    Missile Fire Control

    quote:Originally posted by Tac: already done chief. Now they're staring at the flashlights on the nose of their fighters wondering what the heck they're for. We really need to up pilot quality, the academy is letting too many potheads into the corps. Heck, they see one hostile sf marine half a sector away and they start screaming "inbound! inbound!" , I tell them to shut up, they keep at it. Im gonna alter their gene sequence in the next cloning so their vocal chords make contact with their sphynchxter. And I got a grey hair now. My RE's AI is going down from dating those high school rejects. Heck, even Resnig thinks they're better off dead. and those intruders keep throwing a pack of nudie poker cards at my marines, stealing my PAD artifact and blowing up my cargo bays. I got the BC:M Blues... This is the funniest post I've read in a long time... Nice!!
  10. Stroman

    Tactics for dealing with Intruders

    quote:Originally posted by Urza: Has anyone else had intruders actually damage the ship? A pair of intruders badly damaged my aft laser turrets one time.
  11. quote:Originally posted by Urza: How long did it take to get the necessary AI? [ 11-29-2001: Message edited by: Urza ] According to the FAQ, the PAD doesn't require a minimum AI.
  12. Stroman

    Clueless Newbie Questions

    quote:Originally posted by JelloKing: where can i buy new fighters to replace the ones destroyed in combat? if its at any station, like imagine it would be, which trade items are the fighters? any help for this newbie is apprieciated From one n00b to another ... you buy them from stations, like you imagined... they are called "fighter assets" in the spare parts category.
  13. Stroman

    Misc Tech Support Issues II

    First, let me say I've looked all over for an answer to this and I apologize ahead of time if this has already been addressed somewhere. Started in the Earth region and headed to Pluto for some mining (Pluto seems very good for mining). I sent a drone to the planet and Charon (sp?). I took the jump gate to the Jupiter region to put a drone in that system. As soon as I try to go somewhere in that region (IO, Jupiter, etc.), I end up back in the Pluto region. I'll go back through the jump gate to the Jupiter region and try a different way to fly to the planet, moon, base, etc.. No matter what, I end up back at Pluto. I've tried the FLY TO from the SCM, activated autopilot and it sends me back to Pluto. I've selected Jupiter from the target list available the MAP tab of the NID, hit autopilot... boom, back to Pluto. I've also noticed the recharge from the hyperdrive is down to zero after returning back to Pluto via the jump gate. Thank you in advance!!
  14. quote:Originally posted by Fendi: Don't say that Mel!!! It's the only system that agrees with me and there's no chance in hell that I'm going to revert back to WIN98SE or install WINXP. Yes WINMe does have memmory problems but I got around it with ramidle. So you haven't experienced the random or debris field crashes? What is ramidle and where can we get it? I've also noticed the pattern of Win ME with 256+ of ram. I wish I was home right now to help you guys test the crashes to the desktop since that is my problem too.