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    Fun Stuff..and Muscle Cars!!
  1. Anthony

    Ahhh..'tis good to laugh

    quote:Originally posted by has Big risk man! And now you┬┤re blind, right? Umm I dont think his blindness got anything to do with "Sneezing"
  2. Anthony

    Any Spider-man fans here?

    Ummm, I've been reading for awhile (does .15 cent comics ring a bell?), but I dont have any of the old ones anymore. I stopped reading spidey bout the time you refer to Silk. Writing sucked, I'd miss a couple of issues (I was stationed overseas) and lose track of the whole story line. Who could keep track with THE AMAZING SIDERMAN, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER MAN, PETER PARKER SPIDERMAN, and whatever other titles they decided to come up with. Then releasing them every 2 weeks (for awhile there) and more and more of the comic becoming advertisement!?! I couldnt afford it between the Umpteen X Titles, Hulk, 3-5 Spider Titles, Avengers, and dont mention indies..I was plopin nearly 120bucks a month in comics. Way Too Much!! Hey when do you think they will bring back Spider Mans Baby?? It was taken away in Issue #?? when it was born and they were left to think the child had died. Here is a question?? Xmen: When are they going to bring back Ilyana. She died yes, but Here counterpart from Age Of Apocolypse escaped through the portal with Dark Beast, Cable (his younger counter part called Mutant X), and Apocolypses son in the Fiery armor. There are so many inconsistancies it is ridiculous, and I'm to lazy to mention any more. But that is pretty much why I stopped reading. Too expensive, Poor Writing/Art, and Far too inconsistent!!
  3. Whew!! Lotsa Reading there. Gallion and Maddog Make some very Valid Points. I'm approaching my 17th yr in the Navy. I may not have seen it all, but I have seen alot. Just a couple of things to add. What rank will you be following Basic?? If the Recruiter promised you Auto Advancement, get it in writing. You are concerned about taking care of your family and being in the Military will allow you to do that but how well is the question. I've seen E5 personel in the Military on Food Stamps because their pay is not enough. Junior Enlisted with family will be tough. Family Separation is tough. And you will be separated. Its late I'm tired and Rambling. Just Talk with the Family, and go with your heart. Besides you have till the Age of 35 to join so No hurry there. I'll get some sleep and post later. Good Luck
  4. Anthony

    Car nightmares...

    Bahh!! Find yourself a Nicely Maintained 1969 Camaro!! Or Mustang Prior to 75 is a good bet to. Muscle Cars!! The value goes up, not down. They look cool, Can be Fast as hell, dont cost as much. And insurance wont be nearly as much as a new car.
  5. Anthony

    Car nightmares...

    Ahhhhh...Cant help myself..must..post replyyy In my experience Car Salesman have what we want (a car), we have what they want (money). But we have the advantage...There are many car dealers, and only one of us. Visit different lots. When you talk to a Salesman, Tell him what you are willing to pay. Usually they will make another offer...higher than what you want to pay. Ask him for his card and write the car and price on it. At next dealership do same thing but this time tell him that So and So offered to sell for (look at card) X$'s. And ask if he can beat it. If not do like the man said WALK!! quote: Originally posted by Jaguar The other thing you might try is this, go to the bank and get a cashiers check or money order for about 10-15% less then the car you want. Go to the dealer, if the salesmen ignores you, walk up to the sales manager, wave the check slowly in front of his face, then tell him what car you want to drive. They will not ignore you after that. That is one of the best tactics. Get a pre-approved loan for the amount you are willing to pay. Tell the Dealer that this is all you have to work with..period. If he says he cant work with it give him your name and number (preferably cell) and tell him to call if he changes his mind. Then go to another dealership and repeat. Only prob is giving out Number..can be a pain receiving calls, but once you have the car they tend to leave ya alone..usually. Just remember you have what they want..You can get what they have somewhere else.
  6. Anthony

    Major repair issues needed!!

    Hmmmm, Next time the Tac Computer is down try accessing Logstics directly. There have been times that I've been able to initiate repairs this way by going directly to the Logistics computer...SOMETIMES that is. Hope I didnt just give anything away. Another way to look at the damage aspect is that Some crew is trapped or unable to relocat due to structural damage. I believe it says something to that effect in the manual..*flip* *flip* *flip*..Yup on page 40 under assignments . Frustrating I know but it works for me
  7. Anthony

    Profile Avatars

    Yup Yup..These Avatars are great!! Easy to use to..I would say Noob proof, butchaneverknow.
  8. Anthony

    Misc Issues

    quote: Orignally posted by Tyrn [n00b translator engaged] I think he's saying M1 = Button 9 = Missile Cycle and according to the quick ref button 9 does indeed cycle missles. By moving the slider to M2 (button 10) or M3 (button 11) he's moved it to a button that BCM does not recognize and therefore fixed the problem. Sounds like a design flaw with the stick to me, why would any stick designed replace buttons (1 push = 1 signal) with a slider (position = constant signal)? [n00b translator disengaged] Yeah What he said!! Thanks Tyrn
  9. Anthony

    Misc Issues

    All the buttons and switches on the Saiteks X36 corresponds with a particular Joystick button in windows (buttons 1-26 for the Saitek X36). In particular as a default the M1, M2 & M3 Switch (a 3 position slider) corresponds to Buttons 9-11 on the Joystick (M1=9, M2=10 & M3=11). If memory serves, BCM maps Joystick buttons 1-9, with 9 being the button to cycle weapons. If the switch is set to the M1 Position it would be as if the 9 button is being held continuously. This would explain why it was cycling through all available weapons on whatever I was Piloting (CC,SC & OC).
  10. Anthony

    Misc Issues

    The M1 M2 & M3 switch on the X36 equates to buttons 9, 10 & 11 respectively. When it was on M1 (button 9) it was like holding down the button sending a constant signal. All I did was move the switch to M10/M11 which isnt mapped to BCM. Have to admit I felt pretty stupid once I figured it out. Specially considering how many times I reloaded those Detonator Drivers Oh yeah, and I never did Map any buttons on the Stick. [ 12-30-2001: Message edited by: Skeletun ]
  11. Anthony

    Misc Issues

    Hehe Hehe..I figured it out. It was the X36 Joystick. Button #9 was sending a constant signal to the game causing it to continuousl cycle weapons. Yup not a BCM Problem, but it was rather anoying. Was causing Kara to constantly say "Targe is emitting an IFF signal" over and over and over (at least 100 times). Was ready to push her outta the airlock I tell ya.
  12. Anthony

    Misc Issues

    Ouch!! I feel so aloooonnnne!! Never know till ya ask I say.
  13. Anthony

    Consumer FYI/Warning

    This is just a FYI to all purchasing games at Gaming stores. My experience is with EB in particular, but this warning applies to any store with a liberal return policy. My wife recently Purchased Return to Wolfenstien for me. When she brought it home I opened it and noticed the scant documentation contatined within the box (this was normal but I didnt know it at the time). I then checked the box and noticed that the original seal had been broken and it had been taped closed (with that round tape that the store uses). Next I examined the CD which was unsealed (It should have been sealed but I didnt know that at the time,) and discovered a big ThumbPrint on the CD. Along with that the Keyboard Layout in the CD case had been removed and replaced. All of this told me that I had purchased a recently owned game at the new price. To some this may not be a concern, but if I pay a NEW price I want a NEW product. Also this raises other questions/problems. See..Return to Castle Wolf requires a CD Key that is on the outside of the case (similar to BCM). Whose to say that this game wasnt Bought, Burned and Returned?? The instructions read that you should Protect the CD Key, but how can you do that if it has been compromised prior to your purchasing it. To make matters worse, when I returned it to the store (an 1 and 1/2 hr drive ) and got an exchange, the Clerk gave me a blank look when I explained the problem taped the box back up and put it on the shelf. This is just a Heads up to all to check your box for tampering before purchasing. This is just a recent experience, but I've even purchased a game from another EB (couple yrs ago) opened it in the car and found that the CD/DISK/GAME was missing . The clerk at that store told me that it was a recent return and they must have forgotten to check for the contents before putting it on the shelf. Anyways to sum it all up, Check your box!! You never know where that game has been!!
  14. Anthony

    Misc Issues

    I think I have a problem similar to Securis's. From the bridge view of whatever craft I'm piloting, (CC/OC/SC/FC) I have the strange flickering of my MTAR/MTD and TIR (TIR appears to be running through the name of every missile I have on board). Also I have the Large Red Ring (MTAR)in the middle of the display also. All of these things are happening at the same time. I cant seem to find this in any other forum, nor does it appear in the FAQ's. I figure it to be a driver problem so I've changed Drivers..tried 21.83, 22.80, and 23.11 but the problem persists. I believe it may be related to WIN XP as the problem did not begin until I upgraded from ME (or could it be mem related as I added another 256Mb). Anyways, I've tried all that I could think of to no avail so thought I'd ask for help here. Any suggestions. BTW my Sys has changed: Win XP, 512Mb, all other items remain the same. Thanks in Advance!!
  15. Anthony

    Misc Tech Support Issues III

    Uhh Oh yeah..Shields. Good point. Still good fighter tactic. Another issue/question. In version 1.0.02 The SFM Jetpack thingy was patched. But on my system it never worked for SFM's but did work for the AE. I upgraded to the 1.0.03 and same thing. AE has the JetPack X looking thing in space. And other SFM's have the 1/2 AE Model Jetpack. Recently upgraded to 1.0.04RC1 and same thing. Before each upgrade I Uninstall, download patch reinstall, apply patch (yes I applied .03 followed by 04RC1 on the same install. I've noticed this with both A new Commander game and the SFM Instant action. Is this a problem with my system or is something missed? My system stats have recently changed...Windows XP w/512mb Ram..all else the same. I'll change that soon as I find the instructions in the forum somewhere.