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  1. Martin Wiinholt

    A Blast From The Past

    I too have been around since before the Take 2 debacle. Every year or so I tire of the SC's rough manners, but eventually return because of the quality of the game.
  2. Martin Wiinholt

    Cargo and Power

    Tyrn, I have been wondering about the power stuff Gustavo asked about too. I just don't see a performance difference between 50% and 100% engine power. Where should I look? Related question: how does reactor and engine upgrades actually affect your ship performance? Haven't noticed any.
  3. Martin Wiinholt

    Just a wondering ......

    Wow, those trees would be the finishing touch to the planets! Amazing stuff.
  4. Martin Wiinholt

    Gammulan Website back up

    quote:Originally posted by LordDavid: Seems to me like a mix with some Klingon and a lot of the Imperials of Star Wars. Hmm, goood I like the Imperials too.
  5. Martin Wiinholt

    Gammulan Website back up

    I have now sent an official request to enlist on the Gammulan side to Lord David pr. email. To start off the roleplaying, I would like to propose someone Gammulan with graphical flair designed pictures of a Gammulan bridge crew along with gammulan voice responses. Personally I think that would go a long way for the gammulan immersion factor NB. The gammulans seem a bit klingon inspired. Do you guys agree?
  6. Martin Wiinholt

    Misc Tech Support Issues II

    quote:Originally posted by vogelap: But the weird thing is this... Even if I do NOT use EndItAll, my computer still hangs when I try to shutdown after playing BCM. Here's what I just did, and experienced a crash: Fresh reboot. Close PowerBar, Logitech Wingman Control Panel, SocketWatch, POW! (popup window killer), and my virus programs. Run MaxMem to free up any memory. Run BCM. SNG, CC career. Play for a while, do some planet scanning in Tacops (that's so cool). Exit the game to desktop. Try to shutdown. Screen goes black and it sits forever. Strange. And it does it every single time. My machine does the same thing.
  7. Martin Wiinholt

    Friendly castes outnumbered & outgunned

    That wuold be a great improvement. The stations do seem a bit inactive - it's rare, in fact I've seen it, to see them launch all their fighters, and having them reach out and protect the non-hostiles would provide even deeper immersion, IMO. [ 12-10-2001: Message edited by: Count_Sessine ]
  8. Martin Wiinholt

    Question on pilotless FC's

    Thanks guys, it works just fine. True enough, in the manual it says that you can retrieve your own ships that way. I just didn't make the connection. Very cool.
  9. Martin Wiinholt

    Question on pilotless FC's

    And then dock at a station ? I'll try it out. Thanks.
  10. Martin Wiinholt

    Question on pilotless FC's

    Does anyone know how to retrieve an FC whose pilot (no copilot) has been killed, but is otherwise almost intact (green with minor damages)? Sending SC's with Tow/Deliver orders only makes the SC's leave them 0,2 kms from the CC, but short of actually giving them to the CC, and the same goes for stations. I just can't figure out a way to make them return to base ?
  11. Martin Wiinholt

    Open letter of thanks to the BC fans....

    I have to chime in here, as a longtime fan and longtime game reviewer. BCM is an incredible immersive game, and an outstanding example of how to maintain the singular vision of the merge between business and entertainment, for all involved, that has been gone from this business for many years. Kudos to Mr.Smart for this. We hope he'll be around a long time. Regards [ 12-09-2001: Message edited by: Count_Sessine ]
  12. Martin Wiinholt

    Misc Issues

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: uhm, read what I wrote again. You said were going to 21.83. If 22.80 works for you, why would you go to 21.83? Ah, right Sorry about that, commander, right, supreme commander. I really have to quit drinking That's Supreme Cmdr to you TTFN [ 12-07-2001: Message edited by: Gallion ] [ 12-08-2001: Message edited by: Count_Sessine ]
  13. Martin Wiinholt

    Misc Issues

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: You must be drinking. Why would you go from 2280 to 2183? When in fact, 2311 are the latest drivers we're all using? *sigh* Because 22.80 works for me, and 23.11 don't. Go figure.
  14. Martin Wiinholt

    Misc Issues

    quote:Originally posted by Count_Sessine: Gents, 1/ I'm experiencing a lot of texture searing, with that I mean big jagged edges along the inner edges of objects (buildings, planes...). Ok, I found a solution to the problem: it's a driver problem. I tried installing Det 22.80 and they work, no jagged edges, but with a variable framerate hit. Next I'll (re) try the 21.83 drivers.
  15. Martin Wiinholt

    New Gammulan RPG Thread

    quote:Originally posted by LordDavid: {Raises his hand} Yes! I know of one! If you want to be in it, you can be. I am in the process of relocating my Gammulan Website. Will post link here when ready. Ok, great. I look forward to the website.