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  1. Real_Lucas

    North America release

    I got mine I got mine.....sort of. it arrived at my mother's house in Ottawa on tuesday. she's fedex'ing it to me at work here in vancouver. I'll probably get it early next week....or maybe even tomorrow...just in time for the weekend. HOORAY!! thanks again SC, I can't wait!! Lucas
  2. Real_Lucas

    North America release

    well, I hope that won't be the case with my copy SC. I hope you haven't forgotten about me.
  3. Real_Lucas

    Very "Smart Soapbox"

    hehe. great soap box SC, it's really cool to see a glimpse of the "behind the scenes workings" of software development, it really is amazing how easily people criticize games when they (read as "we") have absolutely no clue in what's involved. by the way, how about; The Smart Choice or %$#@&%!!
  4. Real_Lucas

    Bugs, Mr. Rico! Millions of 'em!

    LOL he's referring to a line in Starship Troopers.
  5. Real_Lucas

    BCM Receives 77% @ PC GAMER

    excellent, now I can leave my middle finger at the office.
  6. Real_Lucas

    BCM Receives 77% @ PC GAMER

    LOL I left mu finger at work.
  7. Real_Lucas

    How to pass the time

    Work Operation Flashpoint 3DStudio Max Work TV beer Work Sleep. that covers it for me.
  8. Real_Lucas

    BCM Receives 77% @ PC GAMER

    I think that one reviewers better than average review of a game we all know we are going to buy regardless is a bit silly. 77% on a review is a damned good review, and that indicates by statistics that it is a recommended buy. You of course realize that one person will review it at 77% and someone else will review it in the 90% region. The SC knows that we are a fan base and therefore we are not the detractors that see the review and not buy the game, so the reviews mean a whole lot less to us than they do to him. To the SC, the review is the encouragement to people who like MECS type games (I just had to say that) and if they like the REVIEW will go out and buy the game. The consumer has no political motive in this....unless he/she is just into limiting their perspective. I just don't think there's any point in freaking out abvout ONE review, when there will soon be dozens of reviews. Do you prefer a game that's been hyped to death, and then when it comes out might as well be Pong?....I didn't think so.
  9. Real_Lucas

    BCM Receives 77% @ PC GAMER

    SgtVor - I agree 100%
  10. Real_Lucas

    So whats this all about then?

    LOL I thought RTFM meant; "Read The F***ing Manual", not; "Right, Then Forget the Manual".
  11. Real_Lucas

    Ideas for "What is BCM's genre" quandary.

    WOOHOO!! Thanks SC - email sent.
  12. Real_Lucas

    No Advertisements?

    what a great way to jack up the price of a computer game...oh and while were at it, instead of cutscenes to illustrate the story, why not about 20 minutes of commercials? my god, I hope some ad exec doesn't push for THAT!
  13. Real_Lucas

    BCM Receives 77% @ PC GAMER

    rhett - I believe that game developers provide reviewers with advanced copies so that a review of the game can be possible before the general public has a chance to purchase the game. That way, they can make an informed choice. Afterall, not everyone hangs around the actual developers forums. I certainly didn't do that when I heard about flashpoint (and I LOVE that game), but I do here...because....well, just because. It's been a long time since I've actually considered rushing home after work to play with my computer...but the anticipation for BCM is definitely starting to give me those tendencies.
  14. Real_Lucas

    MORE Must-Buy-Games

    must buy games? Black and White! Operation Flashpoint! Medal of Honor! Return to Wolfenstein! Duke Nukem Forever! why have none of these games been mentioned??!! they will (some are already out) undoubltedly be worth the price of admission.
  15. Real_Lucas

    And so it Begins...

    quote:Originally posted by Soback: Lets take this hypothetical situation. 3. We extend the same terms [comply or we nuke you] to other terrorist harboring countries. They will either comply or face the same consequences, and believe me, they would rather comply once they see what happened to Afghanistan.{/QB] That way the war would probably be over in about a year. Yes we would probably have retaliatory strikes but we would have them anyway and at least my way we will take care of the problem faster with great assurance that it will not happen again because any terrorist that wants to choose US as a target next time will know that not only his life is on the line (which they don't care about anyway) but also the life of his family, his people, his country of origin, his supporters and his believes. So from previous experience he will realize that if he does strike against US all that he believes in will be gone and that would serve no purpose. Also the people of the countries that are likely to sprout terrorism will try to contain and fight it themselves for fear of being discovered and annihilated. ouch - this is the attitude that the terrorists have. if someone hits you in the face for no appreciable reason that you understand, do you not hate that guy and plot to attack him at the first available opportunity? let me illustrate. The Taliban hate the americans because the americans helped the Mujjahadeen (sp?) during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, afterwards, the US ignored the problems in that country (an admitted mistake on the US's part). They now hate the Americans because they felt abandoned and they are right. They are wrong to suppoort terrorism as a form of revenge...but what options do they have? the point I'm making is that Afghanistan is a nation that has low to no education, that means that the people are manipulated by force (1 TV for every 1000 people, under penalty of death). The lives of the Afghan people are governed by a blood thirsty regime that is bent on teaching the western world a lesson. If we perpetuate that idea, by dropping nukes all over the place, not only do we violate the human rights that we apparently hold in the highest esteem, but we become terrorists ourselves. There is nothing to be gained by nuking a desert full of innocent people that have not been taught how to respect human life as a sacred thing, as we supposedly have been. an extremist view simply begets another extremist view. Ghandi said - "an eye for an eye can only make you blind". using the SAS and Special Forces to go after the specific targets that are responsible is just fine by me....but blasting a country into oblivion that's already in the stone age is just ridiculous. Albert Einstein said; "I don't know how WW3 will be fought, but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones." words to live by.