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  1. Republican and conservative, or at least Republican until another, more centered group has a snowballs chance of winning an election. I grew up in a middle class family that reached upper middle class before I graduated highschool in a very small town in Texas. But, I think that none of that really had as much influence as did just watching and reading for myself. Jag has a perfect point and one that I've been preaching forever. History has all the lessons we'll ever need to learn. If we'd learn to pay attention to those lessons that, in most cases, people spilled blood to prove we'd be in a lot better shape.
  2. scarab

    4-axis Joystick?

    I'm probably just confused about this, but in EP2, my joystick handles yaw / roll the same as in a flight sim. The rudder (twist) handles yaw, and the roll is handled via side to side movement. Is this the correct sequence, or have I done something odd to my config? Thanks in advance, Scarab
  3. scarab

    Misc. Tech Issues

    quote:Originally posted by Darkvenom: Make sure you're using the official drivers if you have a GeForce card. I had the same problem before installing the new drivers. Yep, that got the mouse to work. The joystick is still a little odd, with the twist being yaw and the left and right being roll. Otherwise, EP2 outdoes EP1 by a lot. Very well done. I love being able to go into the cities on foot. Very slick. I did notice that I lost the ability to gain entrance back into my ship (a fighter) once I strayed a little far. It's prolly a key command that I missed to be able to get the fighter to be a target again. (Kept getting the error msg. "Invalid docking target".) Or maybe a different key altogether for getting into the ship. All in all, nicely done. I'm glad to see the BC series rockin' along so well. Scarab
  4. scarab

    Misc. Tech Issues

    Okay, here's a strange one for you. I ran the E2 demo, the 3000AD logo movie shows just fine (from a window), and then the game launches full screen... and my mouse disappears. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry, you might need this info Pentium 1.2GHz 256Mb Ram MS USB IntelliMouse Explorer Win2K (all service packs) DirectX 8 Two things that I noticed that might also help are that: The movie launched as full-screen mode in the episode 1 demo. This episode, or at least what I have seen of it, replies to the ALT-TAB command (the only way I could get out of it, short of the Task Manager), where as episode 1 did not. I am able to play in windowed mode, although my jstick's (MS Sidewinder precision Pro2) twist axis and left-to-right are reversed (the twist axis moves me side to side and left to right rolls the ship) and, although everything else seems to work, the mouse will not launch the subsystems when I click in the view. Thanks in advance. [ Originally posted in the wrong bloody thread. My bad. ]
  5. scarab

    BCM Episode 2 demo - What I think

    quote: Having the ship stop dead was a design decision for that flight model. If you go to CONFIG, you will see that there are three flight models, but only the first one is active. The second and third ones are more advanced, with the third one being based on Newtonian physics. However, neither of the two will be in the release game because neither works right for NPCs. With dynamics, its not just the player one has to take into account, but also the NPCs who have to be taught how to use it. The word 'orbit' doesn't apply to enties other than planets. If you want a ship to hug a station, or any other entity, tell it to either Escort or Defend the object and it will hang around it. Thats how it works Thats how it works. The marines are not super-human and like the intruders, they too have varying levels of AI Excellent. It's good to find a game with support (from the owner, no less) replies as quicker, if not more so than some of the Open Source community can provide And thanks for the tips, I've got a LONG ways to go learning this, but I'm looking forward to it. Shane [ 06-23-2001: Message edited by: Scarab ]