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  1. Onikaze

    Carnivale Cancelled

    Wow, All they need to do now is cancel Deadwood and they can become just like FOX
  2. Onikaze

    Night at the Movies - Sin City

    Hey Scriv, could you point me towards the place you got the japanese cut ? While your at it you don't know where I might be able to find the japanese cut of Johnny Mneumonic do you ?
  3. Onikaze

    Five-Star Movies

    just a few of the top of my head . 1-5 pretty much any Cohen Bros movie. (The Hudd, Miller's Crossing, Oh Brother, The Man Who Wasn't There, The Big Lebowski) 6. Men of Respect (modern day Macbeth) 7. Dodeskoden (1st color Kurasawa) 8. Yojimbo 9. Sanjiro (Yojimbo sequel) 10. Ridicule (french movie set in pre-Rev France) 11. Delecatesion 12. The Cook ,The Theif, His Wife , and Her Lover 13. The Killer (subbed) 14. Hard Boiled (subbed) 15. Grave of the Fireflys 16. Falling Down 17. Fist of legend (subbed) 18. Legend (gonna have to go with the orginal release, directors if they woudl have kept the soundtrack ;p) 19. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 20. Wild at Heart 21. Office Space
  4. Onikaze


    "And how - in God's name - could that ex-Republican Guard military guy, figure out - from transmitting intervals " I was a little put off about this too. they do lead you through the progression of thought. they hear the message ~twice , Republican Guard military guy says predicts the last 2 or 3 numbers will be da , da ,da. everyone asks how he knew, and he says it's a recording with a counter. Then he gets quiet for awhile with a "shh i'm concentrating" (or something) while he calculates. They go through it to fast, but I'm pretty sure JJ didn't break Deus ex Machina .
  5. Onikaze

    Night at the movies - AvP

    there wasnt' a pg13 rating when some of the movies were made.(definitly not the first Alien, not sure for Predator) I mean except for the F--- bomb in predator it's not much worse than some TV (gore wise). also I think PG-13 stuff is more 'R' like than it used to be..
  6. Onikaze

    Night at the movies - AvP

    How about F-Tool
  7. Onikaze

    Xcom: UFO Defense clones?

    Have you tried it in a PS2 ? I'm pretty sure that would help at least a little with load times. good luck
  8. Onikaze

    Freespace 3. What if...

    anychance of giving us a timeframe on whether or not you have aquired it ? on Adrenaline the hlp boys are saying that they convinced Volition to talk to interplay about getting the ip. still hopin' you get it
  9. Onikaze

    Lazy Pilots

    heheheehhehhehehhehehehehehhehhe sorry but that really did make me LOL
  10. Onikaze

    Freespace 3. What if...

    I think it would be great. Please make getting the IP the no. 1 priority. hopefully that alone will kill off the new breed of trolls that are appearing at adreniline.
  11. Onikaze

    Night at the Movies - King Arthur

    NOT the Sean connery one! Tha t was such a pile of ... this is the king aurther moive I would recommend http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082348/ has Patrick Stewart in it. ONly as bit part though. Probably as much screen time as he had in Dune.
  12. Onikaze

    Night at the Movies: Chronicles of Riddick

    Ummmmmmm Yeah
  13. Onikaze

    Night at the Movies: Chronicles of Riddick

    well I don't have the original release i've just seen it a few times and had been meaning to get pitch black for while. plus it came with a redeemable ticket to Chonicles of Riddick so
  14. Onikaze

    Night at the Movies: Chronicles of Riddick

    pretty sure it's Chronicles of Riddick : Dark Prophecy I really would'nt call it anime though. It's from Peter Chung, The guy responsible for Aeon Flux, Which I tend to think is his best work. Not neccesarily great stuff , but the best work from him. I'm prpbaly going to pick this up though since I like the story/universe though. just saw COR today and thought is was pretty good. Thandie Newton didn't kill the movie as I was expecting , after reading reviews at ACIN. I'm not sure if I saw this elsewhere or not but the ending shot looks almost exactly like the end of Conan TB. BTW I recently got the Director's cut of Pitch Black and cannot figure out what was added back in to make it a "Directors Cut". Did anyone spot extra scenes?
  15. Onikaze

    Night at the Movies: Chronicles of Riddick

    I'm playing through the game right now and just got passed the part where you eyes start to shine. I'm kinda mad because Priest doesn't make them shine, and you dont' pay him with 20 packs of cigarrettes for him to do it. Right after Priest patches up your arm , which he does because you retrieved the equivilent of a radio, Riddick just sort of keels over and hears a voice in his head. Then he can see in the dark. I'm dissappointed they didn't stick with the story riddick tells as an explaination.