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  1. Otholo

    Low FPS when planetside

    Yeah I kinda figured, I was hopeing the 1 GIG of ram and 256 vid card might help, looks like im gonna have to upgrade...oh darn...im gonna have a faster computer...what am I to do Othy
  2. Otholo

    Low FPS when planetside

    FPS planetside 2.5 FPS Space 50 Hmmmmm, Im having that same FPS problem on planetside. Ive tryed 800X600, messed with AA and AF, messed with in-game detail settings, and ran the Audigy driver downdate procedure, Im thinkin ive just got a bottleneck at my processor, and need to upgrade. Just wondering if anyone has any other ideas, or suggestions. Otholo
  3. Otholo

    Unable to select marines

    LOL, oh great now theres evidence of my stupidity!! noooooo Hey SC, I ran this game for 5 hours straight last night, no saves, no CTD, no errors, This is the BEST ONE SO FAR!!! Please keep up the kick ass work!!! Im giddy...like a little skool girl!!! Off to play now
  4. Otholo

    Unable to select marines

    OMG Im an idiot, I just downloaded the new patch, didnt notice it before IN BIG BOLD LETTERS, and it fixed my problem, can someone delete this stupid post so I dont look TO MUCH like an idiot!!! by the way GREAT GAME Supreme Commander
  5. First off, this is my first post so I'm sure I did something wrong, lemmie know if I did and I will fix it. Now to the problem. In UC whenever I deploy a marine to the surface of a planet I completely loose control of him. Wether I transport him down or run him down in a shuttle, the SECOND he hits planetside I am unable to issue orders to him, or even click on him for that matter. The perscan says he is on the planet, and I can zoom to him MANUALLY in tacops, but there is no option to click on him, and no green box around him signyfing him as one of mine. Can someone help me with this? I dont know if this helps but I was also one of those rare cases in BCM where I could not deploy marines from shuttles, NO MATTER WHAT. Please help. Thanks for your time. Otholo
  6. Otholo

    BC vets on the newbreed of newbies

    I am a noob and I'm proud. It also makes a huge difference that all you vets out there are both incredibly helpfull and understanding. Thanks guys. This is the best experience as a noob I have ever had in any forum or game. "Look at all of the noobs!! Now thats MY kind of scum!!!" "That is noobville, nowhere else in the universe will you find a place with more scum and vilany" Seriousley though, thanks guys. Otholo
  7. Otholo

    Question on pilotless FC's

    Greybeard I had the same problem, so I left the fighter there and docked at a station. After docking I went back to retrieve the fighter (I made sure launch control was on this time of course) and then it let me pick it up. Give that a try.
  8. I have pretty much the same system. No Mouse Action either. I am thinking it is the refresh or something. I have a (don't laugh) 3D Prophet II MX 64. Any ideas anyone?