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  1. Islander

    BCM 1.0.06 (FINAL) Patch Released

    Thank you SC and your team for your hard work and dedication. Thank you Blerm for your delightfully fast download server. Gamaliel the Lurker.
  2. Islander

    'Twas the night before Christmas

    ROTFLMAO!!! I greatly appreciate the warped sense of humor. My stomach still hurts from laughing... Keep up the good work Barron. Gamaliel out.
  3. Islander

    It's a boy!

    Congratulations $ilk!! Our community keeps growing... Gamaliel out.
  4. Islander

    Just a wondering ......

    quote:Originally posted by Tyrn: Future FeatureÔäó LOL!! Gamaliel out.
  5. I must concur with Urza here. IMHO cheating should be impossible in MP but in single player it should be up to the individual. If a player wants to waste the excellent opportunity to train for MP in single player, all power to them. In point of fact, why not make more facets of the single player game user customizable? (Just a rhetorical question- not a wishlist entry. ) Heh, this just means more cannon fodder for the rest of us when MP makes its debut. Gamaliel out. [ 12-13-2001: Message edited by: Gamaliel ]
  6. Islander

    BCM v1.0.02 RC Patch

    LOL, enjoy your well-deserved vacation SC! The patch sounds sweet. I'm off to explore the galaxy... Gamaliel out.
  7. Islander

    BCM user screen shots

    quote:Originally posted by Soback: Oh, man. The one in the docking bay looks awesome. Hey $ilk, how did you do that?? That is interesting. Gamaliel out.
  8. Islander

    BCM user screen shots

    Keep 'em coming guys. BTW Simparadox, why were you attacking a scientist starstation?!? What did my colleagues ever do to hurt you, hmm?? I guess my next question would be: What caste were you playing in those pictures? Just curious...Please don't kill me!! Gamaliel out.
  9. Islander

    Friendly castes outnumbered & outgunned

    Thank You SC! Maybe now those of us who just want to explore the universe will have a better chance to do so. Also thank you for the advice on safe regions to fly around in. That will be helpful to the newbies who are just trying to get a handle on how to fly their CC and still want to be able to save their game. LOL, you could even nickname those regions "the Newbies creche". I am very happy now... Gamaliel out.
  10. Islander

    BCM user screen shots

    Ahhh....a fellow Scientist. I like the way your pictures tell a story, LOL. BTW Medics also make horrendous shuttle pilots. Yes, I did find out about that the hard way. I would post pictures but I was so angry at them that I plumb forgot about it. Gamaliel out.
  11. Islander

    Soapbox - Graphics vs Gameplay

    I don't understand why all the game reviewers think that this game does not have good graphics. IMHO they need to play for a longer period of time and explore more of the universe. Sure, there are other games that look prettier but their game universe is so limited/restricted that it becomes tiresome over time (IWAR2 is a good example). Gameplay is indeed the word for it as BCM allows me to do things I could only dream about in other games. The game universe for BCM is so expansive that I am thoroughly enjoying just exploring it in order to see what I can see. Now if I could just stop getting blown up all the time, maybe I could see more of it. Gamaliel out.
  12. Islander

    BCM user screen shots

    Those are pretty pictures, Barron. Well...except for the last one, LOL. I think I will keep a safe distance from Valkerie space from now on. And to think that the game reviewers say that this game doesn't have good graphics. I guess they need to play the game longer and see more of the universe. Gamaliel out.
  13. Islander

    What do you do if you're attacked and unarmed?

    Ok Jeff, try this. Start a new game as a Police/Commander. For the purposes of this exercise your choice of race and asset are irrelevant. Now have a look under Roster/Personal and you will see the following: Rank: Commander Salary: 75000 Cash: 75000 As you can see the Police are in fact paid for their work. I guess the appendices and manual can only get you so far. You do have a valid point when it comes to multiplayer however. I suspect that this is something that will have to be discussed in its own thread though. Now returning to the topic of this thread: If you come under attack by a hostile and you are in a region that contains a friendly/neutral ODS that is hostile to your attacker, immediately hyperjump to the ODS. If you are really lucky, your attacker will switch targets and engage the ODS. Do not stick around to enjoy the fireworks--this is your cue to make your escape. If you are not so lucky, then hope that the ODS destroys/disables your attacker before you get blown to pieces. Good luck out there. Just an additional $0.02. Gamaliel out.
  14. Islander

    BCM v1.0.02 RC Patch

    Ok SC, it will be done. I will send you the saved game as soon as I re-deplete the shuttlecrafts charge. Unfortunately, I saw your post after I had been playing the game again and I had already recharged the one shuttlecraft that was seriously depleted by docking it with Genesis starstation and using the station's Logistix screen. Needless to say, they all now have a charge of 98% to 99%. I will get them down to 75% or so before I zip up the files and send them in. EDIT: For clarification; realized after posting that what I had written was unclear. I have now sent the files. My ISP's e-mail server is notoriously unreliable, so if there are any problems please let me know. Gamaliel out. [ 12-09-2001: Message edited by: Gamaliel ]