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    Universal Combat Advanced

    As I've said before, I have no plans to make any gameplay changes in this game. All gameplay elements will be exactly as-is in the UCCE v2.0. I'm not planning on making this refresh a bigger deal what I've already planned. And yes, engine and reactor upgrades do effect the hyperdrive recharge rate. Personnel AI has nothing to do with that.
  2. Supreme Cmdr

    Universal Combat Advanced

    I am going to do my best to integrate the fps elements (including UI) from AAW to the fps portion of UCADV. But remember, this game is a capital ship combat game, not a dedicated fps like AAW. All the planetary bases (at this point, I am not planning to have any cities) in UCADV are going to be recreated from scratch. The goal is to have them be a cross between the base scenes in AAW and those in LOD. That's why there probably won't be any cities, just individual bases on the pre-existing habitable planets. I can go all the way back to the first game released in 1996; and I have the source code going all the way back to the very first build back in 1990 I think.
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    Universal Combat Advanced

    https://twitter.com/bc3000ad https://facebook.com/bc3000ad
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    Universal Combat Advanced

    Please keep discussions in this thread specifically about this game. If you want to discuss something else, take it to another forum.
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    Universal Combat Advanced

    No. There won't be any depiction of intruders on the bridge in the bridge view There is no reason for the update time to change. The underlying code will remain the same. As I've stated before, this is just an update to the core game. As such, I don't envision changing anything that currently works just fine. Since I have pretty much settled on what I want to do with UCADV, if it's not in the list I created above, then there is a very good chance that I'm not doing it. The biggest amount of work is going to be in migrating the Spec V engine suite to work with UCADV. And if that proves to be too much work, I won't do it. Instead, I will just make minor revisions to the Spec IV version in UCCE v2.0 and get it over with. Most of the Spec V engine suite was 90% focused on planet terrain rendering since AAW/AOA weren't space combat games and have no space access (without a hack). An isometric view is more work and will cause more problems. If I end up doing this, as I said before, it will be a 2D top-down view like in LOD. The only problem I see with this is that unless you know the layout of the carrier, you won't be able to tell on the map what location those crew dots are in. Which means that the maps will have to be annotated with text showing the valid locations on the deck maps. The reason that I am even considering revising the Perscan screen is because the carrier is going to be the Engstrom class GCV-Starguard one since we already have a fully built model of it. The campaign story is going to be based on events that led to that carrier ending up in Lyrius with a missing crew. Pretty much the events leading up to the LOD game and GALCOM going back to the region to find out wtf the Insurgents are up to down there. I don't want to remake Battlecruiser 3000AD. But by focusing UCADV on a single carrier, support craft and crew for now, it will be the closest thing that we will get to a true sequel - and a full blown capital ship planetary/space combat game. In fact, if the Spec V engine wasn't so difficult to add an indoor renderer to, I would make the entire game in first/third person - pretty much what has been done with LOD. And no, the LOD engine can't be back ported to work for UCADV. And doing a capital ship game using that engine and which is true to all the features we have in the UC games, is about three years (think how long it took to get from BC to UCCE v2.0) and close to $3m investment. Not happening. And I'm not going to crowd fund it because as a space game, it stands very little success of getting funded at that amount. Before you say Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous, don't. If can't figure out what I mean by that and you want me to tell you why, just ask. I simply want to modernize the game as best as possible instead of just re-releasing it with minor updates.
  6. Supreme Cmdr

    Universal Combat Advanced

    Who remembers this bridge image from the original 1996 Battlecruiser 3000AD game? This is similar to what I'm going to be doing for the carrier in UCADV; but of course it will be a more detailed 3D render. And depending on how things go, I may add other player controlled capital ships as DLC (free or paid, not yet decided). It is a LOT of work. So I'm not planning on doing 3D cockpits for 55 ships (fighters, shuttles, carriers, cruisers, transports) in a $19.99 game.
  7. Supreme Cmdr

    Universal Combat Advanced

    What was unfinished about it? And if you're talking about the original 2004 title, you do realize that several versions (SE, CE, CE v2.0) came after, right? There is a reason that nobody - including me - wants to do anything like that. Aside from LOD Tactics and LOD MMO, my current plans for an all encompassing capital ship space/planetary combat game, is UCADV. I was planning on doing Galactic Command Online for specifically that based on the LOD MMO engines but that one has been put on hold for now. Which is why I decided to do this update.
  8. Supreme Cmdr

    Universal Combat Advanced

    I will finalize the docs later this week and will share it online once it is completed. Basically there aren't going to be any new features or gameplay mechanics in UCADV. The update from UCCE v1.0 to v2.0 was very substantial, but that's not the extent of this ADV upgrade. Below is what I am doing and is subject to change without notice. Single player only. There are no plans to do a multiplayer version. Ever. Single player controlled carrier (Engstrom class) and its support craft (shuttles, fighters, ground vehicles) The space (Space Traversal Engine) and planetary (Planetary Traversal Engine) Spec IV engines will be updated to use the Spec V ones from AAW since that is the most compatible version that is more advanced. This will include some atmospheric and special FX updates and tweaks. All new skyboxes (same quality as the ones in the Steam release of Echo Squad SE) Updated textures for most - if not all 3D assets (characters, weapons/inventory, ships, vehicles etc) As per the above, a legacy asset (e.g. vehicle, weapon etc) will most likely be exported from the AAW or LOD versions and updated for use in UCADV. This is a LOT more work. Which is why it will end up being last of the things to do since it has no gameplay/mechanics dependencies Revised first person GUI layout similar to the clean one used in AAW All new 3D cockpits for the carrier's support craft (fighters & shuttles) using the ones from AAW All new 3D bridge for the carrier. This will be similar to how it was done in Battlecruiser 3000AD. Depending on how much work is involved, I may show/remove bridge personnel at their stations depending on if they are there or not. e.g. if the Nav Officer is not on the bridge, her seat will be empty. I may update PerScan to be a top-down representation of the ship and plot intruders/crew there similar to how it is done in LOD. This will be a lot of work (creating the assets, plotting crew etc) and is one of the very last things I will even look at in order to determine if it can be done with minimal effort. All eight commander campaigns from previous games will be updated and converted. There won't be any campaigns/missions for any other career types because I am focusing this game on the commander career only. An all new 32 mission campaign based on the Insurgent incursion into Lyrius (sound familiar?) and which will feature both space and planetary combat missions. And of course the standard free flight scenario will also be available during which you can still trade, explore, go look for trouble etc A boxed version will include printed manual, world map, keyboard command sheet, DVD (with Steam key) similar to the original 2004 Universal Combat game. Before you ask; no, I have no plans to update, let alone release the GBS scripting tools for this. I may consider doing it at a later date depending how sales go.
  9. Supreme Cmdr

    Universal Combat Advanced

    I am considering doing a limited edition boxed version with printed manual, map etc but I have not yet made a final decision. And if I do that, the price will get jacked up to around $29.99 or thereabouts.
  10. Supreme Cmdr

    Into the Stars

    I have no high hopes for this one. For one, at $85K to finish the game, it is highly unlikely that they would be able to pull it off. Also, the video doesn't show any of the important gameplay elements for the game they described as having "substantial" work. In other news...
  11. Supreme Cmdr

    25 Years Ago This Month

    I don't even...
  12. Supreme Cmdr

    Battlecruiser 3000AD - Remake Worth Doing?

    Yeah, I'm not going to be bothered with crowd-funding at this point. Right now my focus is on LOD and LOD Tactics (just got approved for XBox One btw).
  13. Supreme Cmdr

    Battlecruiser 3000AD - Remake Worth Doing?

    Well, if I had $64m, this would be a non-discussion
  14. Supreme Cmdr

    LoD keeps crashing

    Yeah, we're not aware of any crashes reported for the game. In fact, we're not even getting any new bug reports atm, both internally or externally. The rule of the thumb is the same, if your system doesn't meet with the game's system requirements, don't expect any good things. Since you've been guilty in the past (and with all of my games you've owned) of trying to skirt this Shingen, given the fact that LOD is massively processing intensive, you can't skirt it anymore I don't think. Oh, and the game isn't even supported on XP.
  15. Supreme Cmdr

    Elite Dangerous

    ED has no off-line single player mode. This is old news actually and the uproar peaked about two weeks ago.
  16. Supreme Cmdr

    Enemy StarFighter

    I remember this game. So did they finally finish and release it? How did it turn out?
  17. Supreme Cmdr

    Battlecruiser 3000AD - Remake Worth Doing?

    OMG!! Look what the cat dragged in!! Where have you been mate?!? Long time no hear! Anyway yeah, one of the reasons that I may never make this game is precisely what you just said; not enough people will buy it. I mean, Star Citizen has raised $61m - and still no game. I'm not terribly happy with how ED turned out (they are releasing next month, but its' still not a fully-fleshed game) and there so many half-arsed space combat games out there. To me, it's simply not worth putting money into it. The only way that I would ever do a core BC type game, is if I crowd-funded it. I am not going to put $4m+ into such a niche game, when I can put that money into continued work on LOD.
  18. Supreme Cmdr

    Thanks Derek!

    If you already have LOD, then you've already been inside GCV-Starguard. If I ever do another BC/UC title, that's the level of detail I would want to see in terms of capital ships.
  19. Supreme Cmdr

    Ucce - Can Always Hear Combat Sounds

    LOL!! Necromancer indeed!
  20. Supreme Cmdr

    Battlecruiser 3000AD - Remake Worth Doing?

    Indeed. But first, I need to get LOD out of the way.
  21. Supreme Cmdr

    Chris Roberts....is back

    Well, apparently so. http://www.gamespot.com/news/wing-commander-creator-talks-new-project-6397488
  22. Supreme Cmdr

    Thanks Derek!

    1. Salvage code from LOD & previous titles 2. Deceive artists with sketchy papers and threaten lawsuit. 3. ??? 4. Profits! What are you going on about exactly?
  23. Supreme Cmdr

    Thanks Derek!

    My plan is to make Galactic Command Online be a F2P version of the hardcore BC/UC series. But given industry trends it could be a very bad bet for me. Which is why I put it on hold and currently focusing on LOD for now. If thinks work out, I may return to it. If not, I will just keep expanding LOD via DLC for the next few years.
  24. Supreme Cmdr

    Thanks Derek!

    Yeah, we don't make them like we used to. So I think that the Universal Combat games (an IP spin-off from the Battlecruiser series) is the last of its kind. I have no interest in making those kinds of games anymore as the market - as small as it was already - no longer exists. Watch for intruders on board that ship!
  25. Supreme Cmdr

    Line Of Defense Announced!

    You can check out the game's new forum.