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    So now that Bush has won...

  2. scorchedearth

    Skateboarding Dog

    I now feel a bit less talented... tyson.WMV Note: it's not mine - a friend found it somewhere and emailed it to me and I threw it up on my server.
  3. scorchedearth

    Is There a Santa Claus?

    Maybe Santa is a hologram and he flies around putting markers under trees so his spaceship can beam gifts to various sites. No, wait a minute, that'd be Starfleet Santa, wouldn't it...
  4. scorchedearth

    Is your job "fun"?

    Job's an easy 5, but co-workers who simply must be INSANE bring it down to about a 4.4.
  5. scorchedearth

    many noob questions

    quote:Originally posted by Valer: 2. Planetfall. I always die during planetfall. What am i supposed to do? or is this a glitch? it barely gives me any time to do anythingIf you don't set a waypoint on the planet first, you will crash. Also, This might help.
  6. scorchedearth

    Disk + File Fragmentation

    I know Diskeeper has a "Boot-Time Defrag" option that defrags your hard drive before the OS even loads. I use this and it helps. I don't know if the Lite version has this option.
  7. scorchedearth

    HL2.... Best game ever made..

    I think the game succeeds in creating a cool atmosphere, especially in the beginning and Ravenholm. Nice dog, too. Even on my lesser Radeon 9200, I find I'm impressed with the apartment buildings and cityscapes in the distance. There were a few instances where I found a different solution to a problem than what was intended and was a bit disappointed that the game wouldn't let me continue (wouldn't let me walk past a certain point or jump on something about an inch high). Other than that, it's fun so far. And I don't cheat while playing but like to play with the cheats for a little bit just to see what I can do. It cracks my ass up to see a dune buggy fall from the sky at the touch of a button... driving around the square (in the beginning, before I even have a weapon) in a buggy that came out of nowhere makes me smile.
  8. scorchedearth

    Humans Were Born to Run, Scientists Say

    All I know, is that if 40 yrs ago, Europe had researched running and concluded that humans were born to run, which is ridiculous, America would be TWICE the nation it is today. Hell, it might have even ended racism all together and fostered a collaborative union of ethnic pride never seen before by man! quote:Like it or not, Middle-East, Europe & Asia were the sources of civilisation. Ever checked how many native americans play a role in the evolution of the US society ? You don't seem to realize that you are rejecting your own kind. You are very fast at critizising situations but do not allocate the slighest attention to understand the roots of problems. Do you really think that the US would have achieved this level of homogeneity if more than 25 languages were officially spoken in the USA (what automatically mean 25 cultures) ?HAHAHA! I thought Soback was simply stating that it was stupid for scientists to research running. I don't think it was an attack on Europe. Americans scientists have researched equally stupid things. Ease up on the international history and cause&effect, would ya?
  9. scorchedearth

    Police use stun gun on 6-year-old boy

    It would be interesting to see the press's reaction and if they would do anything different if everyone started thinking, all at once, really hard. Though, I have to say, for all the bad that the press can be, I'm glad they're there, especially when they're exposing horrible atrocities. Granted, they may pick which atrocities they wish to reveal based on less then inspirational agenda, but hey at least SOME of them are gettin' out, aye?
  10. scorchedearth

    Night in front of the telly - Star Trek Enterprise

    I watch it every week, if only to see Jolene Blalock emote. This show saddens me sometimes, not because of any poor quality but because of its untapped potential. There's a work of art that could be made here and instead we get politically correct space stories. I enjoy it, oddly. Anyone think they'll make it seven years?
  11. scorchedearth

    Police use stun gun on 6-year-old boy

    The article quotes the police as saying "By using the Taser, we were able to stop the situation, stop him from hurting himself" - which makes sense. The article also states that the kid had already cut himself several times and was waving it at a security guard. They stopped the kid from cutting himself up even more, but as was said we weren't there. But if I'm in a principal's office at a school and some kid is cutting himself and threatening to stab people (ie, security guards) and I have a taser... Why risk getting stabbed as I'm reaching for him? It sounds like he needs to be zapped - might wake him up to realize that this kind of behaviour is not condusive to having a good life, not to mention unacceptable. quote:...NASA's latest X-43 experiment and she states that the aircraft had successfully travelled at ten times the speed of light...I hope that the last word there is your typo, Wolferz, and not an oops on the report or from the media.
  12. scorchedearth

    Humans Were Born to Run, Scientists Say

    I think those scientists should change careers. Sounds absurd. I'd more likely buy ALIEN INTERVENTION than the movie they're pitching.
  13. scorchedearth

    XBOX and DVD+RW

    I know one can get a remote control thingy so one can watch DVDs from their xbox. Does anyone know if it's just DVD's or can one also play DVD+RW,-RW,+R,-R? So far, www.xbox.com has been inconclusive as have other sources of information (such as the manual). I don't think I missed it, but does anybody know?
  14. scorchedearth

    XBOX and DVD+RW

  15. scorchedearth

    So now that Bush has won...

    An american friend from Sweden summed up how I feel about things lately (referencing the election): quote:Can I just say before I go on: Last night, I realized that we live in the alternate universe. We don't live in the good universe, where Spock has no goatee, and where Kirk became captain by being good, not by killing Christopher Pike. We live in the savage universe, where everybody walks around wearing a gold sash. The people in charge here are painfully short-sighted, and most people just don't give a damn--it's fine with them. As I look at our nation from afar, I keep thinking of the alternate Spock's command to Lieutenant Kyle: "Your agonizer, please." It's funny, because all this time I thought we were in the good universe. Is the transporter fixed yet? Can someone now beam us back, please?... ...Bit of a depressing birthday overall, though, what with my native country turning into hell with the lid off.
  16. scorchedearth

    So now that Bush has won...

    I understand how each state having two senators protects smaller states from being overwhelmed by larger ones and so forth, but what would be a down side to a pure populist vote for the president? Are not the electoral votes driven by population (# electoral votes = # Senators + # Representatives) anyway? quote:The people ... should NEVER directly pick the presidentDo you state this because it would be against the republic contruct or because it would be a disaster? I'm not being thick here, I just cannot see a down side to a president being elected by the people directly. This would be democratic, yes, but what would be the threat? quote:I just hope the next election is free of the GOP smear machine I don't see this happening for a long long time.
  17. scorchedearth

    Predictions of the outcome of tuesday

    Well, tickle me spanked and ring the bell. I didn't know that. 2 weeks? Wow. That's great. I did know about the voting machines, though. I heard many more people voted this time. 116 million people came out to vote or something like that. Haven't checked that, but think it's great if it's true. quote:Maybe we get to invade Iran and China next week.I hope it's Iran first. China makes me think of a huge swarming zergling attack.
  18. scorchedearth

    Predictions of the outcome of tuesday

    I think Florida and Ohio should vote one day earlier than everyone else. They just take too long. Kerry just got CA and possibly WA. Still close.
  19. quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: The fact that clinton IGNORED the CIS intel briefing every morning is a stunning fact that shows that Clinton didn't care about american safetySorry for the possible double-post but I was so amazed to learn that Kalshion was part of the white house staff when Clinton was president that I just couldn't contain myself. I also wish there was a website that compared the time George Bush spent playing golf with the time Bill Clinton spent playing golf, and for light-heartedness, a mutual comparison with how much golf time Osama has put in.
  20. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Chavik: The full transcript from the Al Jazeera site is ummm, interesting. Thanks. That was interesting. It does make me wonder if we're not shoving our views and ways down the throats of those who are attacking us. That wouldn't surprise me. America does, from time to time, commit atrocious acts, either by action or inaction, that go unanswered. It's not because we're evil, but rather because we're human, and stupid. quote:Originally posted by Takvah: ...Jaguar and Kalshion obviously do not extend their train of thought beyond Republican good, Democrat bad. Thank you. I thought Reagan was AWESOME, and that Carter was horrible. I'd vote for Arnold if I lived in California. Clinton was an AMAZING president, the best to have come by in a long time. Bush is (hopefully was horrible. The fact that people are so clueless to this makes me realize that I am in fact wasting my breath. Might as well talk to a pound cake. quote:Clinton did an outstanding job? Yeah, right, whatever.....Certifiable. Absolutely commitable. I just ... LOL. What planet are we being invaded from? I mean, really?
  21. scorchedearth

    Predictions of the outcome of tuesday

    Good point, Race, but I'm still having fun. What I find odd, is when Jag lectures someone (think it was you, Race, actually) about presenting fact and then when I show facts that anyone can double-check, whose source is referenced, I'm told my "percentages are misleading, but that's a whole other story, you're only gonna see what you want to see." I can read and understand numbers and percents. When the congresional budget office posts their data, I don't have the time or resources to round up an investigative committee. Jag, I'm suprised you didn't point out that these numbers show that under Bush, EVERYONE'S tax burden has gone down as a whole. I'm not being sarcastic here, that's what they seem to show. I often see what I want to see, that being the truth. And I feel I must say, that if Bush wins, I won't set fire to anything or commit horrible crimes against my town in protest. It's a free country and if I saw some guy who voted for Bush at a store and some terrorist with a bomb strapped to his chest was heading for him, I'd do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to stop him, because that guy doesn't deserve to die just because he allows women to speak or show their face and happens to disagree with me. No bunkering down here. No need. We don't live in an overheated fanatically religious corridor devoid of law.
  22. scorchedearth

    Predictions of the outcome of tuesday

    Sorry for the double post but just thought I should point out that whenever my great aunt Ethel has a sore knee when she's voting, she votes for the winner and her knee's been acting up lately and she's pro Bush, so it's looking good for Bush.
  23. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: Sorry Blerm, but I get a bit aggravated with people that state things, but obviously are stating something they heard, instead of going and getting the facts themselves. It irritates me NO END. I make it a point to go get the facts, first hand if possible, 2nd hand if needed, and official reports etc where possible. I do NOT and NEVER believe the media, in any, way, shape or Form. The right wing, which is very small, NOR the elft wing, which is HUGE. I look at a story, then look for the FACTS, this is supposed to be a REAL journalists job, but I have yet to see a REAL journalist in the media, it is ALWAYS biased, and ALWAYS lacking in factual evidence. I am stuck with going out and getting the info for myself, that means harassing my friends in Iraq, civilian and military, that means harassing my friends in other organizations as well, I don't like it, but I HAVE TO GET THE FACTS. And the nonsense that you are spouting forth is NOT factual. If I can get the facts, then you sure can as well, and it irritates me when I see someone state something that is not factual. It DRIVES me crazy as a matter of fact. I admit Kerry is no blazing hero, but I fail to understand how people believe Bush is a shining star of hope. The guy's tanked the country good and you can get all the 'facts' you want that say he's the second coming, but the truth is if you believe he's brought the economy to the lowest deficit in years and if you believe he's done an outstanding job retaliating against a brutal terrorist attack and believe he hasn't alienated our country just a little bit more and that jobs haven't been lost and that health care costs haven't gone up... Then, well, you deserve him, and you're as ill-fit to make a decision as he is. I've seen videos of soldiers on the front line who are absolutely befuddled by Bush's actions. I've read and witnessed enough facts to know that Bush screwed it up. The fact that you can't see that makes me sad. Will Kerry do any better? I believe he just might but really won't know for sure, but I gotta take a chance, coz Bush ain't cuttin' it. And just because you state something as fact doesn't mean it is. Whether I hear it on TV or I hear you say it, I sure as hell don't take it as fact. I look it up myself, when I can, and I'm always open to learning that I have been wrong, but your over-the-top confidence inspired perhaps because you know a few soldiers and talk to them doesn't mean you know squat. Just coz they're soldiers, doesn't make em experts. God bless them but they're just as human as the people in this forum, we'll, perhaps a little more, seeing as how they're fighting for my freedom to write this, though wait! Nobody in Iraq actually ever threatened that right to begin with, but whatever. Bush is happy. The president who obliterated billions of dollars in surplus on a war against a country that didn't attack us is doing a fine job. You get irritated to NO END, I think, because you like to. Get irritated. Stay irritated. Blast people and go have a candy bar - call it a good day. I'm voting for Kerry tomorrow, because Bush and his crew can't be trusted and because the last Democrat in the White House did an outstanding job and NOT because I think Kerry is wonderful. The poll results that I've read (and I didn't go out and poll people myself, so I guess the poll results I'm reading are MOST LIKELY RUBBISH ) seem to indicate that Bush is ahead (+/- % error, etc.), and that's fine, because you know what? No matter what president is elected, it will not effect my life at all. Won't stop me from having food on my table, a roof over my head or a car to drive in and money to go have fun and take care of myself. It WILL effect the future of this country and the advancement of the human race, and countless other lives, and with Bush, it's sure to be a negative effect, whereas with Kerry, it's 50/50, or maybe 60/40. And just for kicks, the next person who states they believe Kerry will instate the draft will receive $100 cash from me if he does (assuming he's elected). I'll send it wherever you want, and I'm good for it. SC has my name on file and can ban me if I don't pay up (assuming he doesn't ban me before then). C'mon people, Bush is NOT doing a wonderful job. Wake up.