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    RC6/RC7 Patch Comments

    The VCF says it was changed to ctrl-p. The VCF is your friend.
  2. quote:Originally posted by wolf1705: What can i do? It sounds like you need to make sure that you deploy drones on a FLAT (or flatter) surface. If you do that, you'll be set. Deploy them on a steep incline (which, realistically, is kinda silly) and the 3-point system SC is talking about will not assess the surface correctly. -if I understand it correctly.
  3. scorchedearth

    Crash Landing During Planetfall Without Waypoint

    quote:Originally posted by Banquet: As for the original poster's comments.. you have to set waypoints.. you wouldn't just aim your ship at a planet and hope your reactions were fast enough, would you?Hmmmm, that could actually be it. I'm thinking 2-dimensionally. Perhaps without a waypoint, I enter the atmosphere at 0 meters above the ground. When I set waypoints, it sets an appropriate altitude by default. That actually makes sense... and is kind of cool when I think about it...
  4. scorchedearth

    Crash Landing During Planetfall Without Waypoint

    According to pdf appendix (in the glossary), MSL means Maximum System Level.... I doubt my HUD is showing me my mean sea level as 7400 meters. ...and just reading again... maybe I wasn't describing it correctly... The problem I was claiming was not me NOT pulling up in time. I realize that if I don't pull up quickly after entering atmosphere, I'm going to crash. I should have named this thread "Spontaneous Ground Contact when Establishing Planetfall Without a Waypoint." IMMEDIATELY after the planetfall animation, I'm ON THE GROUND. but it's moot because nobody else is experiencing it... so I'll just set waypoints... [ 02-28-2004, 11:54 PM: Message edited by: Blerm ]
  5. scorchedearth

    Crash Landing During Planetfall Without Waypoint

    Grrrrr. Well, alright - if you can establish planetfall without setting a waypoint and not be immediately placed on the ground, then obviously it's my stupid helmsman's (who I've fired) fault. And you're right, I didn't know that my Maximum System Level would display instead of my Above Ground Level when I'm on the ground. Back to the fight...
  6. scorchedearth

    Crash Landing During Planetfall Without Waypoint

    Just tried it now... It still happens. I've only been using a Megaron Battlecruiser and I only started entering planets from space after the RC3 patch, so don't know if it occurs before then (I don't mind reinstalling to find out but just haven't had time as of late). My altitude also says 7400 or something even though I'm in taxi mode and on the ground.
  7. scorchedearth

    Crash Landing During Planetfall Without Waypoint

    It's not a speed thing or not being able to pull up in time thing. If I enter planetfall on any planet without setting a waypoint, I will see the planetfall animation and then immediately be on the ground experiencing damage. There's no time or choice to pull up.
  8. scorchedearth

    Problems with stutter

    quote:Originally posted by Bandus: ...What part of the SCs post is unclear? Would it be possible, that the stutter (which I receive too, but thought it was on account of my 900mhz cpu) is lessened when audio hardware acceleration is turned down because perhaps the soundcard was caching information too? Then when the audio acceleration is turned down it allows more caching of other game stuff? I understand that it's not sound card related but perhaps turning down the audio acceleration frees up computer resources that can now help process all the new entities, etc. and other stuff that also had nothing to do with the sound card...
  9. scorchedearth

    I can Fly into Center of Saturn and Jupiter

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: ...I will take a trip to Jupiter today and see whats going on over there. Just think, one day, this statement will be literal.
  10. scorchedearth

    Story idea 0.01

    The sand and rain carressed her face like a dry dirty glove as it was cast out from underneath the landing craft, which appeared to be blow-drying the ground before it touched down. It sat there on the grass between the beach and the previously guarded structure, the tone of the engines changing in pitch but not intensity. Kay could feel it in her bones - pressing on her. It somehow added a tension to a situation that was already tense enough.
  11. scorchedearth

    UC Pixel and Vertex shader requirements

    I ended up buying a Radeon 9200 w/128 MB for under $100. Everything looks amazing... only problems I've been having stem from a sub-par system PIII processor (which I expected.... it's even below the minimum requirements at 900Mhz). FPS drops from 32 to about 7 when things start to pick up... just a little longer and I'll be able to upgrade my CPU/Motherboard... ...which I knew I would have to do before I bought the game... It's time anyway.
  12. scorchedearth

    UC 1.00.02 RC Patch Released

    Got the patch up on my server for an alternative if anyone wants it: uc10002_rc1.exe - (2/10/04; 10.1MB) [ 02-11-2004, 06:46 AM: Message edited by: Blerm ]
  13. scorchedearth

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    Wow! I am impressed! Gotta love those sunsets and the stars through the clouds. I love being able to jump into and control pretty much everything I see! The trees and the autopilot and ground avoidance and... I (as a ground soldier) never got "fixed up" from one of those supply depots on the ground in BCM so I don't know if the same thing happens in that game but, well, God bless On-the-spot surgery! That's awesome. I like the voices (and names) of my other ground troops. So damn cool!!!! Everything looks outta site!! ...and I haven't even gone into space yet! Good job!! I also like how buildings fall into the ground when I blow them up! I really could just go on for hours...
  14. scorchedearth

    UC Pixel and Vertex shader requirements

    Glad I came here... I will not be buying the GeForce FX 5200. A quick look at CompUSA lists the FX5600 (w/256MB) at about $173 and the Radeon 9600 pro (w/128MB) at about $199. Is the 9600 better, even if it has half the memory??
  15. scorchedearth

    Master & Slave Unacceptable

    quote:Originally posted by Epsilon 5: you know that 1 white is worth 2 blacks? ... music notes ?????
  16. scorchedearth

    Laptop Thief Caught Via AOL Login

    I find it odd that Wells & Fargo would allow its employees to check their AOL mail from the office and that the laptop would be assigned its own WAN IP. ...or am I missing something...
  17. scorchedearth

    Master & Slave Unacceptable

    Though I can understand how someone, whose ancestors were ENSLAVED lot too long ago, might find offense to a decade or so old naming convention, I would like to think that the terms Master and Slave would eventually only invoke images of hard drives. To ban the naming convention only serves to solidify in stone the images of slavery whenever Master or Slave are mentioned. I agree we shouldn't forget, but let's at least allow ourselves to heal.
  18. scorchedearth

    can not see mining drones anymore

    quote:Originally posted by benny: TO:dannymala, Had somebody else this problem and what's the solution. I have. Shuttles and drones would not show up. My CC would disappear too. Video drivers were the culprit. I either installed latest ones or downgraded or something - can't remember exactly. I just know it was my drivers. quote:Originally posted by BuzzDee: Maybe its a bug ?'Tis no such thing. As I understand it, BCM is telling the video card to draw something and the drivers of that video card don't know what to do with the request. Some rich slob in a tie had to leave early that day or something....
  19. scorchedearth

    Night at the movies - The Matrix Revolutions

    quote:Originally posted by Sebbish: I have a question for those of you who understood the ending: ...What I understood is that people have a choice if they want to live in the matrix (which is now a utopiant-type place, hence the sun and the rainbow, and the grass and the trees for the first time) or not, and those that don't get to go to the real world, and probably help rebuild it. So it's peaceful, for now at least. So is this correct? To a degree, yes. People would stay in the matrix unless they wished to leave, which they were now allowed to do. I don't believe it to be a utopia though. People would still wake up from it. I believe it was just reset and happened to be a nice day. Why the little girl got to choose the wheather I don't know.
  20. scorchedearth

    Night at the movies - The Matrix Revolutions

    quote:Originally posted by Scrivener: Again and again, the question is... how could Zion, in the real world, have been destroyed before?In Matrix2, the Architect tells Neo that when he chooses the door on Neo's right, it will reinsert the "code he is carrying" into the main program and he will be allowed to choose 23 (?) people to start Zion over again, 16 females, 7 males. More females because of the gene pool necessary to restart the city without birth defects. The Architect also states that they have become "quite efficient at it," namely, destroying Zion. After they destroy it, the One picks his peeps and they start it up again, with no knowledge of the previous Zion. This all must take place in order to control the anomalies that develop in a system that is programmed with choice. Programmed with choice because people keep waking up otherwise. quote:Also, I grasp the idea that Neo is still connected to the Matrix 'wirelessly'... but the question is *how?*Neo asks the Oracle the same question. She states that the power of the one goes all the way to the source. It's not a human connection, it's a mechanical connection. Neo's a laptop connected wirelessly to the mainframe, which has established a link with that hole in the back of his neck. quote:Then there's the scene where real world Neo is fighting the possessed Smith-guy in the real world, for a moment, Neo's Matrix-skills 'turned-on.'If you recall from the first movie, Neo tells Morpheus, "I know kung-fu." The hole in his necks allows humans to now download knowledge directly to the human brain. In the Matrix, Neo knows how to fight because he knows how in the real world. quote:Could the game have taken place, itself, in a previous version of the Matrix?I haven't played the game yet, but it's absolutely possible. quote:Aia, my head hurts. Alas, but a good hurt to be sure. I just watched it again and I like it even more now. It makes more sense. I understand now that the Oracle never died. The little girl is just a little girl. I claim that this movie, like good literature, needs to be rigorously analyzed to fully enjoy it.
  21. scorchedearth

    Night at the movies - The Matrix Revolutions

    Thanks, Dambreville - that helped. I plan to see it again today. Though, I disagree with one thing: quote:Originally posted by Dambreville: quote: How the hell could the defeat of zion, etc, already have happened? For that matter, how could Neo already have happened? ...."The One" exists to counter the program Smith... to balance the equation as so stated in the movie. Smith was created as you might remember in part one to aid in the war for the machines to find the computer hackers in the Matrix and disable them... but Smith was special and needed to be countered. "The One" exists not to counter the program Smith but as an anomaly born of the program creator's (the Architect) need to include 'choice' in the program. A perfect world failed, as did less perfect worlds, to be accepted by the humans. When the Architect allows the humans in the matrix the ability to choose, they accept the program more than any other program. This 'choice' however, creates an anomaly where people start to be woken up by unplugged humans, and if unchecked could lead to disaster for the machines. "The One" is therefore a controlled anomaly that is supposed to return to the source to reinsert the main program and reset the system. At the same time, Zion is destroyed. When Neo got shot in the chest and refused to die, CHOOSING to live, he f'd everything up. When he destroyed Smith, Smith also chose not to die, a result of the equation needing to be balanced. This created some kind of 'super anomaly'. One that allowed Smith to control the Matrix, as you've stated, and one that allowed Neo to control, to a degree, sentinals and whatnot. In short, I believe Smith was created to counter Neo. When Neo 'chose' not to die from a fatal gunshot wound, the Architect had to balance that, even if unwittingly, by allowing Smith to choose not to obey deletion.
  22. scorchedearth

    Night at the movies - The Matrix Revolutions

    quote:Originally posted by Scrivener: ...what do the machines plan to do with Neo?Good question. I don't know. quote: How the hell could the defeat of zion, etc, already have happened? For that matter, how could Neo already have happened?According to the Architect, Neo was the result of an anomaly created by the Matrix. It was an expected anomaly and every so often the Architect would get a visit from the "One" who would choose the door to save humanity. As Sebbish stated, Neo was the first one to choose the other door. quote:How the hell was Neo able to affect things in the real world?He was still connected, wirelessly. He could execute debilitating commands, causing flying bombs to self destruct and small amounts of sentinals to do the same. He could only effect things connected to the mainframe/machine core. He used the infrastructure of the matrix against the machines. quote:What exactly is with that little girl?Another good question. I just thought she was some girl. I don't know why she got all the attention she did. quote:If Neo and all the people possessed by Smith died, then how the hell is the Oracle still alive?I don't konw. When Smith copied the Oracle, it caused the room to shake and wind and stuff. The other Smiths were a bit unsettled by this 'new' copy. quote:OR, if somehow everyone survived... then Neo also survived... so, again, what's going on with him?I understood Neo to have died, saving the machines from Smith. The only was for Neo to exist as he did was for Agent Smith to exist as he did. So when Neo allowed Agent Smith to copy him, it allowed the Machines to destroy Smith, which meant Neo had to die as well. quote:What EXACTLY happened between the Oracle and the Merolvingion [sp?] (Ambiguous flashback needed)?I thought that he wanted her dead because she kept helping the humans and causing problems for him. I guess the W-brothers could have been neater. There are unanswered questions. Seeing the Animatrix helped a lot. I haven't played the game yet. After I play the game and watch the movie a few more times, I'd like to put up a webpage that explains everything, referencing only the movies, animations and the game. Any unresolved issues I'd like to send to the W-brothers for an explanation.
  23. scorchedearth

    Night at the movies - The Matrix Revolutions

    quote:Originally posted by LordDavid: I give it 10/10. I loved it......I liked the fighting as well, they made the style of it unique from the first two movies. I felt completely satisfied with it. Going to go see it again this weekend. I liked it too... I got your back... Also, I would like to know what some of the loose ends were that are said to have not been put to rest. Not to be argumentative, but because for some reason I think I understood a lot of answers. I sometimes miss a lot of the questions to begin with though. It was a very sad, dark movie. George Lucas would not approve.
  24. scorchedearth

    Jumping on a space station

    I think you're claiming "foul" when you could be investigating. The BCM universe may not be our universe and/or a part of our universe but with different forces acting in the area that might seem a bit odd. If the spacestation you're on seems to be uncatchable if you leave its surface, make sure you don't leave it surface. Try entering the atmosphere. See how long it takes for the station to come around again. Time it and then calculate the circumference of the planet. Imagine you really are a space marine captured by the Galaxians who have wiped your memory because you saw too much. Suddenly you're on a space station and when you step off, you realize you slow down awfully quick. What do you do? Investigate and try to survive? or complain that life isn't fair.... Buckle down soldier! I'll dispatch a ship for you but no "Nancy-ing" in the interim.
  25. scorchedearth


    quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Nova: your mom is so stupid she thought that the partial derivative of v = 2xyw^2 + ln x * z/3 + e^(3y) was just: 4xyw + 1/x Ha ha... Thanks, Nova. I actually like this one best. If I read it out loud like I mean it I can't help but crack up.