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    Okay, so these two atoms go to the beach to get some rays. One atom sits up suddenly, concerned and looking around its towel: "Crap!" says one of the atoms. "What? What's wrong?" asks the other atom. "I think I lost an electron" replies the first atom. "Are you sure?" "yeah, I'm positive..." HA HA HA HA
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    Web Forum Postings

    quote:Originally posted by DSmart[3000AD]: ...And no, the customer is not always right. Thats just rubbish... Haha!!! Yes!! Truth in sentence form! I claim children should be taught this fact from day one.
  3. scorchedearth

    TV Shows I can stand: SCRUBS on NBC

    I think Scrubs is funny as hell. Where I'm at, NBC puts it on at 8:30p on Thursdays. Good stuff. $iLk, I can throw your avatar up on my server if you want. That's where mine is. Been pretty reliable so far...
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    It's been my experience that people lie because a majority of human beings cannot handle truth. As a species, we could grow up a bit. If a politician stated there was new evidence of extra-terresrial life, I could easily see most of the planet looking to these aliens as salvation. People would get mad that a "more evolved species" didn't do anything to help them get out of the ghetto believing they "deserve" to be given the gift of everything. "What's my cut?" seems to be the big cosmic question posed by humanity sometimes. I would hesitate to share certain things with such a people. I see a device that measures one's veracity quickly becoming a weapon used by children to get what they want.
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    First Person POV

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: ...Funny you should mention this Blerm, because thats what I was just mulling over and thinking would be the best solution probably. Cool!
  6. scorchedearth

    First Person POV

    I think the movement in Quake3Arena is really good. The crosshair is always in the middle and I can actually jump over someone and shoot at his or her head as I'm leaping over him/her (his/her head is in the middle of my screen, as is the crosshair, while I am looking down at him). What sucks in Q3A though is that I can't fly a helicopter, get shot down and crash into the water, jump out, swim to a submarine that is nearby, torpedo an enemy destroyer so I can jump up on the carrier it was attacking and man the guns to shoot down a few enemy planes so I can get in a jet, take off and continue my mission. Personally, I like the "crosshair in the middle" gig and if the body animation doesn't show me staring at my feet when I am, it doesn't bother me really.... though I do confess in UC, I would want that precision control (that Q3A lacks) so I can shoot from a distance whilst still running without throwing up. 2¢
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    Universal Combat - Its Now Official

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: uhm, did I mention that you can switch to the turrets (guns or missiles) of any asset you switch (depending on career, EP etc) to?Jeez... It's like being promised NYC cheescake and right before you get it you hear that the box it comes in will be made of a strange youth preserving isotope and that the cover will dispense favourable stock tips. Amazing. I think I'm officially impressed.
  8. scorchedearth

    UBB code and post format....

    quote:Originally posted by $iLk: Well let's see... Blue Text Yeah. Those codes aren't listed on the page you pointed to either: quote:Originally posted by $iLk: All known UBB supported commands for this forum can be found : here. So it seems either this board doesn't support it, it's not enabled, it's too silly to have enabled or the website I found is rubbish. This board does support this guy, however --->
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    UBB code and post format....

    This Site explains some UBB coding, including changing text colors, but as $iLk showed earlier, some coding is not supported.
  10. scorchedearth

    New UC shots

    Them's some mighty nice pics. I love pic 709. I wish that was a shot of my back yard and my new "wheels"... I really do.
  11. scorchedearth

    Matrix : Revolutions - OMFG

    For any IMAX fans out there, the new Matrix movie will be released in select IMAX theaters on November 5th as well. I saw the second one at IMAX in NYC (after seeing it three times in a standard theater) and holy shizzit! - it was like watching it for the first time again.... BLEW my mind...
  12. scorchedearth

    HL2 Source Code Leaked

    quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: ... to have it on a machine that had access to the Internet was even more insane.What about the "Virtual Office?" I've been away a while, but I thought that some development teams would be situated all over the globe and would collaborate via Internet. I thought the good doctor and the BCM team did that. If I'm wrong and babbling, nail me to a cross, but, humbly, wouldn't this be a situation where one might have code sitting next to a huge door? P.S.: The Graemlins/Smileys at this site are absolutely the best: LOL!
  13. scorchedearth

    Night at the Movies - The Matrix Reloaded

    All I have to say is: Did they pick the best actor for the role of the "Architect" or what? The last scene with all those green monitors and Neo and the Architect just reeks of good Sci-Fi. Good movie. Didn't mind spending the $16 to see it twice. Didn't mind at all.
  14. scorchedearth

    BCM 1.08 Final Patch Released!

    quote:Originally posted by Baldor: I have no idea what the "Def Leapard CD" is. Gosh, that makes me feel old...
  15. scorchedearth

    The War with Iraq has begun

    quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: That is why Clinton is directly to blame for this economy now.Hardly. Clinton left us a stable economy with a government that ran with a surplus every year. Check the stats. quote:It is almost time for the first tax cut to start kicking in, remember the $300 we all got back 2 years ago? That will start to be felt in the next 3-6 months.I disagree completely. I didn't need that $300 and I dont need any other tax cut either. I'd rather the government send that $300 to a school or one of the "broke states" or something rather than giving it to me so I can by some CDs and a new set of speakers. To stay on topic, I would like to analogize that what we are doing right now is similar to what police officers do when they raid a home and remove an armed criminal. Stray bullets fly and damage is done but the criminal cannot be allowed to remain. A regime with a rape-room that uses chemical weapons on its own people is no longer acceptable. Saddam is being removed. He is an ass. It's messy but hopefully it will be over very quickly.
  16. scorchedearth

    I have done it!!!!

    Cool... 4385 so far...
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    Yeah, I found it on Kazaa, whilst looking for a crop circle video. I later found it was something from www.scifi.com/happens - they have a few cheesier videos there. It was just so well done, but I do suppose people in the WTC would see a two-story SHIP outside their window.... haha... Me thinks the video impressed me so much because I want to believe it happened so much. Guess I'll have to make do with Galaxians....
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    Okay, this shit is freaky....I can't stop watching it... Opinions? (Note: it takes a bit to load at over 2MB, but it is well damn worth it) WTC_UFO.mov
  19. scorchedearth

    BCM ON G4!!!

    quote:Originally posted by Menchise: quote:BCM ON G4!!!Hehe. When I first saw that title, I thought you meant that BCM was running on a Mac. Silly me. Haha... me too!
  20. scorchedearth

    New space sim: "Drift"

    quote:Originally posted by Gryphon: ... Has anyone played this, or have any decent information about gameplay? I was able to find: http://pc.gamerweb.com/news/0802/016.asp http://www.fragland.net/index.php?page=gamedetails&gid=342 I found other sites with info, but none of them were in english.
  21. scorchedearth

    BCM multiplayer. To be or not to be?

    BCM is amazing, and frankly, any MP released would be unbelievable. $20 is absolutely nothing. Hell, if I were rich, I'd send you free money just to keep developing. I like BCM and I will keep playing it. If I want multiplayer, I'll get the Gold version or BCG (honestly, I'll buy them both anyway, no matter what). I say make one final version for BCM and then leave it. Focus on BCM Gold and BCG. Less confusing and headache-ridden, no? Remove the MULTIPLAYER option from the main menu and, like a parent to an aging child, let it go. It's a great complete game, even without MP. ...and if down the road some hardcore player discovers that when drones are mining on a certain planet while the CC shields are down while the AE is in a shuttle that has no power, soldiers heal at a slower rate in the medibay, so be it. ...and yes you did say MP would be included later and now it might not be. The world is a dynamic place, and MP is imminent in the next title. If people can't handle that, they should go back to their cribs. [ 01-02-2003, 01:05 PM: Message edited by: Blerm ]
  22. scorchedearth

    America's Path

    quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: quote:Originally posted by Blerm: quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: Has anyone notice'd that how our country *USA* is not doing a damn thing to stop illigel imigation... ...I have proof about this happening... If you have proof, please notify the proper authorites... I am POSITIVE they will take care of it. "*USA*" is you... help us out, dude! Don't be one of the ones that do nothing. Inform the proper authorities. Ok.. but who?You can write them at: U.S.A. Immigration Services 2020 Pennsylvania Avenue NW #610 Washington, DC 20006 U.S.A. or, via the web, http://www.fairus.org/html/illegal.html or call, depending on where you live, http://www.fairus.org/html/04104903.htm (in MA, one would call (617) 565-3100 ) ...and in spirit of quoting... quote: Under Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code, "Improper Entry by Alien," any citizen of any country other than the United States who: Enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers; or Eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers; or Attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact; has committed a federal crime. [ 12-19-2002, 09:49 PM: Message edited by: Blerm ]
  23. scorchedearth

    America's Path

    quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: Has anyone notice'd that how our country *USA* is not doing a damn thing to stop illigel imigation... ...I have proof about this happening... If you have proof, please notify the proper authorites... I am POSITIVE they will take care of it. "*USA*" is you... help us out, dude! Don't be one of the ones that do nothing. Inform the proper authorities. quote: Anyone ever had a problem where the school would FORCE you, yes I mean FORCE you to learn something?? well normaly im willing to learn a subject, but with what my school is doing is wrong, there forcing me to learn a language I don't WANT to learn...Tricky there, that is. It could be argued that schools "force" kids to learn english and math and authority obeyance, etc.... but I argue that schools teach what is agreed upon that they teach. School Committees have much to do with this. These committees have meetings which, as I understand it, are open to the public. Majority rules. If the majority of the people in the town want their children to learn Chinese, then that's what they learn, though I agree people should have the option of opting for nothing. The town votes on what language the money is spent on. If you choose to opt out, I think that should be ok, but don't expect them to start teaching spanish. Teach yourself.
  24. scorchedearth

    America's Path

    I pay my taxes and I still have money to buy everything I need and a lot of what I want, including really cool video games that some other taxed american had time and money to create... I have the right to voice my opinion, which, as I understand it, is not allowed in some countries. I would never complain about my rights in this country... for I find I can pretty much do whatever the hell I want... as long as I don't hurt anybody else in some way. I don't think these things would be true if I were growing up in, say, Iraq. Iraq, as I understand it, is one of those countries that would throw us into another World War unless we stepped in. I believe if we didn't kick'em outta Kuwait and demand to see their stockpiles o' stuff, the world would be a lot different today, and for the worse. Government for the people, BY the people. A government is simply made out of people. The American Government is made out of people who are CHOSEN. Hospitals are understaffed (it would seem). For my point, who cares why... for if I needed medical attention, my life in the balance, I'm sure I'd be treated, and well. If I had breast cancer, I might have to wait a day.
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    xp pro don't touch it !!!!

    I used to swear by 98se, but XP:Pro has won me over. I have six computers, and having used XP on one of them for about two months now (had to reboot once only because my video card sucks), I find myself disappointed whenever I use the other five. XP boots faster, finds and installs drivers automatically without even hinting that it was doing so and is very stable. As for hard drive problems, I believe XP uses NTFS instead of FAT32. If you convert, its permanent. I had an issue when my parents got a new computer with XP and I wanted to copy items from the old hard drive. After I copied, the old computer wouldn't boot anymore. Had to redo the MBR (and bootdisk.com is actually a good site).