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    BCM 1.0.08 RC patches. Discuss!!

    Just another option.... BCM1008rc23.exe
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    Jolene Blalock without her ears...
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    Religious and Spiritual Beliefs

    That explanation actually helped. I am no longer confused.... quote:Originally posted by Dredd: Now my point: Just because I cant PROVE that there's someone in the room/that there is a God, I'm not going to ASSUME there isn't anyone in the room/that there isn't a God, since if i'm WRONG, I'd kill someone/I'd go to hell. The way you do risk analysis is simple: I understand but wouldn't (or shouldn't) faith be along the lines of somehow knowing in your heart that someone else is in the room, even though there's no evidence? I understand the risk analysis idea clearly now. It makes sense. But, again, should faith be based on statistically favourable outcomes based on some moral code or should it be based on a truth one feels, a truth one believes. For example, I would say I believe God exists/there is someone in the room because I just know someone is in the room/God exists. No evidence. No proof. And the reason I wouldn't shoot up the room is not because there's a chance I'd hit someone... it's because I KNOW I would. Ditto for the mosquito: you wouldn't kill it thinking chances are, it's not sentient. You'd kill it KNOWING it's not sentient, without proof or evidence. [ 09-17-2002, 06:30 AM: Message edited by: Blerm ]
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    Strange stuff

    quote:Originally posted by Chicki: Man SC, I don't think I deserve to be threatened to be kicked off the site for asking for help. Nor anyone for attempting to help me. Kinda defeats the purpose of the board doesn't it?Haha... don't let SC scare you too much. This board is a good place for help... and you have good questions. It's just, as I understand it, a lot of effort is spent researching legitimate "bugs," and, a lot of energy is also spent chasing false "bugs." What I've come to learn is to make sure you've ruled out mostly everything else before sendin' peeps on bug hunts.
  5. scorchedearth

    Religious and Spiritual Beliefs

    quote:Originally posted by Dredd: Well, i've heard that you use reason/logic/brainpower to get to a point where you CAN have faith...True. You need a brain to understand the concept of faith and leaps of such and so forth. Just from experience there was a time where I understood faith and thought it logical to believe, and then slowly, one day I realized I could feel it in my heart. I simply believed, without logic, at which point it became illogical. Kind of like love, I hear... haha. quote:Originally posted by Dragon Lady: IÔÇÖm afraid I have to agree with Dredd on this point as well, there is no way that a logical, thought out, risk analysis would determine that believing in god is for the better... I thought Dredd was saying that his risk analysis DID determine believing in God is for the better. You're confusing me... which isn't hard to do sometimes.... [ 09-16-2002, 08:08 PM: Message edited by: Blerm ]
  6. scorchedearth

    Religious and Spiritual Beliefs

    quote:Originally posted by Dredd: My main point is the risk calculus that if you have faith and are wrong is always going to be better than not having faith when you really should have.Kindly, either you have faith or you don't, I would think. To "pretend" to have faith so that a God doesn't zap you when the clock hits "0:00" is pointless. Said God would know if you were bulls***ting or not. Belief should be in the heart, not in the head... For example, above, from Sunata, "Therefore, my brain and I are different entities." If one believes that (s)he is more than the sum of one's parts, then this is a belief. It's not something that one needs proof for. They believe it... they know it to be true in his or her heart and it is true for that person. [ 09-16-2002, 03:36 PM: Message edited by: Blerm ]
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    Religious and Spiritual Beliefs

    Dragon Lady>> In regards to the dual slit experiment and the multiverse... I meant to propose that the dual slit experiment somehow allows us to "observe" more than one universe at a time. If we agree that most of our existence happens in one universe and we cannot observe ourselves in other universes (assuming the many world theory is correct) then I mention the dual slit experiment as an exception where we perhaps can observe several universes simultaneously. (( what this has to do with our topic here, I'm not sure )) ** As far as proving or disproving God, would it not be necessary to define the terms first? In other words what does God mean? If I wish to prove that 2x = x + x, I must first define what "2", "x", "+" and "=" mean. Would I not also have to do the same if I wish to prove Does God exist? Perhaps to some, God is the unifying mathematical theorem that explains all. Then we would argue (and some have!) whether or not such an equation exists! In this regard, if science discovered an equation that worked for everything and one defined God as being the unifying equation, then science would have successfully provided a proof for God. On the other hand, if I define God as existence, then science must prove that the whole idea of the existence of anything means something. Why is there an is? There could be endless nothing, undefinable and infinite, but there's not. There is SOMETHING. A universe, us, ticks, phones, trucks, Lego, etc... These things exist. Maybe what God IS, is that anything exists at all. How does science go about proving existence? How do we define existence? If we say something exists if and only if one can see, hear, touch, smell, taste or physically feel it, then that is to say that only the tangible exists and anything intangible is hogwash suspect to interpretation and belief. Lego exists but war does not. I, too, am tired, but would like to be clear on one thing: If we are to discuss: Does God exist? We must define the three words, "Does", "God" and "exist" and we must all agree on these definitions, otherwise the whole argument itself is pointless, no? To say I believe in God is the same as saying I believe in free speech (grammatically, syntactically I mean). Now we could easily come to an agreement on what "free speech" means and then debate its existence and why we believe or don't believe in free speech and have it mean something. We must also do the same for God. Perhaps all religion really is, is a suggested definition for God. Instead of saying, "What religion are you?" one might as well say "in which definition of God do you believe?" And perhaps this is were much confusion starts, because one doesn't prove a definition. It would be like saying: Prove Terrorism. [ 09-13-2002, 03:11 PM: Message edited by: Blerm ]
  8. scorchedearth

    Religious and Spiritual Beliefs

    Here here, Dragon Lady. Though I am curious about the dual slit experiment, where unobserved single electrons pass through two seperate slits simultaneously. I believe in the multiverse. Perhaps that cat exists dead in some universes and alive in others and we choose which universe we ... "follow" when we "take a look." Perhaps universes are not so rigidly seperated. For example, in the dual slit experiment, we can somehow "see" more than one universe at the same time. I believe God is bound by the same laws of physics that we are. To say that God is all-powerful does not imply God is immune to the laws of existence. You or I can turn blood into wine, too, but we just don't know how is all. God knows all the laws of physics, the unifying theorem... and has a plan. I believe God's creation takes time. We are all simply part of a stage of God's grand opus. Physics has taught me that everything has an opposite. Perhaps God is building something that has no opposite, no antithesis, no mirror image. God is creating something that has meaning while the absence of this something does not. To say, "My mother did NOT die from torture" does not mean anything unless somewhere, at some time, one can say, "My mother DID die from torture." People who stop believing in God because a loved one dies, do not understand God, IMHO. [ 09-12-2002, 04:14 PM: Message edited by: Blerm ]
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    Your goal for mp?

    quote:Originally posted by Cruis.In: blerm ur icon is annoying...i keep waiting for it to sink back....it never does ....arrrrggg. Haha... not sure what you mean by 'sink back' but you can seek your revenge in MP someday. Maybe I'll change it if you kill me.
  10. scorchedearth

    Your goal for mp?

    I just like to explore, do trade runs. So if you see a fully armed warship with all the upgrades and a full contingent of fighter escorts doing a simple trade run you might ask, "what the hell is he doing?" A: Trade runs and exporation.... and if ya bother me I'll blow ya up. [ 09-03-2002, 06:35 PM: Message edited by: Blerm ]
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    CD copy stopper

    If I were a hacker (which I'm not), and there was some cool game I wanted that was on 5 CDs, I'd copy 5 CDs.
  12. scorchedearth

    CD copy stopper

    If you can hear it, you can copy it. [ 08-25-2002, 04:01 PM: Message edited by: Blerm ]
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    Offline launch control

    quote:Originally posted by Dredd: When you shut off launch control, why don't intruders just shove your cargo our airlocks then?That would be a bit odd. What would they do with it after that? ...hehe keep an eye on it maybe. Count your blessings they don't!
  14. scorchedearth

    Evidence of reduction in the speed of light

    It was my understanding that the amazing thing for relativity to work was that the speed of light was the same no matter what the reference frame was. So if light is faster everywhere one day and then slower everywhere the next, relativity would still hold. I think this discovery is amazing but to say it "shatters relativity" is a bit premature, me thinks.
  15. scorchedearth

    Hope SC has a good sense of humor!

    quote:Originally posted by OrphEum: Take a look at this link...I especially liked: "try to be an online slut who's entire diet consists of pig troughs full of sugar." and... "...and hair the color of a toilet disk." Too funny. Well, it's official now: Dr. Smart is famous!
  16. quote:Originally posted by Vanethian: Incredible! How did you guess? LOL! [ 03-21-2002, 17:21: Message edited by: Blerm ]
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    Game Advertising next step?

    quote:Originally posted by Flak: ...Companies care nothing about people...Ironic though that companies are staffed by nothing other than people. Apply the good ol' transitive property and we have candy. [ 03-19-2002, 19:02: Message edited by: Blerm ]
  18. haha... do you mean big in size?
  19. quote:Originally posted by T-WOPR: ... a working link...Easiest way is www.starwars.com
  20. quote:Originally posted by Vanethian: ...but it lacks characterization and big actors like Harrison Ford that made those first films very special. Harrison Ford and the crew weren't really big name actors at the time. Unlike these new films, which are riddled with big actors. I also liked Episode I. Yes, the acting was, well, wierd in places and the film did lack something that I can't yet put my finger on, but it did set up quite a lot and told the story of young Ani. Lots o' Jedi in the new one... moohaahaa... Damn cool. Episode 2 will be better I believe.
  21. scorchedearth

    Game Advertising next step?

    It doesn't surprise me at all. This is a capitalistic society and the goal of any such society by definition is to acquire capital. This goal, by definition, takes precedence over all other notions, including honoring the dead. This kind of thinking is built into the system and will happen more and more as time goes by.
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    BCM 1.0.07 (FINAL) Patch Released

    The FULL patch of 3/7/02: BCM1007.exe
  23. quote:Originally posted by Judge Bragg: ... I didn't see anythning that would indicate why all saved games on restore screen disappear when you die. They may disappear if you shut off your computer suddenly though, like you mentioned you did.
  24. quote:Originally posted by Judge Bragg: ...my AE was killed in action and the screen to 'accept' came up. Instead of accepting I shutoff my computer. Restarted and tried to resume. In my experience, when you die, this is recorded and saved to the QUICK save (which would be loaded when one "resumes"). Any FULL saves will not be affected... unless you turn off the computer, which is not a good idea at all... one can corrupt the OS that way. At times, AS I was dying, I would hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and end the BCM task. SOMEtimes the QUICK save would not have been altered, but most of the time, I was dead. I feel for you, but, well, good luck. [ 03-16-2002, 14:43: Message edited by: Blerm ]
  25. scorchedearth

    Favorite Command Craft

    Megaron always. Haven't tried any Cruisers yet...