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  1. Gregg Fouts

    Hey Derek yer bum, FIX THIS !!!!

    Found another one last night while doing repairs. I initiated repairs then went to the tradcom to sell off my shuttle loads and when I tried to sell something that I didn't have or already sold all of it, it gave me the message of none to sell over writing estimated repair completion time...then the repair completion time would overwrite the message...nothing serious but asthetics is an important part of professionalism and I thought you would like to know these little things since I feel you want this game as close to perfect as you can get it....its a pretty crowded screen, be tuff to open the space up for this.
  2. Gregg Fouts

    Exiting the battlecruiser

    You can shoot them with your CC but you have to get VERY close...close enough to see the marine's body...it's about 0.1 or close to there...the CC's guns will kill him...took me a while to figure this out myself...I was as frustrated as you are about it...so one time I thought I would fly up as close as I could and bingo...dead marine...give it a go...it will work..
  3. Gregg Fouts

    Hey Derek yer bum, FIX THIS !!!!

    I found what is causing the Drone not on board to be overwritten. I was docked doing some repairs and checked on my drones when all of a sudden...Repair completion time overwrites the Drone not on board...so I am guessing that its overwriting it with blank space when your not doing repairs.... ...but you probably already knew that...
  4. Gregg Fouts

    Misc Issues

    I have found something that may need a looksee...it could be a bug or it could be a driver issue..I truly don't know so I thought I would mention it. I was using the 23.11 drivers and they really messed up my colors so I changed back to 12.41 drivers for now until I can dload some others...it seems the 22.80 drivers are a favorite..we shall see..anyway..here it is. I started a INS at Sygan and went to Moon 2 and set out 4 miners first thing..then continued to do other things while they filled up...but every time I check on their status by picking a SC - drone in the tactical loadout screen, one of the info lines gets cut in half after about 10 sec or so...its the red Drone not loaded line right above the Condition Green date time info line at the lower right corner..it did it with the 23.11 and the 12.41 drivers...so thats why I thought maybe its not a driver issue..perhaps you can duplicate this problem...if not..then it has to be my system..I'm going to try some other drivers till I find the latest ones that work to my satisfaction..may just fix everything....trons are strange creatures and have a mind of their own sometimes. [ 12-09-2001: Message edited by: Gregorio ] [ 12-09-2001: Message edited by: Gregorio ]