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  1. Eric Bayley

    Mining Drones

    Thanks for the help guys. Masterfeff, I though of what you said after I posted. Sure enough, I went back to the exact same spot and was able to see the drone. Smileyman, I think I have done the retrieval the way you describe except possibly for step 6. That is probably where I am having the trouble getting the Zoom To to work.
  2. Eric Bayley

    Mining Drones

    I am unable to find my mining drones on the planets surface. I have attempted to use the zoom feature while observing the planet but don't seem to zoom to anything (tried it with the starbase also with no results). The drones show up under support units and are shown in Tactical as deployed and full so I think they are still there. This appears to be a change in patch 2. With the first patch, I could give the SC a waypoint set to the planet itself but if I do that now they give me the message "no mining drones in the vicinity" after landing on the planet. I have read the manual, VCF and appendix and tried to retrieve the drones several times with no success. Is there something I am doing wrong?
  3. Eric Bayley

    Question on pilotless FC's

    I found a minor problem with retrieving an FC the way you just described. I had the power to the launch bay turned off (as a security measure). The first time I locked on with the tractor beam, I was asked if I wanted to retrieve it and I said yes. Then, I was reminded that there was no power to the launch bay. So I went and restored power but I was not given another chance to retrieve the FC. I tried several times.