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    Open letter of thanks to the BC fans....

    Roll Up, Roll Up and play return of the lurker! Oh bugger, now I've gone and blown that lurking record I was working on On a more serious note, I was reading through the manual when I received BCM earlier this week and was utterly gob smacked to see my name in the list of beta testers. While I am incredibly honoured by this (thanks SC) I must confess to feeling really guilty as even though I tested the game (after a stalled start - thanks again SC) I never seemed to be much help locating or reproducing bugs people were finding (and as a result have a respectably low post count compared to my reg date - free tip, if you want to avoid a frustrated SC dont post unless your sure, and if your sure check it all again anyway and then read the docs! ). So I apologise to any of the other testers who felt they should have been on the list but werent (just cross my name out and write yours in ) ah the karma feels alittle more balanced now


    Derek. I love you and I want to have your babies nuff said? (lets not take that last comment too seriously now shall we ) Warlock

    boarding parties

    this thread cracks me up.I can see the headlines now "Battlecruiser captured by agressive use of common cleaning substances" "Can you breath the air'y, send in the canary"

    Multiplayer bit & pieces

    Time for more mad ramblings... How about the option to command a starbase or station? you would still have the freedom to explore with your utility craft and interceptors, and you could control all docking and trading the occured. When a station player left the game his settings could be saved and the station could return to AI mode. Kinda like a DS9 role (although I do hate using star trek comparisons)

    boarding parties

    Ok heres my input. I remember some time ago (before the web site facelift) the SC saying that people could beam through shield because this WASN'T Star Trek, and he did not need to adhear to 'rules' set down by a TV show/Film that was nothing to do with BC3K. Well thats fine by me. But I also feel there needs to be a reason why it can be done inlight of the fact the weapons cant pass through. Rattlers explanation of the frequency thing is also fine by me, however there too needs to be a reason how the frequency was obtained (e.g. communication from GCHQ of a security breach etc.). Or if the frequency was 'scanned' then there should be an appropriate time delay between the ships arrvival in the system and the intruders presence for the scanning to take place. In the words of the hitchikers guide "This is of course impossible" Wouldnt it be nice if the boarding parties brought their own booze and didnt mess up your ship in the drunken stupor for once. God I hate Typos [This message has been edited by WARLOCK (edited 01-19-99).]
  6. I've just been thinking about the implication of saving games in multiplayer games. As I see it (and forgive me if this has already been discussed/decided) this is only an issue with LAN games. The reason I say this is that any 'dedicated server' could save out the game world state on exit (assuming it ever exits ) so the players PC's only need to save their current stats and positions, which would be uploaded to the dedicated server on re-entry. However on a LAN game (or 'hosted' internet game) there would be no dedicated server to store the game world information, the only way I can think of around this is to have the 'host' PC store the game world info (and how big is that likely to be Derek? ). Hopefully the multiplayer pack will include simple-to-use support for IPX and IP (piggy backing installed protocols like Quake did) with no need to mess around with frame type or address rubbish, or perhaps it could just use DirectX's direct play feature (trust in Uncle Bill shall we?) Any plans to allow you to loan/give equipment/supplier/personnel/credits! to other players. The only other things I'd like to see are a choice of different cruisers (with obvious strengths and weeknesses) so you can form cohesive fleets with other players, and different classes of support vehicles that are interchangable regardless of what starting cruiser you have (what that cruiser is supplied with however is another matter ). How about being able to capture disabled (or perhaps not!) enemy craft to repair (if needed) and add them to your complement "Marines to docking bay, capture operation in progress", you could opt to change the IFF signal to mark it as a friendly, or leave it as is to infiltrate enemy positions. I think it would be necessary to allow tractored craft to still rotate and fire to avoid exploitation of this tactic, but then I think that feature should be implimented anyway (how many times have I tractored a ship that was too fast for me to easily destroy to imobilise it it). All I can say is it cant come soon enough