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  1. Masterfeff761

    Hey Derek yer bum, FIX THIS !!!!

    quote:Originally posted by Malkuth: Ok SC your right that makes sense fine. But Im not in the gravity pull of the planet when I left HS. And if thats also the case why doesnt the Enemy ship fall into the Gravity too? Was playing all after noon and it happened again at pluto. Pain in the butt. I was not anywhere near the planet when I came out. In fact the enemy ship was Beyond the Pluto Space Station. But I did HS through it again. And ended up getting damaged again. I have had a similar problem like this. When I begin to slow down and exit hyper jump i checked my distance to the planet and I was over 2000 clicks from it when suddenly I was entering orbit... This only happens when I hyper jump through a planet to get to an enemy on the other side. Like he says below I learned not to hyperjump to enemys if I have to go through a planet to get to them. This has only happened to me at very rare occasions. I have had it happen to me twice so far let ya know more if it happens again.
  2. Masterfeff761

    BCM War Stories & Experiences

    quote:Originally posted by Masterfeff761: Well heres a short story that will teach you a lesson. I've played alot of starcraft so of course my fav race to pick was terran. I am flying a huge stormcarrier doing various trading and sending my fighters to defend the 2 stations I was doing trading with. Sorry I ment supercarrier or whatever its called I am still quite new to this game so Im still learning the names. ~
  3. Masterfeff761

    Mining Drones

    Well I remember the same sector location I drop my drones and actually write it down. When I observe the planet again i set my wp to that location and they retrive them successfully however Im sure SC or a fellow gamer will mention an ezer way to figure it out. I never had that problem you are having but incase I do Ill be listening as well for what to do if I do come across this problem.
  4. Masterfeff761

    Star Stations -N- Cloning Procedures.(Solved)

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Like most buildings, destroyed stations will rebuild over time. For cloning. Read the manual again. Its on p43. Assuming you actually OWN the game and as such a manual of course. [ 12-16-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ] Yes SC I have bought the game and I see it now thanks I just missed it what can I say Im a dope lol. BTW In the index cloaning is indicated to be on page 57 which is the page I read which said nothing about how to do cloaning but yes page 43 does say more clearly how its done so thank you SC for helping me realize where to look in the manual and I will try to look threw it more thoughly before posting somthing that is in there. Great Game.
  5. Masterfeff761

    Exiting the battlecruiser

    quote:Originally posted by xivix: There's some bad guys floating around GALCOM HQ. So, first I sent all 4 fighters after them. That did nothing but create a bunch of comm chatter. Then I gave the CC orders to kill them. It just drove over and sat there. Then I turned off the autopilot and tried to shoot them at close range. The lasers fired but apparently went right through the guy. Then I tried a missile and none would lock on. So, in desparation, I exited the Battlecruiser and none of the jetpack commands would work. All I could do was look around. What should I do? First Off the buttons to use your jetpack are f,r,d,g or somthing like that there around that area of the keyboard anyway. Secondly I simply take my pilots off duty from one of the fighters and put myself in one then fly really really close to the ugly marines and blast away at them. This usually works well if you hate them pesky marines.
  6. I was just curious about two things I havent had the time to learn. 1) StarStations aka StarBases once distroyed are left a hulking mass with an integrity of 6. Is there anything You can do in this system with a starbase you have distroyed. Will it repair itself somehow? Is it of any use to you once you distroyed it at any point in time? 2) Cloning. Now in the manual it tells you very little about this subject. I know that cloning works for pilots and officers. I also know that the cloning module must have power via the logistics computer. What I don't know is if the cloning modual automatticly picks a dead member of the crew and begins cloning them automatticly or if theres a place I have to go to activate who gets cloned. Secondly when you dock at a station or for some reason take power from cloning and then reactivate it will the cloning process take 15 minutes all over again or will it just continue where it left off (example: 10 minutes go by and you turn off power to cloaning module then 4 minutes go by and you Power on the cloning module power and then only 5 minutes are left till cloaning completes or must you wait all 15 again?) Well I hope you understand this cause I barly can and I wrote it lol. Anyway Looking for answers from anyone who knows. [ 12-17-2001: Message edited by: Masterfeff761 ]
  7. Masterfeff761

    The state of the forum community

    I have just joined this forum recently and I have to say I like it. Closing it down so soon? Yes I have said things I would love to see in the game but there just extras that would require more work and would probably slow gameplay down. I speak only mediforicly not literally. I love to see how active you are in this forum and am very proud of you and how you work with your fellow gamers. I am sorry if I said anything that made you think I expect more from BCM. I think BCM is great. All I am expecting is the up comming relese of the multiplayer. I know you dont like misspellings as well and I am very sorry for mine for I am very poor at it and I have no spell checker. If it does make you happy though I shall copy my texts from microsoft word and try to spell check them. I really would like to help this community I want us to all to take the time to get to know one another. So as a last minute plea of faith I ask that this forum not be closed and that those who have very minor problems be forgiven for there wrongs. It will take time but I shall try to make my postings fit your standards. Hell if i say somthing You don't like or if for some reason I conduct somthing wrong or whatever go ahead and yell at me. Just please whatever it takes to keep this forum from falling. [ 12-16-2001: Message edited by: Masterfeff761 ]
  8. Masterfeff761

    BCM War Stories & Experiences

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: pah! Thats NOTHING. Im interested in what you have to tell us about what the AI is capable of. Id like to tryout some stuff myself if you would be nice enough to shed some light on the subject.
  9. Masterfeff761

    BCM War Stories & Experiences

    Well heres a short story that will teach you a lesson. I've played alot of starcraft so of course my fav race to pick was terran. I am flying a huge stormcarrier doing various trading and sending my fighters to defend the 2 stations I was doing trading with. Galcom and Genisis. I got board of trading and my miners were only at 43% full so I decided to check out Mars. Im chillin in mars took out some fighters and a cloaked carrier. Don't know what the fuss is about smart AI or not i distroyed them without them even hurting my systems. I am happy and all and then I notice a worm hole of some kind. I can't establish a jump point from my command menu from a probe or my ship or anything. I am like thats it ill go threw manually! I jump to it and then fly at max speed at it and i fly right threw it. I didnt go anywhere. I am like dam then maybe i flew to fast. So I set the engines to power 2 and fly slowly toward it. As soon as I hit the anomally I hear Dammage reports for like 2 seconds and BOOM! Im instantly distroyed. Whereever that dam wormhole takes you it certinly isnt a good place must be a gateway to hell or somthing. I suggest you stay far from it and place lots of mines near it cause whatever is in it has got to be the nastyist thing ever!
  10. Masterfeff761

    Something very strange

    quote:Originally posted by AshSpear: Simparadox has hit the nail on the head. If I beam down with marines, then there is an active defense, but I can walk around without worring about taking a hit. Once my marines are dead, no one even looks at me. I can walk up to marines, and they ignore me. If I beam down alone, nothing happens. I can shoot at buildings, take out starbases (it takes a while) but nothing comes after my AE... the stormcarrier, as far as I can tell, had no damage. I don't know. Something must be messed up. I keep doing fresh installs, figuring that some file or other is corrupted, but nothing changes. I've done defrags, surface-scans. I can't figure it out. I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out what I've done wrong. Try bringing a stormcarrier down to an enemy base near earth. If you don't see 100 plus lasers firing at you with missles flying everywhere somthing is wrong. I did it myself and man talk about my computer slowing down. I never seen so many lights in my life. I even made it out of there alive! Although With all the repairs I had to make I woulda rather been dead. P.S. I had 2 of my fighters escorting me and it wasnt till I made them RTB that they opened fire on me instead of my fighters.
  11. Masterfeff761

    Cargo and Power

    quote:Originally posted by Count_Sessine: Tyrn, I have been wondering about the power stuff Gustavo asked about too. I just don't see a performance difference between 50% and 100% engine power. Where should I look? Related question: how does reactor and engine upgrades actually affect your ship performance? Haven't noticed any. There is a diffrence although I dont see the point to it. On Minumim power the engines accelerate slower and on max power the engines aka your speed increases faster. The reason I dont see a point to this is cause you can just use your afterburners to speedup quickly making the power allocation pointless. So in a way I dont see the reason why either.
  12. Masterfeff761


    The Only Weird Thing That Ever happened to me like that was when I was near earth and i hyperjumped to an enemy ship that required me to hyperjump threw earth which did work I went right threw it. I activated my weapon systems and began engaging the enemy. As soon as I went to fire my weapon I began planetfall on earth which was really weird since I was not even near it after the jump. This only happened once so I really didn't care. At least I know Im not the only one that had an anomily happen. BTW: When you assign flight enginers to ready your fighters you should get an eta when they will be ready. Check the time they will be ready and then wait till it arrives. They should be ready for launch then. If not then there either dammaged(They can be dammaged enough not to launch you have to repair them first.)or you have a problem which I think in my oppinion you just didnt repair them. [ 12-15-2001: Message edited by: Masterfeff761 ]
  13. Masterfeff761

    Major repair issues needed!!

    quote:Originally posted by Thermidor: I completely agree with Soback on this. But is it true that NPC ships have the advantage of being able to repair even though their main computer is destroyed? I haven't played enough to know for sure, but if so, I would think this should be changed. Well I thought of a way to test this. Although its very hard to do. If you happen to fight another AI carrier and disable it so that it is disable or emitting an sos distroy its computer system if you know where to fire on it. Maybe youll be lucky and it will already be distroyed. Then Tow it. Issue a halt order in tow mode. Then go watch tv for half and hour or have dinner or what have you and then check its systems. If its able to repair without a computer then you'll know that issue exist's. Great minds work together.
  14. Masterfeff761

    killing pesky SF marines

    I dont know if this works but can't you just ram them with your carrier at max speed and kill them? Havent tried it but if there considered a solid object they should take collision dammage if you A/B at them. Let ya know if it works.
  15. Masterfeff761

    Misc Tech Support Issues III

    Sorry Its (Error in Unknown) With brackets around Unknow. I can't do it in this forum or the word message appears lol. This is to solve any confusion in problem 1) I posted.