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  1. Anthea

    Playmod cheat utility released

    I just used the Playmods (CC/MK3/Military). I know that using them is unsupported , but I noticed that you cannot actually see the HSD option on the HUD. Moreover, I recognized that I have a CTD after sometime, when actually using the HSD. I'm not quiet sure about this, but I believe it only occurs after using the HSD. I also bought the artifacts from Galcom HQ and did not "mod" them in. I will try to start a new profile without buying the HSD maybe that helps with the CTD. Besides what's the amount limit for finances? PS: I really love this game..just went to Neptun to get some lighting ideas
  2. Anthea

    Misc Issues

    I'm actually playing with an MK3 Military Cast. The PAD works pretty fine as I already destroyed a starstation with it. I can see the damage effects (sort of blue burning), when the PAD hits its target (Foreward view), but actually not the ray itself.
  3. Anthea

    Misc Issues

    Hi I cannot see the PAD firing when I'm in the Foreward view (F1). However, no graphical problems in the Tactical view (F9). I only experienced this with the PAD the IOD works just fine. Thanks for your help.
  4. Anthea

    Misc Issues

    Hi I noticed having no sound when firing a weapon in the Foreward view mode (F1). Strangely all sounds work perfectly fine when swichting to Tactical view (F9). Furthermore, I cannot see the PAD firing in the Foreward view mode, whereas in the Tactical view I don't have any graphical problems. I've tried several resultion modes and installed the latest patch for my Santa Cruz card. Can you please help me? Thanks.