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  1. JaxFox

    IRC chat

    Well Cruis.In up to four new visitor's this afternoon. It's a good place to ask people questions about the game, and get some fast responces. See ya there.
  2. JaxFox

    Night at the Movies - Underworld

    Great movie, really enjoyed it. Of course alot of it seemed familiar, of course then I read this. Article 1 Article 2 I have been a fan of white wolf products for years, even though I am not to sure if you would call it infringement on there products, that seems to be a bit sketchy. There are parts that are dead ringers... I would however say the main script is a take off of the "Love of Monsters" short story, I read it a ways back and I do believe sony is going to have problems proving otherwise, should be interesting either way.
  3. JaxFox

    BattleStar Galactica

    Or a reason not to watch it. http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/e...ent/6274118.htm I am still trying to decide what to make of it. I liked the old series, but reinventing it? I cannot really see this going over well.
  4. Konried server, Terran Republic, nick JaxFox
  5. JaxFox

    Night at the Movies: Finding Nemo

    The choice of what trailers are added to the movie is left up to the theatre, once in a while the movie company itself will dictate what can be added and what cannot.(and for Nemo Disney did not say boo, which is odd) The company I work for and alot of theatre chains, strictly forbids pg13 and R trailers on G movies. And if trailers are not rated then common sense is used to determine if the trailer should be place on that movie. I would contact the theatre and let them know about that trailer, most of the time its a accident.
  6. JaxFox

    Planetside beta : who's in, who will be soon?

    After I posted that "have alot more to add" they announced the "mega patch" which is pretty much adding everything in the way of content. The next mega patch after that will add things like offline training more weather effects and so on. But yeah its pretty close to gold after this thursday's mega patch its just alot of tweaking and bug crushing.
  7. JaxFox

    Planetside beta : who's in, who will be soon?

    Been in the closed beta for about two weeks or so now. Very fun game and addicting. Great graphics and gameplay, Since its beta they still have to add alot of features yet but from what I have seen it will all be worth it. And plenty of teamwork, thankfully there is no level treadmill ala EQ. There are two types of ranks. Battle Rank and Command Rank. Battle rank is earned from experience from captureing enemy bases and killing your foes. Where command rank is earned from being in charge of squads and capturing bases, and this can come quick when you die you loose nothing no death penalty so if you dont play for a while you can still group up with your friends and off you go, unlike certain other games. You start the game with 4 certifications points which allow you to use certain types of armour, weapons and vehicles each Battle rank you earn you get 1 more cert, oh and there are plenty of weapons and vehicles and a nice selection of armour. The world has like 9 continents to battle on, I personally have only warred on 3 of them so far, and these continents are huge. I can go on for a while but I will just wait for you guys to get into the open beta. So far I will say this game is well worth it.
  8. quote:Originally posted by Urza: Easily the funniest film I've seen in a long time. I think some of my Raisinettes ended up a few rows ahead of me, as well. 9/10Hmm this may explain why were finding more candy on the floor then normal
  9. JaxFox

    Unreal Tournament 2003

    If I am correct they should be having the demo come out soon. Of course when that will be is anybodys guess, but likely well worth the wait.
  10. JaxFox

    Night at the movies - Star Wars - Episode II

    Your lucky Urza, we already have people lining up outside our theatre. And the tickets for the 12:01 show have sold out. Going to be a long weekend.
  11. JaxFox


    This game is great, its huge the weather and night sky effects are great. Combat is quite interesting if not different. And anybody playing a thiefly character is going to be on cloud nine. You really can steal pretty much anything or anyone I cannot say enough about it. I can see already how I am going to waste my weekend
  12. JaxFox

    Favorite Books of all time...

    quote:Originally posted by Scrivener: [QB]Great bejesus, have none of you read A Game of Thrones? For shame. QB]Game of Thrones and Clash of Kings, just waiting for Storm of swords to hit softcover.
  13. JaxFox

    Favorite Books of all time...

    Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan Honor Harrington series by David Weber Sholan Alliance series by Lisanne Norman Rhapsody by Elizabeth Haydon Man Kzin Wars by Larry Niven The Lost Regiment series by William Forstchen Heh and many many more [ 04-28-2002, 17:29: Message edited by: JaxFox ]
  14. JaxFox

    Dungeon Siege

    The demo should be out around the time when the editor is released. Thats if they still plan to do a demo.
  15. JaxFox

    Dungeon Siege

    Just think though when the Siege Editor is released sometime next month, you could create your own single player world where the player can go where ever he wants and do the quest in any order he wants. Heh and MP will just get better