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  1. quote:Originally posted by Freyar: They removed the frag grenades because it wasn't realistic. You wouldn't use fragmentation grenades where there are cavillians in the area. but some of the maps dont even have civs, like CSAR, i heard its cause ppl nade spamed the choke points. just have to pay more attention is all
  2. Jerrai

    Customer Service. The Derek Smart Way

    LOL, at first i wasnt sure i wanted to read this thread, had me scared the SC had some more fun with a noob who didnt read the manual, appendix or play the tutorial.
  3. iv been playin this one for a while also, my only grief is they removed the frag grenades in some of the maps otherwise, a very fun game if u have alot of ppl who know how to work as a team
  4. Jerrai

    Simply Amazing Shots

    wowza, my 9600xt is nice, but that is off the wall
  5. Jerrai

    Copy Protection Gone Awry!!

    sad whats next? we will rent computers instead of buying them
  6. Jerrai

    occassional hard lock

    cant help you if you dont tell us what u were doing when the lock happened a step by step works best
  7. Jerrai

    My custody case

    congrats $ilk
  8. Jerrai

    GTA prompts restaurant evacuation

    LOL, sadly me and my cuz often talk like that in public but ppl can overreact when it comes to games. it would be funny if they came after the BC series cause u can wipe out whole planets with a RANDOM
  9. Jerrai

    Distracting enemies...

    good idea, but it doesnt always work
  10. Jerrai

    Wierd Web

    i saw that last year, what makes it funnier, is i bet someone has bought one i can see it all now "My origami boulder has come, oh joy."
  11. Jerrai

    Battlefield 2

    same here, i hope they release it in a better state than 1942 and Vietnam were released
  12. Jerrai

    Where the hell is Cmdr Nova?

    SC he was last seen 4-25-2004 0131hrs here http://www.3000ad.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?u...t=000486#000006
  13. Jerrai

    Intruders Tip

    quote:Originally posted by DennyMala: I've experienced an intruder assault team that was beamed directly into my shuttle launch bay and before I can even realize they stole 3 of my SC... .... thats nothin i had an intruder beamed directly into the Detention Cells. i couldnt laugh hard enough, i can picture the event now RP/ Intruder: Sweet, looks like there are no marines in this area. *intruder takes a few steps into the sercurity forcefield Intruder: Crap! I'm in the Detention Cells. *a marine gets up from behind control console Marine: What the..? Welcome aboard, next stop Galcom HQ. /RP
  14. Jerrai

    Ramming speed!!! (w/pics)

    just so u know, dont put pics in ur post, it costs the SC extra $$$ in bandwidth. $$$ that could goto more BC games so post the link instead
  15. Jerrai

    Funny Anagrams

    LOL, got anymore? its not 100% related, heres one u guys can let marinate did u guys know that Therapist is spelled the same as The Rapist makes u think about things
  16. Jerrai

    Sundog Lives!!!

    *hands SC a 'copy' of his gamer card* im keeping my real one, i only started gettin into PC games about 3-4 yrs ago, been on consoles since the mid 80s, still have a workin Atari so i can i be forgiven?
  17. Jerrai

    Manual for Attacking Planetary Bases

    very nice research, will have to try it how many games let u make up full blown battle plans?
  18. i dont think u can upgrade at a station. what i do is buy the upgrade, then launch. start the upgrade you can dock again and have the station finish the upgrade if u want
  19. Jerrai

    Church Bloopers

    ROFLMAO didnt get a few, but thats just to funny someone needs some serious help
  20. Jerrai

    Question on Joystick controls

    IIRC u can go into options and under keys, there should be an option to swap yaw and roll
  21. Jerrai

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    First Impressions (late cause had to get a new PC before playing) but all I can say is WOW!!! On purpose I played, with the mindset of the reviews. i.e. Graphics werent good, controls sucked, FP is bland, yada yada yada All I can say is BULL SHhhh. After Starting a new roam campaign, and saw my BCM Mk1, my first thought was very nicly done. I F10d Galcom HQ and was amazed. But I saw 1 thing that will end my review here... LAUNCH BAYS WERE OPEN. I can now do docking ops. WOOOHOOO (only thing i could think was missing) PS FP mode is really well done too BTW: i was using an unpatched version, had no issues
  22. Jerrai

    Bush '04 campaign slogans

    LOL dos muchos wow, i havent posted in a while, look what uv made me do
  23. Jerrai

    Gamespy - IGN merger

    quote:Originally posted by LostInSpace: I often wondered what IGN meant, "IGN.com, the Web's largest gaming and entertainment destination for young males". I Got Nuts. Now I know. LOL u r trippin, but yeah IGNs name has been a mystery to me also what about ppl who have account on both Gamespy and IGN? will they now have 2 accounts?
  24. lots of fun gotta set up more of these events
  25. Jerrai

    Try to find Waldo

    quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: Forget Waldo! Where's my Baseball Bat? it got u huh, lol, i looked for Waldo, before hitting start, when i couldnt find him i hit start and stood 3ft back, with the speakers down