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    Error 404

    LOL, imma have to share those
  2. thats some BS, but i can understand, spitting can get considered a very, very big insult, ppl have been killed for it
  3. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Phreddo: And, on a related topic, what kind of military makes a commander pay for replacement parts, ships and fuel out of pocket?This man's army? SC wouldnt this be more like a Space Navy? and Phreddo they are giving u multi-billiob dollar space craft, they did say get it damaged quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: Which brings up a related question... When docked at a star station, they obviously have a TON more spare parts than a ship does, and repairs and such can use parts that are not present on a ship. Do those parts get charged to the ship? Or are they "gratis"? kindness of the Station Commander?
  4. yeah im looking foward to PotC, but im not sure ill like it, plus the site doesnt have sys reqs and its a lil empty on content
  5. quote:Originally posted by aggressor27: It's nice to play a game that doesn't specifically revolve around the player, for once. what u talking bout? my game revolves around me, if i dont cut it on and play it dont revolve (ok i stretched that one a bit, but u know) but i feel u, this game is deep,and im so dying to try out laying seige to a station, its gotta be fun to know ur enemy is helpless ***Begin RP*** On seiged station Base Commander (BC): Lt. is that fleet still out there? Lt: Yes Sir it is. They are destroying and pillaging all transports that enter the system. BC: How can this happen, they must have an intelligent Fleet Commander. Elite Forces Marine (EFM): Commander Sir? BC: Yes? EFM: We are out of teepee Sir. Haven't the transports arrived yet? BC: No, an enemy fleet is destroying them all as they enter the system. EFM: NOOOOOOOO! I need some teepee! WHY ME!? On the Enemy Fleet Commander's Ship's Bridge Fleet Commander (FC): Resnig, what did we get from this last transport? Resnig: Teepee Sir? FC: TEEPEE?! Resnig: Yes Sir. FC: Thats it, notify the fleet, were taking that station, NOW! Back on station Lt: Sir, the enemy fleet has come about. They are jumping into hyperspace. Its an attack, reading 35+ ships. BC: All hands, man your battle stations. This is not a drill. ***End RP***
  6. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: Well that worked, NOT, both the link and the link it points to, do not work. Care to explain the experiment in your own words? worked for me, but what a guy did was fry an egg on his CPU -he made a heatsink out of the clip and some 1p and 2p coins (p = pence i think, uk site some im fairly sure) -then he made a skillet out of aluminum foil -with the skillet on the make shift heat sink he cracked the egg into it -the heat from the cpu cooked the egg in 11min -then he added the cooked egg to some bread and eat it -hes thinking for trying bacon next i think the guys a loon but hey to each his own
  7. Jerrai

    Patching problem

    well for 1, install from the same dir as BCMG, 2 put ur specs in ur signature, search to forums to find out how
  8. Jerrai

    What your icons do at night

    yeah, i saw that one bout 2 months ago, i fell out laughin
  9. Jerrai

    Finding messages...

    hit Ctrl+C to bring up the Comms Log
  10. Jerrai

    BCM Gold v1.01.00 Patch Released

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Check GNN woo hoo, now i can get blown to bit my human players ok im not really that excited (to get blown up that is), but never the less
  11. Jerrai

    What happened to BCTE?

    wait for BCG, its supposed to allow u to explore any interior or was that BCO? either way, its on its way (i hope), the SC hasnt failed us yet, and i doubt he will
  12. Jerrai

    Rise of Nations

    played the demo, it was good for a nice diversion, but it plays to fast. i tried an economic build up, and the enemy was always close behind, i wasnt able to gain any real advantage, he had the same capabilities soon after i had them
  13. Jerrai

    Question about Hyperjumping AI

    quote:Originally posted by Aphelion7: Now answer me this, because I've seen enemy fighters, and this shuttle do the same thing... do assets' hyperjumps recharge a LOT faster than a CC's? Or whats going on here? ur correct, FC and SC recharge a lot faster, and some CC charge faster than other CC. it has to do with the ships mass, a bigger ship with more mass isnt easy to move
  14. Jerrai

    Repairs Suspended

    quote:Originally posted by MIKE113: quote: ones on FC 3 and the others on SC 3 Fly them to a station yourself, dock and you can fully repair. thanks, i forgot about that
  15. Jerrai

    Repairs Suspended

    i dont have the same problem, but i do have a simular one. hope this is the right thread for it i have 2 systems that wont repair past 99%, iv tried using my SysEng and Galcoms. ones on FC 3 and the others on SC 3. i used to get the same problem in BCM, but if they system got damaged again then it would be able to repair back to 100% im not sure if they were only damaged to 99% and just wont go higher or if they were lower and i got them to 99% and then they failed to complete
  16. Jerrai

    I have a couple of questions

    quote:Originally posted by Raider/Pirate VLAD: EVIL IS GOOD, and GOOD ALWAYS PREVAILSLOL too funny Vlad quote:Originally posted by MythicalMino: One thing though....when in a dogfight...how in so you shake incoming, locked missles? Those incoming missles tear me up...so, how do you shake 'em off your tail?Hit E to turn on the EMD and then turn in any direction. should lose the missle, but u wont beable to use ur missles either. hit E again to cut EMD off btw wait 'til u get boarded (if you havent yet) and u realize some or all of ur supplies, FC, SC and OC are gone, and Resnig can only say sorry
  17. Jerrai

    GG threads

    quote:There is a defense against them 1. Cloaking system 2. EMD system 3. Hyperspace 4. Team of marines Plus, the game does not allow them to transport anything other than humans on to your ship. So that thing about transporting bombs to your ship, is moot. If I disabled the ability to transport with the shields up, then, considering how cheap shield minerals are, you'd never get boarded and several features which were implemented for the sheer fun factor (e.g. panicking when you hear of intruders and you subsequently stare at the Perscan screen as your hapless marines file their nails) would never be experienced. I mean, the sheer hilarity of staring at the Perscan screen and knowing that some pointy eared wanker has somehow lifted an entire reactor block from your cargo bay, has it on his shoulder and is, right about now, running down AFT Corridor 1 to a shuttle bay, is just something you rarely get to experience in a game. Or, knowing that the pair of intruders fiddling around in the Launch Bay, are about to kill your two best fighter pilots, scramble the launch codes for your fighter and steal it. Or, knowing that the four bastards milling about in the Launch Bay, have, between them, half your fortune shoved into a shuttle and just waiting for an AI tick to occur so they can take off. ....is not something you can ignore. For me, during design, development and testing, I can stare at Perscan for long periods, just thinking up all manner of funny things that I can imagine going on with those pesky intruders. .....which is what got me thinking ....what if you could do that in full 3D? I mean, look at Perscan, see two intruders strolling down AFT Corridor 1 as if they owned the damn ship. Then you hit a button, enter the ship in 3D, grab a weapon and go after the barstards. Thats how I came up with the idea for the first person in ship module (BCTC) I dreamt up several years ago and which I hope to implement in BCO or the XBox game based on the BC universe. You just have to use your imagination. Everything feature in this game, was carefully thought out. I didn't just sit down one morning and figured that I would allow transporting through shields, just because. I had a reason for doing that. The same reasons which drive the games in this long running series. While not logical to you, they are logical to me. Hence me being the designer of the game that I envisioned. See what I mean? Why ask why?im sorry SC, but that was just to funny. the whole time i was reading it, i could picture it happening. especially the part about an intruder taking a reactor block on his shoulder and taking it though the ship to the shuttle bay.
  18. Jerrai

    New Vid card:HELP!

    quote:Originally posted by Race Bannon IV: Guys see Greg's post regarding GeForce4 MX's They are really misleading folks by referring to it as GeForce4. They are not GeForce4Ti and that 35 bucks aint that big of a bargain i never said the 4MX were great, i just said it was a big boost compared to my 2MX and to me $35 isnt bad for a cheapo card, until i build my new computer with a 9800 or 9900 if its out by then, my GeForce4 MX 420 is gonna havta do
  19. Jerrai

    New Vid card:HELP!

    i went from a GeForce 2MX to a GeForce 4MX 420 and it was a big boost, no pixel shaders, but i can run games alot better now, got it at best buy openboxed at like $40-45 and it had a $10 rebate not the best i know, but it gets the job done
  20. Jerrai

    The War with Iraq has begun

    quote:Originally posted by Grayfox: and for our foreign policy secretary enigma, i too am curious as to what your master plan would be??? dont be shy please indulge our curiosities. funny one there, my so called master plan i cant say. i could get me into alot of trouble so ill keep it to myself quote:Originally posted by Lotharr: I love our war party.... http://capwiz.com/dav/issues/alert/?alertid=1691076&type=CU and ppl say our nation cares bout our troops and those who have served. in the military ur expendable and looks like ur about the same even when ur out Race Bannon IV, i agree ppl seem to forget that iraq is only a small part in terrorism. there are enough cells to still hurt the US something proper quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: The economy will come back, the state and federal governments need to just quit spending money they don't have.do you honestly think our govt could balance a check book? they fill there pockets with $$$ when they buy a toilet seat for $10000. its called stealing anyway u slice it quote:Originally posted by Grayfox: while i may not agree with everything jag has to say, he definitely does not deserve the treatment you have given him.so its ok for him to talk down and treat everyone else like that? quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: So get a grip, without money, these terrorists cannot do near the damage that they do now. Suicide belts cost money, guns cost money, ammunition costs money.others are and will fund them, and ud be amazed what stolen money, hijacked goods and household junk can and will do
  21. Jerrai

    The War with Iraq has begun

    when the term 'all hell has broke lose' was made, they couldnt have been more right. the US has made its gravest mistake ever. now before i get labeled as a sympathizer or something else, im not. i do feel Saddam is a madman and should be taken care of, but war wasnt the way. his ppl are ready to defend him and die for him, they really sound oppresed to me. the Shia and Kurds are oppressed, but to make it sound like the whole nation is is a lie. also democracy doesnt do much better, russia has one and ppl have said they used to beable to feed thier families with communism and now they cant get jobs or food. and what is democacy doing for us? 10000 jobs are expected to get remove in the CA education system, plus all those who lost jobs after the wtc event, and rate hiking on gas are not what id call good examples of democracy by going to war, we could now be considered a rogue nation, and that would allow the rest of the world (with many who hate us and would love a crack at us) to come in an take over. they would do it in the name of world peace if anyone remembers, the US armed irag to fight iran, then when saddam started being a dictator and a sick bastard, we turned the other way till '91 allowed us a chance to attack him, and not have it be an aggressive assault. and i want u all to think about this, war is waged to take the land, people and resources of another nation for your own good
  22. Jerrai

    Best ATI Radeon 9700 Pro?

    id say look at the in house ones, who else would know the chipsets abilites better than ATI and i agree the FX was a flop so nVidia has to recover somehow, might never do it
  23. Jerrai

    Iraqi soldiers surrender to British paratroopers

    quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: They need to shoe us that the WMD that they had after the gulf war has indeed been destroyed and that they are not trying to make anymore.im all for that, but any smart person knows that the US wont believe them anyways, and that we want war so we can put a democratic puppet govt in power.
  24. Jerrai

    Iraqi soldiers surrender to British paratroopers

    quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: we are going to find that France has been supplying Saddam with spare parts for his war machine, which is against UN resolutions, and illegal. We are also going to find out that Germany has been supplying technology to Iraq to make biological and chemical weapons. And it is going to come out that France, Russia, and Germany, ALL have lucrative contracts with Saddam regarding those wonderful oil fields we are all talking about.Ok fair enough, Germany should get punished if they are, but Iraq has just as much right as any country to maintain an army to defend its country against an aggressor. So what if France supplied another country with weapons. Have u so easily forgotten the US has done the same in the past and continues to do so now? We have armed most the terrorist cells in the world and abandoned them after they did what we wanted them to do for us. And ppl wonder y they hate us And is it illegal for them to have access to oil? Is the US the only one allowed to have the oil so we can sell it back to most countries while leaving our stockpiles alone? That way the world will have to pay a fortune for 1 barrel when thier supplies have run out we have the only supplies left? heres a thought u you all America was founded on distrust of big governments, so why do we have one now?