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    Iraqi soldiers surrender to British paratroopers

    quote:Originally posted by Cruis.In: heh the french really surprised me with all there opposition to the U.S, have they so soon forgotten who freed them? or helped to, or was instrumental in freeing them from hitler's grasp? d-day france...d-day! they havent forgotten, they just dont want another war. France and Germany have enough war in their history. Theyd like to avoid more if they can. I give props to France for standing up against the US
  2. Jerrai

    The Second Gulf war : a response to PBS Frontline

    quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: They are jealous of our western economy etc and as long as they are under a dictator they will NEVER get that economy and money etc. Democracy and a free enterprise, capitalistic system is a MUST, then they will have the same opportunity that we have. Sure, it's unfair, but life is unfair, and competition is what drives the human spirit, at least they will have the opportunity to succeed if they work for it. how do u know what they are jealous of? its kinda funny the US gallavants around the world preaching democracy is the way and, and we dont even follow it ourselves. the US is a republic, which means we have our own dictators, oops i mean representatives. same meaning isnt it? they both decide what rules will effect the country and what that country will do. and the ppl have little to say about it and what this about a free economy? it isnt all the free, just like we have no free trade. take for example Microsoft they says its a monopoly, which it isnt, but it should be free to be the best business it can. not stopped cause ppl dont wanna get off there @$$ and try Linux or Mac. and for our free trade y are there tariffs on imports? not free if u ask me? if america is so confident in its goods why make the competition pay to get it here? doesnt quality win? yes it does and thats y i know many ppl who buy foriegn cause in most cases they build a better product quote: The time is ripe, the time is now, it is time to free the world so that we are safe.how do we know the world wants to be free? how do we know the world wants to be like the US? quote: With freedom comes responsibility, and with freedom comes prosperity, it is time for the world to prosper as we have, free them, and they will do that on their own and by themselves. freedom and prosperity are not always hand in hand, there are many ppl in the US alone who are free but will never get to be prosperous, why the economy cant function on 100% of the ppl being prosperous quote: As the liberals say, "if it saves just one life!!" saves one life at the cost of how many others?
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    Happy Birthday to me!!

    quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: Yes, today I turn 38 years old.happy B-day, i had mine yesterday, odd isnt it and make sure u have fun with the new job
  4. Jerrai

    Nato rift deepens over Iraq

    quote:Originally posted by Lotharr: Declaration of Hegemony Bringing our country up to date http://www.democracymeansyou.com/satire/declaration.htm Lotharr, ur a man after my own heart but Jag cant be blamed, hes just believes so strongly in America (and nothings wrong with that) he sometimes doesnt see the things as others see (or what he calls liberals) my problem with him is he blows off everyones views if they differ from his. but i do respect what he has to say, he is an intelligent man
  5. Jerrai

    C&C Generals

    quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: I love this game, however one little problem ALL 3 CAMPAINS ARE TO EASY!!!!! It only took me 2 hours TOPS to complete the GDI, 2 hours to complete China and 3 hour's to complete GLA = dude there is no GDI, USA yes, GDI naw
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    defective Playstation 2's?

    if you got one of the first ones then yeah its a known to go bad
  7. Jerrai

    virus alert

    seen one like that a while ago, its stupid but still funny
  8. Jerrai


    is it just me or does that supply base move to fast to use as a Space Marine? yea null space is fun, once i found a ship there it escaped before i could kill it btw SC, were does the fluxfield drop u? is it random, a set point or to the region u were last at?
  9. Jerrai

    BCM ON G4!!!

    you actually watch G4? if u are a true gamer, how dare u shame those who are to busy playin games to watch others play it, j/k but seriously ud rather watch then play? btw its coo for the SC, free publicity
  10. Jerrai

    US Military is on the move

    im staying outa this one for the most part, but from what ive read, Menchise seems to be the most rational one in here even $ilk made a good point, weres the proof? what happened to the whole principle of innocent until proven guilty. america needs to prove Saddam is guilty. show me the evidence that proves beyond reasonable doubt he needs to be off'ed the govt said they had proof Bin Laden attacked the WTC. then after they couldnt kill him i hear them say it wasnt him. will the same thing happen? we attack Iraq and then say oops Saddam wasnt a madman? it was his generals? its all BS Jaguar is it just me or do you sound like u talk down to anyone and everyone who isnt a shoot them first and ask questions later kindof person? and are a lot of Saddams tactics so different than the US'? America isnt clean as a whistle isnt self. Saddam openly attacks his ppl, while the US does it in secret and then says oops it was for National Security we had to infect you 50yrs ago. again its more and bigger BS [ 12-31-2002, 01:46 AM: Message edited by: Enigma ]
  11. quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: Now I've seen everything i havent yet, but this DEFINATLY goes on the list heres my reaction to the article then current price then about the whole thing i guess the buyers have the kinda dough were they dont mind spendin a few crumbs [ 12-26-2002, 02:08 AM: Message edited by: Enigma ]
  12. Jerrai

    Colliding Damage

    happens now, just not like u explained if u ram u ship enough times, systems take damage
  13. btw i kno how ta spell, iz jus modify wurds to be understandable and easy ta type. and ta help ur old eyes out i made dis post user friendly. I hate to make you wrong Jaguar(actually Im enjoying this), but my head isnt up anything or up anywere. And who are you so high and mighty to tell me to grow up and take responsibility for my life. Yes Im young and theres some growing up I still have left to do, as did you at my age,. And I am responsible for my life now. My actions reflect on me, not you, not my parents, not anyone else. Its amazing how people think that the way someone acts online is ow they act in real life, so Jag dont even attempt to second me and how I live my life. Jaguar and Dragonlady, you both need to learn to read. I wasnt playing the race card, and I never said Jaguar was a racist or wanted slavery back, but if you had enough sense to understand what I said, you would have seen I merely stated that the government of the pre-Civil War era was know to allow slaves, and only part of the population would have been 'rich' as Jaguar so beautifully put it. And thus it has no place in todays society. Yes I know what the Constitution says, and a lot it is not far from being made illegal. Freedom of speach is shrinking, the right to bear arms isnt far from being gone and the right to a 'fair' trial has been gone for years. 13th amendment is BS anyways, we are still treated without respect, sadly from our own people just as much as from others. And did you know the emacipation proclamation was only made to save the nation. It kept other countries from attacking us. It them feel the war had a moral reason to the fighting, not a separation of a nation. If it wasnt for the threat of other nations forcing our release we would still be on plantations probly. Race Bannon IV is correct. Americans know less about Canada than they know about us. Sad fact is cause we broadcast anything in the news and we really overwork a story if its about shootings, killings, or other tragic event. The media is a problem as much as our current leaders. im not even gonna post here anymore, cause its not longer a debate, its an argument. we both arent gonna change our veiws and its a waste of time and effort that can be spent enjoying life. a wise once told me dont argue with fools, cause people from a distance can tell who is who (and im not calling anyone a fool. but ull ignore this like everything else i put in parenthesis) [ 11-14-2002, 02:52 AM: Message edited by: Enigma ]
  14. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: We DO NOT have the same government that we had before the civil war, but if we did, we would ALL be a lot richer, and a lot better off.ur just sad man. thats statement has racism written all over it. and no im not calling u a racist or playing the race card. our govt, before the Civil War allowed slaves and went off THIER hard work and (free)labor to build this nation and make the white plantation owners rich. yeah i really wanna have that govt back. also u said Lotharr's post was BS, y is it cause he was right? truth seems to be painful dont it Q: who got us into the last 5 or so military conflicts? A: republicans, ecomonmies can be resurrected, lives cant and dragonlady, i never expressed or implied that u mentioned it. i just stated that since u said know vets who thought we benifited, just askin how is further corruption and untrustworthyness worth protecting
  15. Jerrai

    Regarding Wolferz - Please Read!!

    we dont know each other, but get well man. have a speedy recovery
  16. quote:Originally posted by J.Smith: neither party is what our founding fathers wanted! Our founding fathers did not want political parties in the first place. So if you really think about it our entire political system is against what our founding fathers wanted.finally another person who knows the truth. Thank You! does anyone know what Communism REALLY is? not the Stalin BS weve been tought? Communism is a good govt style, but man and woman makes it corrupt and ruins it for the population. and if u know ur history, ud know the US had a communist party that was close to bring communism to the US. so dont try to act like our own country never wanted it Jag im not saying america shouldnt have stoped hitler or sadam in 91, i was all for sadam gettin wasted back then, but why were we still over there? the job was job and the mission failed. got the oil, missed sadam. i understand going back, and i dont want him to have nukes either. iv read my history, and it wasnt the lies they teach in school. like Starfighter08 said, the US supplies or has supplied alot of our enemies. that should tell u how messed up we are. Dragonlady, ask those same vets would they rather die from an enemy bullet while serving the US or die from drugs, chemicals and untested poisons, err um i mean vaccinations from our own govt? they were given numerous injections, a lot of which they had no idea what they did. the reports are slowly being release stating how our own govt (the ppl we elected to PROTECT us) has done testing on the military and civilians. if u like it so damn much, go volunteer urself so i dont have to be an unwilling particapant. so yeah lets run around rooting for our own killers. GO USA! GO USA! I WANNA DIE TODAY! GIMME MY DEADLY SHOT!
  17. Jaguar, our school system had nothing to do with how i think, but ill agree schools have gone downhill. and i enjoy life regardless of my money levels. if i was rich or poor id still feel they way i do, y, cause i dont believe everything im fed in life as being the golden truth and i know for a fact iv got a heart, and also more brains than a lot of ppl quote:Originally posted by Dragon Lady: Well darling, if they attack us, or even threten to attack us, then they forfit any right to live, end of story. Hardly, we're powerful and our government uses that power for our benefit, as it should, this is a lot different from raw conquest. Besides, in matters of life and death there is no room for half measures. Are you completely off your rocker? We are suppose to tolerate countries that pose direct threats to us, that support terrorism which results in thousands of American deaths, that would wipe us from the face of the earth if they could? It's not there belief, or there culture, or even there bad sense of fashion, we can tolerate all of that just fine, but murder of American citizens is absolutely unacceptable, end of story.so its ok for us to threaten or do other evils to them first and they are just responding to that? COOL!, ill havta remeber that. uv helped me understand how REALLY f****d up the US is. "'Dont do unto us, but we can do unto you.' author USA" new quote by me i havent seen any benefit, maybe im too young to know. but i know the last few 'wars' havent been worth squat, gulf, vietnam, korea. iv got friends/family whos served in each and have all said they were BS seeking as how i dont have a rocker, most likley i am. so is murder of arabics or other nations that so call 'support' terrorism more to the liking of ur plalette? murder isnt candy coated cause the US does it ppl are all quick to cry we got hit and americans died. what about their familes getting killed by us? huh, u all get mad at me cause im not like kill them all now. hey jaguar u say i dont have brains or a heart, i have 2 things u dont have. its called common sense and compassion (my brain has the former and my heart has the latter) [ 11-11-2002, 03:08 AM: Message edited by: Enigma ]
  18. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: The economy is getting better, DESPITE the Democrats being in control. Now that the Republicans are in control, things are only gonna get better. MUCH BETTER, taxes are going to come down and anyone dumb enough to attack us again, ARE DEAD, end of story.much better? last trend i saw Republicans(thats a foul word) have was they get us into a conflict and our economy drops. i hate democrats just as much but they at least dont piss off half the world. yeah taxes will go down, but they are doing it for themselves not us unrich ppl. it means they pay less. also how we gonna fund all of our stupid expences? america already cant budget worth a damn. and if the terrorist make a sucessful attack they obviously arent dumb, we are the dumb ones for not stoping it or leaving them alone in the first place. and how many will die in america before we retaliate? the US wants to rule the world, and terrorist wont sit down and take it so we kill them. sounds a lot like Israel, Germany, Somalia, and every other country that killed another cause they didnt like them. they say america is the land of the free, free what @$$ beating? semms alot like America is the Germany of the new millenium. with our we want it all mentality. theres a thing called tolerance, u HAVE to tolerate the different cultures, beliefs, ideas, and people. im not saying u havta like them, but respect and tolerate them. sadly i predict america will fall one day or get a really rude awakening, im not saying id do anything to the US, just makin sure u dont think i hate my country. its just i dont care for the leaders, but i tolerate them. its not like my vote will keep them outa office. and usually the other choice is just as bad [ 11-11-2002, 12:15 AM: Message edited by: Enigma ]
  19. quote:Originally posted by Litvyak: To say that the Israelites shouldn't have a country because some ficticous God said they couldn't have one is just plain silly. There's plenty of very real automatic weapons, tanks, attack helicopters, fighter jets and nuclear weapons that say that Israel can exist as a nation.well when they are a "religious" group, and thier "own" god (ficticous or not) said no, its not really silly. and weapons dont make a country, ppl do. so by breaking thier own religion and having weapons (and using them in an agressive way) means they have sinned according to thier own laws and beliefs. so again i ask, do they deserve land that isnt thiers anymore? they lost it a looong time ago. guess i had more to say [ 10-21-2002, 02:39 AM: Message edited by: Enigma ]
  20. all i have to say is Israel should never get thier own land. thier "own" god cursed to forever wander cause they had ignored what he asked them todo and i hope Palestine beats the mess out Israel. serves em right tryin to force another group to become subservient and give up land they own. and before u say the Israelites own that land too, think of it this way. mexico once owned most the West Coast, theres no way the US would let them have it back. it was lost fair and square [ 10-20-2002, 11:46 PM: Message edited by: Enigma ]
  21. Jerrai

    A game NOT to buy ...

    *providing a voice of good sense (aka (un)common sense)* would a game were the US takes over other countries through subterfuge be more to your guys likings? im not saying what they did is right or wrong, but they tried to make it realistic, or at least correct, so if that means suicide bombings then so be it. thats what the Independence Liberation Army has to work with then thats what they will use. i mean how else do u fight the worlds most technologically advanced army? they are trained to use whatever resources they have available. and everyone cries 9/11 this and 9/11 that, ppl died, its a natural and everyday (3rd world countries) thing. now before u mistake me as being evil, it is sad so many died and my heart go out to the families. but lets be practical, all 9/11 did was cause the band-wagon effect. no one cared for patriotism, till then now u see flags holding flags. all this this hero talk is BS, u cant be a hero if u do ur doing ur job. now before u mistake me as being evil again, the NYPD, NYFD and Paramedics did a hell of a good job and do deserve recognition, but lets keep it reasonable as a quote i once saw said, quote:What good is an honest soldier if he can be ordered to behave like a terrorist? - artist omitedso basically if we can order our troops to attack another country then are they really that different from a terrorist? they are doing the same job, making another country kneal to the others whims ok that last part is off-topic, but back to the game. i really dont see why america is so scared of the truth. terrorism is an everyday thing for a lot of countries, so why not show ppl some of it (and let them play some of it) and let them truely overstand the world we live in and on another point..... IT'S JUST A GAME! [ 10-19-2002, 02:31 AM: Message edited by: Enigma ]
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    Robotech: Battlecry

    quote:Originally posted by Grayfox: the battles are bland. nothing like the feel you get while watching the cartoon, and they left out the entire 2 year trek the SDF1 made from pluto back to earth!!! wtf. that was one of the most important pieces of the series!!! well its a different story line, and ur not stationed on the SDF-1. the end boss u never hear of in the show, or i dont recall him in it. they did do a good job tryin to capture the feel of the show without making show all over. ill admit it was kinda bland; shoot (guns and/or missles), boom, next target, repeat i thought it was good though, but just a lil short, but then i played it for like 2-3 days like 4+ hrs each day all i need to do is get all the medals and unlock the rest of the secrets
  23. Jerrai

    Super greed

    quote:Originally posted by Lotharr: Could this happen? Or did it already....i think a combo of both, i dont know the full story (dont care much) but a lot of CEOs have been fillin thier pockets with inside trading on the stock market
  24. Jerrai

    Feel Safe Flying

    quote:Originally posted by Dredd: The terrorists probably won't pull the same stunt again, but some suicidal moron might, so it's a good idea to make security as tight as possible, just to be safe. Last thing we need is them to be able to pull off the same thing twice. That makes us look week AND incompetent.tighten your grip to much and stuff slips through, like it has many times, and i dont mind high security, as long as they dont get stupid with it, like the GIJOE incident quote:As for not letting the pilots have guns, WHY NOT?!?!? They already hold your life in their hands when they fly the plane, and if they want you to die they could probably crash the plane, or open a door and decompress the plane and turn off the oxygen masks, or any number of things. All in all, if the pilot wants you dead, your dead anyway. Why not be SURE that a terrorist can't get into the cockpit, lock himself in, and then kill you. Why not let the pilot shoot the guy?at least if the pilot gets crazy theres a copilot to stop him and if not u can try to urself. if he had a gun he could kill the copilot and boom (can i say that word?) the planes highjacked quote:Also, I don't think that a decompression from a bullet hole would be able to literally suck you through it. Your body is a little bit tougher than jello. Besides, if you fasten your seat-belt like your supposed to, there isn't really much of a danger there. Also, you forget the fact it's better if your plane decompresses and you all die at 30,000 ft than a terrorist takes control and smashes it into the White House.no one is so special that they are exempt from death
  25. Jerrai

    Feel Safe Flying

    i dont want any pilot with gun on a plane im on. as for bullet holes, u wont die from lack of air, but i dont think anyone wants to get pulled through a small hole and u all seem to overlook the fact the terrorists arent gonna pull the same stunt again. ill go hide now, before the flaming starts