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    the angry chicken

    i wanna apologize for the comment i said a few posts up. it wasnt right of me and i didnt fully comprehend that others would be offended. it wasnt my plan to have it be negative so again, im sorry
  2. Jerrai

    the angry chicken

    quote:Originally posted by Sebbit: Do not mock the Revolution! The Chickens will revolt someday; they are preparing secretly, but when the time comes, all who oppresed them will fall! The world will cower at their onslaught... But on a lighter note, I did see that commercial and loved it. Except the end, for you cannot fool a chicken.u know the old addage, Black ppl love chicken. there wont be any revolution as long as Rosko's Chicken and Waffle, Popeye's and Church's Chicken are still in business
  3. Jerrai

    Battlefield 1942 mp demo

    quote:Originally posted by Gordon: Check out this video it's pretty funny BF1942LOL! war would never be tha same
  4. quote:Originally posted by Epsilon 5: Still can't beat the demo, damn nukes IG3 still alive? Good!i use my carrier to shoot down the nukes, goto the screen with the weapons, shields and engines and click all the Phlanax. do the same for all ur ships, they will shoot them down as they get close
  5. Jerrai

    **NEW** BCG shots!!

    quote:Originally posted by MIKE113: 3030!!! Will we all be in the Galcom Geriatric Fleet? LOL! hmm, good question but i joined young so im still main fleet (i hope) but i can see it now RP/ 12:00-HOURS --- GALCOM HQ Old Cmdr: When I was your age son, we had the original standard issue Resnig. This son of his is gonna be worse, dont they have a guard for that cloning device? Young Cmdr: Old Man, the standard issue Resnig mk2 is a fine CO. Old Cmdr: Do you have command of your own vessel yet? Young Cmdr: Yes, I just got it. We leave for out first misson in 1hr. So I must go and prep my ship, see you in 3 days. Old Cmdr: More like 3 hrs, but we will see. Good bye. 13:00 --- GCV - Newbie lauches 16:00-HOURS --- GALCOM HQ Old Cmdr: Back so soon? Young Cmdr: Yes Sir, Resnig loaded ATA and ATS missles instead of STS. Old Cmdr: Resnig strikes again. /RP
  6. Jerrai

    Neg EP points?!

    iv never heard of it going negative, but u do lose EP points if friendly ships get destroyed ur area of operation
  7. Jerrai

    Misc Tech Support Issues IV

    quote:Originally posted by EAGLE: Can anyone check if you can Treat personel manualy. 1. Send injured person to medibay. 2. Go Tacops > Medibay. 3. Select injured person and click Treat button. It uses medipack but doesnt raise LifeFactor of the injured. It doesnt seem to have any effect on LifeFactor unless i am missing something.actually it heals but it takes a min or two to show up. just goto logistics(or any other screen) look at something there and go back to medibay. the LF should have raised
  8. Jerrai

    Misc Tech Support Issues IV

    iv got what might be a a few bugs, and a reply to a post. iv checked the VCF but didnt see these mentioned. i can get saves for each if needed. sorry if they arent bugs bug: im getting a CTD when entering Periscan with intruders on board. it doesnt happen every time, but like 3-4 outa 5. usually there are enemy ships in the system also fighting, but not always bug: non-hostile classes now get 2 escorts from the main station in the system, but i seem to pick up 1-2 escorts in every ally or neutral system i visit. im not complaining, but i just thought it was supposed to be 2 bug/reply: i read a post about the shuttle just stoping in mid space. give the escort order the tow and it works. y it just stops when u issue the tow order from the get go i dont know but thats a work around
  9. Jerrai

    Watch List?

    theres nothin like that (that iv seen at least) but here are a few rules. try to keep ur officers on duty as much as possible, only send them off duty when hunger factor is 400+, or to the medibay if there life factor isnt 100% they control their relative ppl on board the ship for you. the better the AI of the officer the faster they handle problems the manual should tell u what each officer does, read that to get an idea. but lets say u have 20 marines, and send 10 of them to the shuttle for an attack, the combat officer will automatically take the remaining 10 from off-duty and put them on-duty and 2 things, 1) read the other threads in 'BCM General Discussions', 'BC Newbie Discussions', 'BC Tips, Tricks & Techniques' and 'BC Fun Stuff' forums 2) read the forum archives (bottom of the main forum page) and add ur profile to you sig. [ 08-13-2002, 08:44 PM: Message edited by: Enigma ]
  10. Jerrai

    Whats the point?

    quote:Originally posted by Genken: "God loves medics"so do snipers
  11. Jerrai

    **NEW** BCG shots!!

    quote:Originally posted by Sebbit: quote:Originally posted by Enigma: LMAO, u trippin Sebbit i cant remember what else i was gonna type now, thnx a lotLOL, how is that my fault? its ur fault cause u made me laugh so much i forgot what i wanted to say
  12. Jerrai

    **NEW** BCG shots!!

    quote:Originally posted by Sebbit: *Doorbell rings; Seb opens the front door* Police Officer 1: "We have reports that you are using illegal drugs." Seb: "What?! Who said that?" Officer 2: "Under FBI orders we will now search your house." *Officers begin search, Officer 1 turns on computer* Officer 1: "Aha!" *On Radio* "10-4, we've found lots of BCG shots." *Runs out of room to arrest Seb* *Officer 2 looks around, casually moves to the computer and starts looking at BCG pics.* *Officer 1 returns and sees Officer 2 sitting frozen at the computer with a goofy smile on his face* Officer 1: "Jenkins! What are you..." *Looks at computer screen, and stops with a goofy smile on his face* Seb: "Works every time..." *Throws the officers into a closet full of FBI, NSA, and CIA agents and police officers, all frozen with goofy smiles on their faces.*LMAO, u trippin Sebbit i cant remember what else i was gonna type now, thnx a lot
  13. Jerrai

    **NEW** BCG shots!!

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: A bunch of new type 5 station shots are now up. Also, I have uploaded some shots of the new CAB vehicle, just to give you an idea of the LOD we have in BCG cab (bcm ver w 326 polys) cab (bcg ver with 1677 polys) cab cab btw, the Gamescreenshots crew let me know that Battlecruiser Generations is our 3rd most viewed PC section of all timethose new type 5 stations remind me of the Sides (colonies) from the Gundam series, but much better of course. love the center area u can fly through and that new cab, WOOHOO, if its got working suspention (or not), imma make a baja rally run on earth, i hope its fast 3rd? hmm ok ppl lets puch this game up to 2nd then 1st
  14. Jerrai

    Operation Polo Step

    quote:Originally posted by MIKE113: I know California, I was in the US Navy there, thats why I live in the real Sunshine State, Florida!Florida the Sunshine State? riiiiiiight, Florida is God's waiting house (oops i said the G-word) quote:Originally posted by Dredd: Everyone already IS under the "dictator" of the United States, at least in the sense you seem to be talking about. Our international interests are important to help our economy so that more people don't become starving and homeless. Also, why should the government help our starving and homeless with tax dollars from the other groups? The middle-class and and upper-class would rather have the government use their tax money to HELP American international interests (keep the economy stable and oil prices low and international interests in good standing, etc) than stupid socialistic welfare programs that dont help them at all. Finally, America's "dictatorship", whether you like it or not, is better for individual interests in foreign countries. We at least, when "taking over" other countries give the people rights and freedoms that they don't have under their current regime. Yes, we are all controlled by the government, but it's better if you have CHOICE in regards to the government as opposed to dictators like Saddam. Again, we gotta get rid of Saddam, and if we don't we're going to get hurt because of it.oh yea, our interests are so imporant, that ppl are STILL becoming homeless and starving. some good its doing us huh. and an economy doesnt run at all when ppl dont buy things cause they dont have jobs or cant afford anything. oh yeah were smart, wasting money on other staving and homeless instead of our own (which is a better boost of the economy). btw theres almost no middle class anymore. oil smoil, we have tons here in america, y cant we use our own? the Great Depression was only remedied cause AMERICAN citizens had jobs helping the war effort. since the whole country had jobs and money, the economy was strong and healthy. so are international interests really better when the answer lies on our own soil, in our own cities? take a look at the whole picture before you speak. yes Saddam needs to be stopped, as do a lot of wannabe Hitlers, but how do we know the whole country wants to be Americanized, or become a democracy? they might like their govt, culture, traditions and whatnots. but yet we change all that cause of thier leader, who had the balls to do what others couldnt or wouldnt do
  15. Jerrai

    Operation Polo Step

    quote:Originally posted by Dredd: First, it doesn't matter if we helped to create the problem or not. The past doesn't matter. What matters is the fact that they are NOW a problem, and should be destroyed. I don't care if I sell a gun to a friend, if they become my enemy and try to shoot me, i'm going to shoot them first. Second, so what if we go galavanting around the world and taking over everyone under the guise of a war on terror? Honestly, I believe Saddam is a threat, and so are our other targets. They make threats against the US, we make it so they can NEVER even THINK of carrying out those threats. But let's just say that everyone hates us because we stick our nose in everywhere (we only stick our nose in for our best interests anyway). Now, we have two choices. We either stop sticking our noses in (and let our interests go to hell, along with the rest of the world) OR we just keep sticking our noses in, and kill anyone who doesn't like it. Seeing that we spend so much money on the military, I see no reason why we shouldn't use it to help the quality of life for ourselves and the people that we are freeing from dictatorships.first, the past does matter a whole lot, history is doomed to repeat itself cause ppl like u choose to ignore it. and if u leave things unfinished, they are bound to come back and bite u butt. second, what i ment by us making threats was we make them first, unprovoked. and apparently not only dp they think they follow through, so our threats are pointless. if someone calls a bluff, i know for a fact someone will test it. and all this about our interests, BAH, what happened to the interests here in our own damn land? ppl starving and homeless, yet we can send billions to countries like Bra-kai (fake name) to help them get food and housing. what good it, freeing them from one dictator just to put them under another, is that really higher quality life? the US is the biggest dictator in the world. we are acting alot like Germany, Russia, and Italy were. the few control the many. kinda wierd how America does its dictatorship under the guise of "Democracy", yet America is a Republic, hmm kinda fishy if u ask me quote:MIKE113 Enigma- Typical California youth- obviously u dont know The Land of The Rising Sun (a.k.a. The Sunshine State and Cali) that well then. most youths are ignorant to the truth, anyways its like that in every state. so say what u think, but typical i am not. and my age has nothing to do with it
  16. Jerrai

    Operation Polo Step

    quote:...stark warnings to the generals that they will be hunted down and killed if they follow any orders to activate chemical or biological weapons. thats no deterant, if they want to, they can still use the chemical or biological weapons and kill thousands of ppl, all for the loss of 1 person. plus the generals have 2 choices, kill thousands of americans and die a hero in his country, or disobey an order and die a traitor, hmm what do u think hes gonna pick huh? America is getting stupid AGAIN. and what good will killin Saddam do? there will be someone else to replace him quote:One U.S. official said: "It's really no longer a question of if. The president believes Sept. 11 has given him a mandate and that the war on terrorism cannot be considered completed as long as Saddam Hussein remains in power."how come its ok for us to go galvanting around the world attacking countries and killing thier leaders when they make attacks or threats against the US (even though we provoked the attacks and threats)? yet when america does the same (i.e. Saddam) they cant fight back with whatever theyve got. i know chemical and biological weapons are excessive and shouldnt be used, but when ur country (i.e. Iraq) is getting over run by a larger aggressor (i.e. USA), do u really care how u kill them? and this whole BS about a war on terrorism is fake. America just wanted an excuse to galavant around the world killing ppl who dont like Americas ideals and actions. does that mean what American does is supreme and the only correct way to live? America is the worlds most hated country, y cause we get our noses into everyone elses business and treat them like they are worthless. Bin Laden was trained by the US to fight Russia, once the Cold War was over, and Russia driven outa Afganistan, we abandoned them and left them to clean up. the taliban was able to takeover cause of us u guys need to open up ur eyes and see through the lies and discipline yourselves to stay alive
  17. Jerrai

    Hunger Factors

    150 is low. once they get to like 400+ then they will go eat
  18. Jerrai

    Robotech: Battlecry

    quote:Originally posted by Race Bannon IV: If anyone knows where I can get ahold of an of these please let me know....Mygod I just realized as much of a geek as any of you.. the horror..the Horror! Anyway if I liked that stuff would I be interested in this Robotech stuff?join the group, and as for likeing Robotech, it depends. there been a big debate lately as to what is anime, and what isnt. as for finding those, check local comic shops, and do a search online for 'anime stores'. 99% sure ull haveta be more specific. there tons of anime sites
  19. Jerrai

    Robotech: Battlecry

    quote:Originally posted by Kenada: check out this link... its shows about 10 minutes of gameplay... Link to nice Video...im in love, uv got me 100% sold now, i hear its on all platforms, if so then ill get the PC version Edit: nope, its only on next-gen consoles (PS2, Xbox, GC) so i got it for the PS2, luckly my cuz has one [ 07-25-2002, 02:56 PM: Message edited by: Enigma ]
  20. Jerrai

    Robotech: Battlecry

    quote:Originally posted by Race Bannon IV: Please tell me that you guys have at least touched a girl ..please?ur trippin. ppl can have hobbies and not shun life. and yes i have, albet im currently single quote:Originally posted by Race Bannon IV: Asian girlfriend , anime fan , do I detect a theme here? Well I love MW4 I just haven't bought posters or action figures. Does that make me a hypocrite?theres nothin wrong with coordination. and no ur not a hypocrite, some ppl just go to different lengths for things they like
  21. Jerrai

    Robotech: Battlecry

    quote:Originally posted by Kenada: Just curious... anyone else gonna buy this one other than me? I got myself the PS2 Collectors edition on reserve... (Im a huge Robotech/Macross fan..) Got all sort of Valkries and stuff in my room. Not to mention the YF-21 and YF-19 by Yamato. I need a life dont I? I love Robotech/Macross. im thinking bout ordering it, but i dont own a PS2 yet (my cuz has one though. so ur not the only one gonna buy it, i might get it just to have it. and i also have the YF-19 in my room, and i have Skull One on order (by Bandai i think)
  22. that was hilarious i like the fact they lowered the price of Maya. i can afford it now (not that ill get it, plus it dont run on Win98)
  23. Jerrai

    Legalization of Drugs in the US

    u guys missed a point, taxing it wont gain any revenue. an ounce of some good weed has more value than an ounce of gold. if ppl can get that ounce for say $350 without tax, why would they pay $400 or more including tax to get it from a store or someplace? yes some states dont have tax, but no tax is still no tax. the stores would haveto make a profit compainies already lose money to treatment centers and addicts, so its nothing new to them. anyways, if it is made legal it can be regulated like Tobacco and Alcohol. make an age limit say of 18yrs old. id rather see a country that was high than one that was drunk theres more to it than that i know, but it goes the same with all drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco. if teens or adults want it, they have ways to get it. so its pointless to say keep any drug illegal as a matter of fact, thats y 'drugs' are illegal, its cause the gov't cant make any money off of it. if they could it would be legal, they just want a way to fill thier pockets. and i dont think any of those king pins or cartels mind makin millions off an illegal substance
  24. Jerrai

    BC chat channel on IRC

    cool, even more BC for us fans u tryin to make a cult SC? our numbers will grow into the millions and then ur gonna make us bring down the economy cause we stop buying anything not BC related
  25. Jerrai

    Nuclear Disarmament

    quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: Nuclear disarmament down to a defensive level is OK, but right now is not the time. China is building it's offensive weaponry in order to catch up with us. It is NOT Russia that we should be making the pact with, Russia is no longer our enemy. Help Russia track and find their missing nukes and help get rid of them, OK fine, but until China can be convinced that building up nuclear weapons is not in their best interest, we need to hold onto our stockpiles, and be ready to use them on an aggressive China if that becomes necessary. Russia needs help economically and politically, and yes, a good portion of their weapons need to be destroyed, but we need to keep OUR offensive capability until China is either A: no longer a threat, or B: we use them blowing China into a radioactive wasteland.y do u think China is building up? cause the US has to damn many. and China doesnt care about america as much as the govt is making them out to. and if u blow China into a radioactive wasteland ull effect the whole world, so thats a very stupid idea, which makes anyone even more stupid if they are thinkin that as a course of action