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    Spammer Busted

    i havent read the whole thing yet, but that seemed like it had to be the funnest thing on the earth, next to BCM
  2. quote:You must be 13-34 years old and complete all the information requested to receive your free CD. Other conditions may apply. Available while supplies last. Limit one per person.can we say recruiting tactic? good thing i cant join, ELS, 2 years before i can reenlist. not to mention im not well like by those at my local MEPS, nor the battalion i was in. hehehe
  3. Jerrai

    ....a slight change of plans

    quote:Originally posted by Roberto: Normaly you send in the UPC from the box (which Im glad I kept!!!), well thats with some games anyway.i dont wanna cut the box up, cant i just fax my ebgames.com shipping slip? but since BCG is gonna be better than BCM, id pay full price (now dont single me out and make me pay full price either)
  4. Jerrai

    Mad Cow

    hoohoohoooo, lol, interesting
  5. Jerrai

    Socialism Vs Capitalism (round one)

    quote:Originally posted by Commander Elio Jason: Cuba is a beautiful country, ruled by a selfish ruler who should die anyday now. i'm still pissed off about that Bay of Pigs thi ng i read in the history books. Yes Cuba is very beautiful, but there isnt anything wrong with Fidel Castro. He takes care of his country unlike our leaders. Just cause he doesnt want American influence, he is hated. As for the Bay of Pigs, we attacked him and he defend his country very well. Can we really condeem the man for being different? The whole world doesnt have to be "American" or democratic. Even the US isnt a democracy.
  6. LOL, too funny, gotta show my friends both those
  7. nice, i wish i ahd ur kinda money to upgrade mine. if u can afford it, get the GeForce 4Ti 4600. best card around, and it should be good for all new games for a while and id say get an AMD CPU, they are cheeper, and better then the Intels. they can be a few .Xghz slower than an Intel, and still compete
  8. Jerrai

    Justice sucks

    hey Paddy Gregory, im no expert about laws in the UK, but if he owns the car or the business, he is 100% liable for all damages and charges
  9. Jerrai

    Rattlesnakes suck.

    yall got issues, but never the less LOL lol, im sorry those are just too hilarious
  10. way too much fun, thanx Tac. reminds me of the days i only had ants for targets
  11. Jerrai

    First Amendment Ruling - We're f*cked!

    rp/ were the keys to my BC Mk2? Ah, found em. 'This the Capt'n, prepare for takeoff, target one Insurgent Judge. Galcom authorizes warrent for immediate arrest.' Power hungry fools. /rp
  12. Jerrai

    BCG Sneak Peak (was BCM XP1)

    who cares how lights work in space? the most important thing is....... ITS A GAME!
  13. Jerrai

    Another One of Those Days

    man, that sucks like a mug. TLC was a good group and y Germany gotta copy the US?
  14. Jerrai


    iv preordered the guide and the Collectors Edition, im not sure if i can wait till next week for it though
  15. Jerrai

    PONG !!!

    ?_? disturbingly hilarious, LMAO
  16. Jerrai

    Fluxgames.com Help Needed

    ill help however i can. never been to the site, but it might be fun
  17. Jerrai

    Discussion - Ship System Upgrades

    i havent seen it, but i might have missed it. how about tranporters that allow us to deploy marines on other ships and stations, and then maybe evac them if they cant steal SC or FC
  18. Jerrai

    Was it a Joke???

    wwwoooooohoohoohooooooo man, that aint nothin right, lol
  19. man Tac, that wasnt even right, lol
  20. ROFLMAO the Hong Kong one also most had me open my comps calc. but they all are true so some extent
  21. quote:Originally posted by M.S.Ullman: (side 31, 7th paragraph from the top): "When you are deploying personnel currently in a vehicle, shuttle or transporter, you can create separate waypoints for the vehicle and the team of personnel. [...]" Does this conclude anything? let me test some shuttle WP manuvers, and those team WPs, to see if they hold true. but i think they are a team till the are deployed, and they follow the WPs u set, but only work as a team cause of the same WP and target
  22. not sure if these will completly help, but here 1) no HALO jumps in the game, marines dont carry chutes, the EF marines have jetpacks though. use waypoints for the SC, make WP1 proceed to next, then make WP2 deploy team, should make the SC fly lower to deploy 2) unfortunatley there is no team tactics for marines, but from tacops, u can hit the hold button in the menu to the left, and then give them orders one by one 3) use RTB for the SC, not deliver to. deliver to is for stations and other ships. also if u do use deliver to and the FC is left outside ur ship, use the tractor to claim it and it will prompt u to bring it on board. then just hit Shift+] to set shields back at max
  23. Jerrai

    BCG Sneak Peak (was BCM XP1)

    sick pics, it about time we could fly into the docks. lovin it SC, are we still gonna have to chase down the supply station, if we are playing as SF marines? cause if we get to far from the station, its hard cathing up to it
  24. Jerrai

    Ahem, Tac, Comic?

    quote:Originally posted by Epsilon 5: quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Nova: Erm? Picky, are we? especially if someone is quoting ME picky? me? naw, just helping to corrupt the minds of americans even further and if they are quoting u wouldnt want ur words takin outa context, would u?
  25. Jerrai

    Ahem, Tac, Comic?

    quote:Originally posted by Akuma Minako: WOOT! Yea! no, its w00t! (W00T!) one must use two 0 (zeros) not two o (oh) or two O (Oh)