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    Originally posted by Race Bannon IV:

    Another reason for my blind jealousy of Derek, A thumbprint activated PDA? Please tell me your having us on? How much more does that cost than my trusty Zire 71?(retail 299.99)I have got to have one of those. BTW if something should happen to you who besides Bill gates and yourself would be able to access your medical info?

    yes they do exist, SC Said he had the 5455 model, this here is the 5555 model


    yea, great lil things arent they? set u back a good $649.99

    [ 07-17-2004, 08:08 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]

  2. got a few questions SC

    will SOP work now? cause iv never seen the light come on but i think u once said, just stop at a close enough range and do what u gotta do in orbit. if its implemented can we do geostationary orbits? cause i think u once said u would only see areas below ur orbiting CC, and it would suck if ur on the ground and u rotate out from under ur CC and cant get help for a moment.

    and can STO shoot us down if were in orbit? can we man STO and shoot down craft in orbit?

    i remember u mentioning ODS will keep OTS from locking on, is it gonna be in UC? or just BCO?

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    Originally posted by Raider/Pirate VLAD:

    Ok Harder Question, I have recently used the R.A.N.D.O.M. on a planet [(Gamma 2) HPS dont fail me now!!] and the manual says there is a way to Retrieve it but I dont know how I have launched myself on a shuttle to the Blast Sight, But havent figured how to Retrieve it. Please tell me so i can Silence those Evil Voices in my head again. Tell Me I need to kill again and again and again. Yours in the Ter/Mil Commander VLAD of the new GCV-Bloodaft. My not so Alter-Ego.

    cant retrieve anymore, gotta buy a new one

    u should know that VLAD

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    Originally posted by CaptnKarob:

    Did MSBlast scare everyone off the Internet or something? It has been too quiet here and on some other forums I'm on.

    im still here, kinda doing a if i cant contribute then i dont post thing

    plus im still on Windows 98se, no MSBlast for me

    although iv heard if uv been to windows update in the last month or so, ur not gonna get MSBlast cause it attacks a vulnerablity that was fixed already

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    Originally posted by Most:

    I've searched the forums for more info on Flux Fields, but all i've been getting is that u 'could' end up in a black hole. But my problem is that when i used FX 14 in the Syrion Quadrant to Alteris/Altera i cant leave now. I tried using FX14 and FX15(which are the only ways to get in or out of this system). But all i get when i go through it is the NO telling me Position Unchanged.

    1. I target the flux field

    2. Press Shift+9 and autopilot to have the CC jump once it reaches the flux field

    3. The NO notifies me that we are approaching the flux field.

    4. Speed goes to 999.

    5. We get closer and closer and when we get to range 0.00 to the FX nothing happens except for a message at the top of the screen that tells me what i already know 'Position Unchanged'

    I tried alternating by going to FX 15...same thing happens. So i go back to FX 14...same thing. After about 3 times i decide its not going to let me jump out of here so i guess this is my new permanent home.

    I want to leave this place...really i do. HELP!

    ah the safe yet worse part of Flux Fields, id rather be stuck in a system, then in a blackhole

    but keep trying though, u will eventually make it out

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    Originally posted by Fiver:

    Ok, I am posting this in Tips, Tricks & Techniques section because I am looking for spoiler information that others may wish to avoid.

    I have entered null space twice, both times on escort diplomat 1 mission.

    this might have gone better in the newbie forum, but ud haveta ask a moderator to be sure


    At first I thought it was a fun little diversion, perhaps a nice place to retreat when things got rough but entering it quickly at will seems to be unlikely. Does someone know a way to do this?

    its not 100% safe though, other ships can wind up there. also running real hard into an object can sometimes send u reverse speed into Null space. and once u get the HSD artifact, u can get there real fast.


    My second question, I have a theory the Galaxians and null space are related somehow. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

    nope, but i didnt make the game so maybe they do, but i havent seen much to prove or disprove it.


    Third question, any commanders explored null space enough to shed any light on it? That is probably a funny question since based on the name alone I expect it to be all dark, though there ARE stars in the distance.

    Null space was created to simulate the area of space outside the boundaries on the planetary regions (i think i remember SC mentioning this)