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  1. It could have been MIA...then again, I didn't pay much attention, since I've seen that screen at least 50 times before. But at least I got to see Obsidia and Stargazer. Next career, I will keep all my drones on the ship and try to take "Mineral Samples". Maybe I'll find some minerals worth some money. Only playing will tell.
  2. Genken

    Hunger Factors

    I keep Resnig on duty...the only thing bad that has really happened to me is my marines not being able to take out them pesky intruders. I've never killed Resnig before...I like my experience points...though, I could always load him into a shuttle and have him die due to hunger, but then again, I might lose EP for that...
  3. Aye, I posted a thing in the Gammulan Role Call thread. It even has my theory on how the Terrans won the first wars...then again, I don't know much about those wars. Yup, for a good laugh, or I hope it is, check out my system specs. It won't supprise you why the game is slow for me. lol
  4. I could only get through those flux fields in a shuttle. I left my Super Cruiser on Droia, and when I got back from collecting my cargo from the mining drones I left on Arima, then selling them, then going to Obsidia, then Stargazer, then back to my CC on Droia, the stupid thing was disabled. I guess I shouldn't have left it on the surface. Oh well. After towing it into space then getting it docked to the station at Droia, I couldn't repair anything there, so I just left the station, hopped out, and blew up my CC. It said I was killed in action and I was 30 or so km from my CC when it blew up. lol Also, if your looking for a small vacation, if you can get to it, and the people at Droia don't hate you, you might find the scenery nice there.
  5. Genken

    Gammulan Roll Call

    quote:Originally posted by LordDavid: so all Gammulans and other commanders who are going to, or are very strongly considering having a Gammulan AE, post here.I guess I fall under that, I think. I also think I know the reason why the Terrans won the first wars with the Gammulans. Yup, they dug up Patton and cloned him. Yup. But I would love to role play as a Gammulan. Give me anything except ground work. I'll fly a shuttle or a Fighter. I wan't to help get rid of the Terran Infestation! Where do I sign up? I also know how to get rid of Galcom HQ, but it will be tricky since ships can be cloaked for only a small amount of time...get all the carriers you can into the Sol System...Get to earth, get about 50km or so away from Galcom HQ's weapon range, then unleash all the fighters you can, sending in some one man shuttle crafts first as decoys. After the radiation from the cloaking goes down enough, hit the carriers at full speed, cloak, and start killing it from point blank range. It may be suicide, but that is what the Cruisers hang back for. Then all you have to do is get a fleet of cruisers loaded with R.A.N.D.O.M.s to blow up earth. It might not be that simple...but I think it looks good on paper...er...the Tacops screen. Join the Gammulan Military today! If you don't, they will hunt you down! If you arn't with them, your against them. I'd rather be with them.
  6. Genken

    A bit of n00b help please ^_^

    Chances are that the ship was cloaked. Did your scanners or anything show a little bit of static every so often? The only way I know how to prevent it is to be cloaked, but IIRC, only Carriers can cloak. Even with shields on, they can still beam through, which kinda sucks, since even on Star Trek they can't beam through sheilds. I don't think they can on Star Trek...but this isn't Star Trek. Comes close though. lol I dunno how to dock with, or even select a star base(I'm assuming that is on the surface). I just know how to dock with the ones in space. I just checked it out, and you go into Tactical, then Loadout, then CC, and it has Probes, Missles, and Mines. The Unarmed Transport couldn't load missles, but my Battlecruiser Mark 3 could...sorry about that. [ 08-03-2002, 03:16 AM: Message edited by: Genken ]
  7. Genken

    A bit of n00b help please ^_^

    I got a way to hide the illegal stuff. Stash it in a shuttle craft, and load someone in there too. Launch just outside, do your thing, then when you leave, tell the shuttle to come home. Works for me!
  8. Good point Rosko, but I know one caste that would love and hate them. Yup, those poor unarmed transport people. I like my new career though, being a Terran Merc gives me those splendid opportunities to blow up Diplomat vessels. As long as there is war, there is always a place for the mercenaries. You got a point too Mike. The paper work sucks. I'm glad they didn't give me a desk job. As for Gammula, I'll do that. Also, how do I get my system profile down there? I like to advertise that I got a 350mhz comp. [ 08-02-2002, 10:06 PM: Message edited by: Genken ]
  9. Even though I'm a Terran Police guy in a Sentry, and I go to Trader bases and Merc Bases, why can't I buy or sell Illegal stuff? My guess is because my Caste is Police. If only it wasn't...then I could have sold those 2 units of Illegal weapons and that one unit of Illegal Tobacco(Never knew that there was such a thing... ) Hmmm...maybe I'll just put my police career aside and start a new one as a Merc or something...I like being able to sell illegal stuff that I pick up. Thats why I avoid all Military installations. lol Love the game though...a wee bit slow, but that's the rig... [ 08-02-2002, 06:32 PM: Message edited by: Genken ]