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  1. Masterfeff

    System Damage (for no reason)

    Well I'm new around here but I have one possable idea. You could have sc or someone familiar to programming take a look at your game. Ask someone if they can look at it and give you there email Im sure that will help alot more then just trying to explain it
  2. Masterfeff

    Making a sig

    Okay now heres the problem I am having. I'll try to be clear as possable. Problem : Cannot make sig and cannot register at www.3000ad.comregister like it says in the manual. Possable Reason : I registered once before in this forum under the same cd key with another email address which might have been [email protected] or [email protected] and have forgotten what name and last name I picked. My real name would have been what I thought to pick but when I put it in it does not respond and I have yet to put in a few more guesses just in case I did make it somthing else (I have no idea why I would pick a diffrent name but maybe I wasnt taking it seriously and put in one of my nicknames my friends used to call me as a kid. This is only a possability and I may be wrong I don't even remember if I did register the second part before but I have posted before awhile ago so I at least registered for the forum once before.) What Happens When I try to Register At www.3000ad.comregister : Well, I tryed filling out the form which takes AWHILE and putting in my cd key which is the same exact cd key I am using to post here at these forums which means that the cd key CANNOT BE INVALID. However it continues to tell me my cd key is invalid. I might just have to email techsupport on the problem however I do not know if it is safe to discuss my cd key at the tech support email address listed in the BCM manual. I do not want to have to type my cd key in anywhere cause I never know if its safe. For instance if you are an aol owner Im sure you have recived an email at least once saying how aol is having technical problems and will disconnect you and you will lose your account if you dont type your name and password below and click send? Meanwhile right on the mailbox window at the bottom of the window it says in bold aol staff and support will never ask you for your acccount information or password. Can you say DUH? So you see why this is a very sensitive issue. I also have read the forums on how if your cd key gets pireted you will not be able to play multiplayer. I do not want that to happen to me which is ever more reason why I am very careful. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this issue/problem please I would love some advice. Thanks a lot I know I can put trust in you fellow gamers and programers |SC for instance
  3. Masterfeff

    Making a sig

    Ah thanks sc I'll try to register my cd key then. Man I thought I did that already lol. Anyway thanks for the help your really there for everyone which is amazing to say the least. Great website great games keep'um comming [ 08-10-2002, 08:21 PM: Message edited by: MadBomber ]
  4. Masterfeff

    Making a sig

    I tryed it does not work I must fill in the cd key part. Im stuck where you have to fill in your computer specs and enter your cd key. It just will not let me make one. Says my cd key is invalid either when I put my cd key in or not.
  5. Masterfeff

    Making a sig

    I was not sure where to post this but this looked like the best place. SC I have tryed step by step using your steps on how to create a sig profile to create my own. My problem is it continues to say my cd key is invalid when i know that it can not be invalid. What do I need to do now step by step to validate my cd key?!