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  1. mihau

    The Hunt for the Salamanda

    Well, basically Sally is attacking you all the time. The problem is that the ship is cloaked, so she won't fire because that would reveal her position. So after making one approach she turns back and starts another. All you have to do now is fly in reverse, and shoot from time to time to check if she follows your cc. You may also want to give extra power for the engines, because Salamanda is a very fast ship. Good luck!
  2. mihau

    Marines die in shuttles

    One reason is that the marines that fly in these shuttles have problems with safe landing, especially when they have low AI. Second thing: you have only one shuttle launch bay. It means that the crafts you're deploying will clog in one place, hitting each other. To see this, target one of them and watch how they fly to a planet. Solution: give some more thrust to the engines while deploying to keep the CC moving. Hope that helps.
  3. mihau

    The PTA turret sweet spot

    quote:Originally posted by dennymala: I only have a question..... why the PTA doesn't work as a defensive asset? .... I try to explain it better, as I was saying for the gatling of a destroyer they fire upon anything that fly and is enemy.... why the PTA doesn't fire on missiles coming my way?... It does. It fires on missiles, but the only problem is that they're too tough and too fast. Check in the CVD how much armor a missile has, and then compare to e.g. a fighter. If you really want to know how a PTA system takes out incoming missile, jump cloaked near a hostile starstation and, while still cloaked (you want to see it, right? ) fire one towards it. Then watch the whole show.
  4. Not all of the flux fields lead into a black hole. Some of them are safe, no need to worry about your ship. The only problem is then the unstable nature of these anomalies - you can end up in completely different place than you planned. As Nova said, look in the appendix to determine where a flux fields can take you.
  5. Try through the TACTICAL/LAUNCH menu. You can tell a bit more about craft and its crew from there.
  6. quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: ODS: is it actually hard to hit? I had no problem whacking the one guarding the Insurgent base at Lynnen/Sirius. My main problem is the autopilot can't keep me a constant distance to it, so I had to go back and forth with retro/AB. However, my main gun shots seem to pass THROUGH the ODS. Only the PTA seem to be doing any significant damage. But I did disable the ODS.The distance between barrels of your main gun is greater than width of the ODS system. That's why it's very hard to hit. quote:Star Stations: The current advice is do NOT attack the station itself unless you can cloak, it seems. Decloak in the station's blind spot, and fire away. If I do NOT have cloak, is there still a way? Or should I just sit outside its range and kill supply freighters instead? (i.e. blockade the station?) I never did blocade to a station, so I don't know if it works. If you can't cloak, then the only possible thing is to find a blind spot in the station's defense system, where it can't fire at you. Looking for such place is usually painful , but you can watch other ships attacking the station. When finally someone survives emerging from hj, then the direction from where he started his jump might be safe to check.
  7. mihau

    Bad saved games

    quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: (...) 4) Tried previous saved game, that worked. After you have succesfully loaded any game, you should now be able to use your latest save game. Just press Alt+Q and then restore it. It helps me any time I have problem with a slot that freezes my comp.
  8. mihau

    Design a ship!

    And of course don't forget to give them fighter bays. It would be difficult to store them with two shuttles in one, small flight deck.
  9. mihau

    Design a ship!

    I tried. The game refuses to start when notices that those file have been changed. I think it's some kind of a checksum, but I don't know how to generate it. EDIT: Checked once again, and found out that actually assets.ini can be modified. Earlier I tried to translate the game into my language and I failed, so I thought all of game's files cannot be changed. Thanks!
  10. mihau

    Design a ship!

    Originally posted by Eclipse: quote:you could probably play around with the assets.ini *****I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU DOING SOMETHING INTHERE THAT COMPLETELY TRASHES YOUR INSTALLATION OF BCM/BCMG***** or play around with GBS if SC ever posted it. personally I'm working on changing damage factors for weapons again to make everything a bit more "balanced" Hey - do you by accident know the way to change this number that all .ini files begin with? This is one small thing that SC put there to prevent messing up with them, but I really would like to change some things. Is it possible?
  11. mihau

    APC main gun and ammo??

    I was asking that because I remember once playing BC3K few years ago I got hit really hard by a tractored carrier (which was fully operational). Guess things changed a bit in BCM, gonna give it a try this evening.
  12. mihau

    APC main gun and ammo??

    Glad to help. Next step is to take something more armed&armored and try to take'em out with your guns. Gives much more satisfaction and fun. By the way, didn't this BC mk1 attack you with it's pta system while you were tractoring it?
  13. mihau

    APC main gun and ammo??

    You have simply ran out of fuel. Check this one: http://www.3000ad.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?u...t=000199#000020
  14. mihau

    Space Combat

    Yes, it's possible to deploy sfm's in BCM. There's only one problem - I can't extract them if the shuttle returned to CC. If you leave it there with a halt order, your marines will find a way back to the shuttle and come aboard.
  15. mihau

    More Newbie Problems

    quote:Originally posted by Mongoose: I've tried several times to get my fighters to fire more than 5 missiles to no avail. Specific loadouts that I tried were 10 STS Starchild missiles for space combat, and 5 ATS Harpoon + 5 ATA mariner for planetary combat. This also applies to my AE and autopilot in my CC. If the tactical officer is off station and not reloading my weapons, my autopilot will stop firing missiles once they are down to 10. This happens regardless of the orders I've tried giving them. Even in the middle of dogfights, if they only have half of their missiles left, they will stop firing them and try to use guns. Could you maby offer a suggestion as to how to get them to fire the rest of their missiles. Like SC said, they will use them if they have to. For example, in emergency, when their craft is badly damaged. Then they will use the rest of them. Be patient. It takes time to learn how your crew behaves.