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    Resnig Stories

    Everyone is always talking about how bad Resnig is and what they would like to do to him. I'd like everyone to post their worst happening with this jag off and you're most evil plan to destroy him! The stupidest thing I've ever seen Resnig do is send all the marines off the bridge just as the bad guys enter it. They almost killed everyone on the bridge. The only two left were me (With 50 life) and Resnig!!! I think they payed him off or something. Needless to say I beamed him down into the middle of an ocean and watched as he drowned.
  2. I personally don't see how the limited number of installs hurts anyone but ligit users as pirates wouldn't have to worry about it they'd just crack it. It is a very hostile tactic to use against your own paying customers. It is really just a scam to get more money out of them by making them buy the game again for more installs as that part of it won't protect against pirates at all. Normal levels of securom like UC:CE has is fine as long as it works and can tell your have a legit CD in the drive.
  3. In all fairness Mass Effect did come out before Spore and it has the same sort of thing Spore has on it. The idea of having a limited number of installs for 50 bucks is not a bad one, but the limit being 3 is insane O.o I must have installed most of my computer games 10 or 12 times over the course of their life on my self. I always get that hanker to go back to Starcraft or Diablo 2 or Sacrifice or Transport Tycoon Deluxe or Elite or Wing commander. I couldn't imagine, like one of these reviewers said, going back to the game to find out I used up all my activations. EA is killing the computer game industry , I dunno if it is doing on it purpose but maybe it is a good thing. Once it is destroyed the only people left will be indie devs like 3000AD stardock ect and they all have a record of making GOOD games without crazy DRM for the most part.
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    Resupply Duty

    Very good indeed
  5. Serondal

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Now I'm realy excited! WOOT
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    Max Payne

    What is up with all the demons and stuff in the preview? Does it follow the same story line as the game? I can't think of any one better to play Max Payne than good 'ol marky mark but I'm sure there is someone older that could have played it. Maybe Bruce Willis ? Thinking about it I think Bruce willis probably would have done a much better job : P From what I gather the angels and demons in the previous are there to take away the souls of the people he kills and aren't actually there as far as Max is concerned, I hope there aren't actually demons in the movie
  7. Serondal

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Awsome! Who is the dev? ( I can't read that site as I'm at work and it is blocked) I hope it doesn't bomb like Galaxies
  8. Would it be possible to script a scenario so that your default gear is set to profile 3 instead, kind of like you can script one to start you with a FireStorm instead of a BC MKII by just changing the ship's Id or whatever in the existing script?
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7673591.stm A US judge has thrown out a case against God, ruling that because the defendant has no address, legal papers cannot be served
  10. http://www.blossomgoodchild.com/ check under -> Federation of Light then read The Message. To sum it up aliens called the Federation of Light are coming on Oct 14 to show their space ship to all the world for 3 days. I certainly hope they remember to power down their PTA systems or we're all toast
  11. Update, they didn't come on OCt 14. I'm shocked and so is Blossom Goodchild
  12. Serondal

    Resupply Duty

    [RP] MondoÆs fist tightened into a ball as he noticed a Firestorm appearing in the system, his eyes went narrow as he considered how the situation had suddenly changed. Even if he and his crew of raiders were able to capture the Megraon they would be sitting ducks for the FirestormÆs fighters. Once the deception was discovered they would be in a very tight place and with so few men they would never stand a chance against a Firestorms crew of 40 marines. Mondo opened a channel across the shipÆs internal comm system, ôAight you gits! Listen up. Ders a big bad super carrier that just entered our system and the game has changed a bit. The odds ainÆt in our favor no more so weÆre gonna git outta here! All hands report to the teleporter room for evacuation.ö With that announcement Mondo waved to his bridge crew to make their way to the transporter. He himself stopped only for a moment to enter orders into the auto pilot system. As the captain of the raiderÆs made his way to the transporter room the Sunflash moved closer to the ECV Ashdod until there was very little distance between the bow of the Louisville and the aft of the Ashdod. Mondon dialed in a nice seedy looking outpost on the surface and teleported everyone down only seconds before setting the self destruct on the GCV û Louisville. In only one short minute the entire ship would explode, oh so very close to the AshdodÆs rear shields. [END RP] YAY!
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    Review of CC Units

    For some reason recently everything finally clicked for me and I finally got good at UC:AWA. I don't know what it is that caused this to happen but everything seems so simple now, I understand all the buttons and commands and point of the game, so I've begun to do very well. So I thought I would share my thoughts on each of the CCs I've flown and see what other people think about them. Sunflash - I flew a breif mission with a Sunflash and got to know it rather well. This thing is quick and heavily armed but lightly armored. I found it was very useful for cutting off larger carriers that had longer jump times and made quick work of them before they were fully out of hyper space. The ship is very interesting looking and has well placed turrets (8 of them now, I think it used to be 10 in older versions) With 5 placed ontop of it and 3 below it is a death zone above the sunflash for light fighters. The turrets lack the power of say a megaron though so they are only useful for light to medium fighters. It is possible to take out a space station with these if you jump directly to the supply station and you're lucky, but one or two PTA blasts from the station and you're toast ! Megaron - As far as I can tell this is the best ship in the game. It has very powerful shields/armor, has 10 turrets with 5 above and 5 below in awsome places. 4 powerful cannons, cloaking, all the upgrades and artifacts. Also it is FAST and it turns quickly. IT has the average recharge and jump times of 90 but still faster than a Firestorm. It carries some heavy fighters, my favorite the vandals Also it looks very interesting so another plus there. In my time with the Megaron I've found that it is nearly unstopable. Fully upgraded this thing is a force to be sure. For direct in your face combat this is the best carry you can have in my opinion. With fully upgraded (non artifact) shields enemy pta fire just bounces off harmlessly it seems and only direct fire from cannons or missles are dangerous. Fire Storm - This thing is huge, green, and slow. My current ROAM mission is with one of these bad guys and I'm actually enjoying it. With 4 Zenstars and 4 Ravens (the only carrier with Ravens) it is a force to be feared as well. With fully upgraded armor it has well over 10,000 armor but even fully upgraded its shields are LESS than Megarons base shields! The whole idea here is never to put this thing in harms way if you can help it as it won't take much of a beating, but if it has to it can hold out long enough for you to cloak and escape. The Raven super fighter is the all around strongest fighter in the game and is extremly useful for attacking enemy ships. I sent my 4 after an enemy Fire Storm and they were able to defeat it without taking any damage even as its 8 fighters counter attacked me and got chewed up by my 4 Zenstars and my PTAs. Being the commander of this ship really makes you feel like top dog, top and very very slow dog The main cannons are almost to powerful and make capturing enemy space stations hard because even at 10% the station normally goes from being on fire to being destroyed and skips SOS and Disabled mods Space Star - This ship looks awsome and it is VERY strong when fully upgraded. Being a super cruiser it has no access to the good artifacts but that is okay as the ship really doesn't need most of them. It has few turrets but enough shields and armor to hold out against most foes while the turrets you DO have slowly ping away at them. The main guns are powerful enough to destroy space stations and enemy carriers quickly and the ship itself is pretty fast. In general this thing is an all around tank and it is a bit different then other ships, giving you a special feeling when you take it out. You don't see many of these floating around the universe, at least I don't War Monger - PFffft, this thing is way over rated. The way the turrets are layed out makes them almost uesless because you can only ever get 2-4 on target at any one time and that is only if they're in between the top and side or bottom and side arcs. That being said I think this is the fastest CC in the game? That doesn't really do you that much good considering most combat situations are decided by Hyperjump time and shields, being fast isn't all that useful even if you want to run because missles and fighters are always going to be faster. All in all I think I'd leave this one home Questar - This cruiser is one of my favorites. It is covered with 10 turrets, though you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at it. I believe the top part has 3 double turrets and then there are 2 double turrets on the bottom of the ship. When things get in your firing arcs it is like a laser show at disney world Fully upgraded this thing is a real bad boy with plenty of armor and shields and speed to go around. I think this may be my favorite cruiser out of the entire bunch. Well that is my major review of the ships that I have spent a long time with. I have tried out pretty much ever ship but the rest of them havn't really stood out to me yet. I don't like any of the Battle Cruisers, nor the Storm Carrier or anything of that nature. Please post your comments on what I think of these ships along with what you think of them or other vessels I havn't mentioned
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    Resupply Duty

    ôThank you, Commander Bradley. As you can see weÆre out gunned and up against the Insurgent flag ship no less. IÆve been ordered to extract an item of cargo from their manifest and return it to Sol for study. Given our current odds IÆd welcome any combat assistance you can provide as soon as possible. ECV Ashdod out.ö Mondo waved his hand to cut the feed, making certain he was no longer broadcasting his image before he let out a soft chuckle. The large man stalked the bridge as his mostly cybernetic mind ran through all the possible outcomes of this conflict. He had hoped this would be a lucrative venture but he had no idea going into this scheme that the Megaron was actually a flag ship for the entire insurgent fleet. ôRought! Get all the boyz suited up in the suits of the dead marines; you five stay here with me on the bridge and keep this bucket running long enough to get into range with our main cannons.ö The cyborg put his large mechanical hand on his pilots shoulder and grinned a bit. ôTry your best to keep us out of that MegaronÆs firing arcs, if I remember correctly those things pack on heck of a punch with their turrets!ö Depending on whom he was talking to at the time Mondo had several ways of talking. To the boyz he spoke like any other idiotic raider captain bent on violence and destruction, but to his trusted crew members he spoke civil. So as MondoÆs crew ran off to round up the 15 other members of their raider band he ordered the Louisville to set course for the Megaron. The Sunflash was quick and nimble due to its small size, but it couldnÆt take any direct fire from the Megaron without exploding in short order. Mondo was no fool and he knew this was the case. He made certain to set the course so that the Sunflash would come up next to the Ashdod, letting it lead the way and take the brunt of the attack. ôWhen they order their marines to invade the Megaron that is when we strike. TheyÆll notice how damaged our boyz look in their stolen marine suits so weÆll have to attack quickly. WeÆll wait until they ask for us, which will either be when theyÆre losing horribly or when theyÆre just about to win.ö MondoÆs second in command gave him a nod and went off to round the rest of the boyz up with the others. Soon they were all suited up and standing by in the teleporter room waiting for their atoms to be transported across the cold voids of space and into the bowels of the Aries where they would find fortune or death. Mondo stood on the shattered remains of the bridge, directly behind the previous captainÆs chair where his naked corpse still rested. His claw clenched the chair tightly, crushing it with its extreme power as the strange raider attempted to calm his nerves.
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    Happy birthday Sho!

    Happy Birthday Mate! Don't do anything I wouldn't do, which pretty much clears you to do anything oh wait, wrong one. Lemme try again Whoops, not that one , one more try
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    Resupply Duty

    Don't worry, I picked that up from the post dates alone I'm in no hurry at all and I hope I'll be able to bring another element to the RP . I don't have access to maps ect from work so I'll try my best to keep the name of systsems/ect correct. Just PM me if i've made a mistake Also I am a firm believer that bad guys should always lose. TER/INS and TER/EAR and TER/MIL to me are all goods guys in their own point of views, but Raiders are bad guys in anyones point of view, even theres I'd assume ;P so I do want this to end with my crew of bad guys losing So if you feel like you want to post the ship getting destroyed ect go right ahead.
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    The Fall Lineup

    We're using a 20-30 dollar attena with an extra little ring thing on it. It gets station 41 (fox here) but when we use the digital convert box it shows channel 41 doesn't even exist. Still if we switch it back manullay to 41 it works just fine O.o The picture isn't that good indeed but it is still watchable. In fact the picture is worse than before, I supose because now it is going through the digital converter box before it hits the TV for no reason when on that channel Hopefully it is just that they havn't switched over yet, other wise we'll be screwed when comes time for them to switch over and turn off the other method. Then again by that time my wife should have a job in the dental assistant field so maybe I'll get cable back and it won't even be an issue -hopes hopes hopes-
  18. Serondal

    The Fall Lineup

    Geek? Sounds more like you used to be a cable guy before you started making games I don't even have a VCR man lol. Good luck with that. We don't even have cable but I did just got the digital converter box. It makes your picture look FANTASIC coming from rabbit ears it looks like cable. Of course 3 or 4 of the channels I watch on a daily basis aren't showing up on it so its kind of a crap out. Only channels I never watch show up on it. Hopefully when the force the digital switch over all the rest of the channels will switch too.
  19. Ahhhhh!!! That explains it. the part in the UC:CE tutorial you posted about how it can trick you by turning off its radar, that makes sense now. -allows brain bashing- I'll siddown lol
  20. I'm certainly not saying the EMD doesn't work and I do know how it works All I'm really saying is that it has some interesting effect on missles. I tested it last night and I was able to repeat what had happened before. Once I break the missle lock if I hit the EMD on again the missle comes flying back at me, but doesn't hit me. It goes right past and off in the oppiste direction. Any how I will drop it and just enjoy making the missles dance around me (Though last night I messed up a bit and did something that caused a bunch of missles to stack with each other, then aquire lock all at the same time. It ripped my shields and armor down to 0% but somehow only destroyed my cloning module lol. Whatever ;P ) gnight guys and have a good day.
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    The Fall Lineup

    Geeze mate, I have no idea how you think you're ever going to catch up on all of those. I'm not a self made software/game developer and I don't even have the time to watch more than 1 or 2 shows a day . Then again I've got two young children so they suck most of my time up. I have a feeling Fringe is going to make it because it is so much like X-files/Lost ect that I think it wil suck in previous fans of x-files and fans of lost that are waiting for the new season to start. A girl where I work is dead hooked on it. I've seen it a few times, seems like a "been there done that" kind of thing to me. I miss having cable I miss my sci-fi channel with Stargate SG -1 and atlantis and battlestar galatica ect ect. I can't stand these shows they have on, in fact most of the shows you've listed I can't stand to watch any more. I can watch a good episode of CSI (anything) and House if I'm in a grusome mood but the rest I can't deal with. I admire you for organzing your TV schedule so well and storying it on what must be an extremly expensive piece of hardware
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    Happy Birthday Eclipse!!!

    Happy birthday mate, and here is wishing you many more to come! :allhail:
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    Journal of a Mobile Infantry Marine

    Journal Entry 7 - Times are good, with my new arm and combat stories my rep among the other marines is on the rise. I've been promoted to a captain of sorts over the rest of the marines. The ships medical officer has cleared me for active duty, for right now it is back to the same boring patrols through-out the ship. A big change here however, is that I now assign the patrols instead of follow them. I've made some drastic changes to the ships patrol patterns so that the areas intruders generally beam into are more covered and every nook and cranny is checked on a daily basis for any one smart enough to hide from the perscan computers. I have a posiiton on the bridge now just behind Paul Resing. To be honest I'm literally doing his job while he plays with clay and tells toy soliders what to do, I'm NOT kidding. Word from the officers is that we are being deployed to Sol to harass and destroy shipping in the area. Aparently this is in prep for a full out asault on the system from the newly claimed Wraith station. This are looking up for me here, I've been tasked with planning the assault on the station itself. They havn't told me the name of it yet, as I really don't need to know, but I do have a detailed internal lay out. Once I've finished with my plans they will be transfered to a Genris class armed transport and I will command their assualt from our ship via the tac-ops computer. I'll be safe on sound on this death machine while those marines fight and die on my command . . . feels good to be the big dog for a change. On another high note the Genris has been named Predator in my honor and the troops aboard have taken to calling themselves Preadtor's Hunters. I guess everyone needs a hero in times like these, I just never thought it would be me.
  24. The Journal of Marine #13 Journal Entry 1 - I refuse to date these entries because it will only remind me of how long I've been doing this in the long run, and that is one of the things I don't want to remember. I decided to start keeping this journal because the medical officer told me it would help me with my stress issues. I'm not here because of any ideology I hold or any hatred I have against our enemies. I joined the crew of the ICV Death Wing because the pay is good and I thought I'd get to see the universe. Question, was I wrong? Answer, YES! The pay IS good this is true, but I don't get to see anything! They should tell you when they're recruiting you that, while your ship will be all over the galaxy, you won't be able to see it because most likely your ship doesn't have any windows where you'll be! This is only my third day on ship and already I'm starting to get bored. The first day here I reported to someone named Paul. He was supposed to be an officer but when I approached him on the deck he was staring at a blank vidscreen and I swear I think he was drooling a little bit. To get his attention I tapped my rifle lightly against his station, before I knew it I had a Scat pistol pointing at my skull and Paul had a wide eyed look of a rabbit about to get run over on his face. Once we'd sorted out who was who he gave me my orders, which consisted of a poorly drawn map of the ship using what appears to be tomato soup, highlighted with smashed peas to designate my patrol route. On my way out another officer downloaded an actual map of the ship into my personal computer complete with patrol orders for the next six months. After this I checked into my bunk where 19 other marines of various qualifications also live. At that time most of them were out on patrol or sleeping so I didn't want to bother any one. The crew quarters are cramped, very Spartan I believe they say back on Earth. I checked what little I had into my bunk, lucky number 13, and started my first patrol. For the first week of deployment I'm scheduled to patrol the lower decks, apparently all I have to do is walk and keep alert and my helmet will update waypoints for me, I don't even have to know where I am. . . . .boring. My first eight hour patrol ended without event, my helmet even pointed me to my own bed and told me to sleep, thanks mate I had NO idea that is what a bed was for . . . This isn't what I had in mind when I decided to join up. Journal Entry 2 - Today I got my first piece of action on board. As I was trudging along on the low mile a general intruder alert was sent out through-out the ship. The low mile is a tunnel that runs from the nose of our Megaron carrier all the way to the launch bays at the back. It is poorly lit and has no purpose other than a direct route from one end of the ship to the other, however in the past intruders have been known to hide down here so . . . At any rate the alert went out while I was in the middle of the mile, either way I went it would be half a mile until I had access to the rest of the ship so unless they beamed right into my corridor I wasn't going to see any action. My helmet told me to head towards the front of the ship so that is what I did, low and behold what do I find by two Earth Com soldiers running down the corridor in my direction. Get this now, they were lugging between them a entire replacement engine for a fighter craft!! I have no idea where they got it or why they wanted it, but they didn't see me in time. I opened fire with my issued rifle and managed to pick them both off in my first burst. I radioed back to command that I had down two intruders in the low mile, this was the first time they informed me that I was supposed to take them prisoner if at all possible . . . whoops hehehe. Journal Entry 3 - Well I'm the only MI marine on board with any kills now, and that has earned me a measure of respect among the other marines. They admired the fact that I take no prisoners, sadly the commander did not! I have been given a violtion on my record because I smoked those EarthCom idiots instead of taking them to the brig. Even worse the entire situation is under review because it turns out it is also against the rules to kill unarmed enemies in the first place, how did I know they were unarmed? Oh well it doesn't effect me all that much, my patrol route is the same and I've still earned a rep around here for being a real killer. These feats of man slaughtering has earned me the nick name Predator among the marines but I doubt it will stick. Just to update I have no idea where our ship is, as again I havn't seen a window since I got on board. I heard we managed to take over Wraith station, which I believe is in the Terran quadrant other than that I have no idea where it is. The worst thing that has happened since my last entry however, is when the ship cloaked. I was on patrol, once again in the low mile, when a general alert went out across the ship that we were about to enter combat and that the ship was going to cloak. Aparently the people that build these things havn't perfected this technology yet, and after a few minutes my RAD meter started ticking like crazy. We were only cloaked for about 5 minutes in total but it was enough time for an alert to sound in my helmet that I had been exposed to high levels of radiation, but did not require medical attention. I guess I'll have to stay away from the micowaves in the mess hall for a while eh? My friend #12 says I'm starting to glow in the dark . . . what a jerk.
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    First Impressions

    I dunno how I missed that ! Jesus my job is killing my eyes or I'm just stupid The search function on my web browswer couldn't even find DJP in there when I searched it before but it is right there in front of my eyes the whole time. Going to go play a elite force marine tonight <dance>