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    Players for Multiplayer

    *UPDATE* I've implemented some basic secruity for the AirSet Group so that it is a little more spam and stupidity resistant. The Following Limitations are Now in place: -You cannot view another members e-mail address. So NO spamming of ANY kind. I respect your privacy and will NEVER give anyones e-mail address to ANYONE without YOUR expressed permission. -Members can only edit the events they have created. So nobody is gonna mess around with your Events! -You cannot create Lists. This feature is pretty useless for anyone but an admin or manager (later on). Only Admins can create lists for the time being. It could be good for createing a list of objectives for Fleets and stuff in general (ask me if you need lists). -You cannot publish any content (events, lists, etc) to another group or to a public group or to the public at all. Thats right, whats in the group stays in the group and no other groups (AirSet) are going to have access to the content. If another group pops up such as a Fleet group then I might enable publishing. -I've disabled the Web Links and Blog Capabilities. They are mostly useless features that will only detract from the main purpose. There NOW were almost ready. Once again if your a member of the AirSet Group PLEASE set an event of any type, i don't care just make an even for any time. Any time BEFORE SUNDAY so that I know that this is working! Remember to click on the Universal Combat Group TAB, next to the personal tab and goto the calender and create events. Create an event by clicking on an empty space on the calender and fill in the appropriate information and use the SERIES tab for events the re-occur weekly, daily or monthly. Otherwise your just creating events in your PERSONAL Tab which of course is useless since we want to SHARE that info with the rest of the Members. Any Questions about AirSet I can prolly figure out in a minute and get right back to you otherwise you'll probably need to look it up on the AirSet site. Don't hesitate to ask I'm here to make sure this thing is workin! Thanks and ENJOY! -Fox
  2. Fox682

    Players for Multiplayer

    If you guys are having ANY trouble viewing the calendar or not seeing any times posted in the Universal Combat TAB please let me know so i can fix the problem or figure out whats going on ASAP Oh and Equinox is in -Fox P.S. Go ahead and post a TEST event on the calender so that i know its working, go ahead and post it anywhere for the rest of the week i want to MAKE SURE this thing works like its supposed to!
  3. Fox682

    Players for Multiplayer

    *UPDATE* Shohashi is IN! Learned a new thing about the program. The requirements are: AirSet account: http://www.airset.com AirSet Name: (fake, see examples) E-mail address: Used for verification You can PM me your E-mail address and/or name if you don't want your e-mail displayed here. Always learning something new -Fox
  4. Fox682

    Players for Multiplayer

    Ah, i've tried to add you, but i think i need your e-mail address, just PM me with the addy and i'll see if it works, ATM it says your not registered but i'll keep trying a few differnt things to see if i can get it to work -Fox
  5. *AirSet UPDATE* (I know that this isn't a post of availability but i've posted mine as well as mentioned AirSet so i'm just giving an update, my apologies if this is incorrect form ) I've Tested AirSet and all the details are HERE! I might just add the times that are listed here, but to view them you'd still need an AirSet Account... In fact, if people don't have time to add the events themselves I MIGHT stick their times in there for them, but they'd still need an account to VIEW the events. Of course everyone can still use this thread, I think I'll just stick the events on the AirSet site so that people who would like to use AirSet can see these times on there as well. Let me know what you think! -Fox [ 10-31-2006, 09:05 PM: Message edited by: ShoHashi ]
  6. Fox682

    Players for Multiplayer

    SC, the time elapse variable for the forums is a little short, I don't like posting a whole lot when I can just edit my previous post but if you don't want to change it I'll get over it, just a suggestion . Anyways, Case the answer is YES. When you enter a new event Use: Subject: Commander Case (or just Case, your AirSet name [Commander Case] Will appear on the event) Location: Server X Address: UC:AWA and/or UC:SE -Fox
  7. Fox682

    Players for Multiplayer

    There are some extra fields for things such as location (server 1,2 or 3) and other information, you can put your UC version in that field. The feilds may be "designed" for certain information but their just regular fields and you can put anything in there. Also in the Preferances you can set your time zone and when you look at the scheduals it will automaticly CONVERT the listed time zones in YOUR time zone Cool! -Fox P.S. Go ahead and register with AirSet and get your name, I'll see if i can find an appropriate field, I'll put you into the group and you can see how i did it and then just follow the pattern!
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  9. ROTFLMFAO! Oh man... whew... ya know... if you buy a taser for your wife/gf/so to defend herself with and you decide to test it on yourself... You get what you deserve LMAO! -Fox
  10. Fox682

    Flu Shots and You

    I agree with Wolferz, don't get the flu shots unless your high risk.. but even then... getting the shots doesn't gaurentee you won't get the flu, its just a precursor to fending the flu off by using the bodys natual immune system. I remember 2 winters ago there was a phenumonia that was going around that clogged up your lungs real bad... almost everyone in town had the bug and had it for like 3 weeks... i had it for 6 days I wonder if picking your nose improves your immune system... now don't be like that, think about it for a second Flu shots? I might try the booger treatment instead... -Fox
  11. Fox682

    Players for Multiplayer

    *Update on AirSet test* Ok! I've tested AirSet and its really cool, you can do a TON of stuff with it. Its kind of like... well a calender BC style, its deffinitely not for little kids and does take a little getting used to, and it has a LOT of options. Luckily it does have the ability to seperate your personal calender with the Group Calender, so be sure to TEST IT OUT on your personal calender and see how things behave. I've created the Universal Combat group and it appears to be ready! As soon as you've got an account with AirSet, let me have your First and Last Name on the account. Don't worry you can do what I did: Name - First: Commander Last: -=Fox=- (for SC it could be Supreme Commander ) And i'll add you to the AirSet Group and you'll be able to put in the times that your available in the visual format. NOTE: Everything looks set up but I'll just allow a few people at first to see how it looks and works and if it indeed is workable. BE SURE TO TEST IT OUT FIRST! Put your AirSet Names up anyways I'll add them in Thanks! Fox P.S. Once everything is hunky dory I may differ the administration of the group to someone else, maybe P.S.S. I know that the fleets may do this kind of thing already but we need something for the Regular Joes who aren't on fleets or for people who want to log in time thats not in fleet related activities.
  12. *wonders if we can use a format for uniformity* Name: -=Fox=- BC Versions: UC:AWA + UC:SE Times: PST(+3 for EST) USA Sun: 2pm - 12pm Mon-Fri: 6pm - 12pm Sat: 6pm - 1am Note: Hop on GCQL if you can, not everyone has AIM or ICQ, or even MSN or Yahoo for that matter Thanks! -Fox P.S. Testing out AirSet for the Visuals P.P.S. AirSet Testing is Complete details HERE! [ 10-31-2006, 09:05 PM: Message edited by: ShoHashi ]
  13. Fox682

    Players for Multiplayer

    SC AirSet looks really cool! The only reason why I opted for a calender style system is for the visual referances, its a lot easier to see correlations between players and the times available. Besides I like visuals Seeing when a lot of people are on might help me to modify the times i'm on so i can be on when lots of other people are on. It may eventually lead up to a few hot spots in the week or in case everyone decides to go on vacation it would be nice to know I'm going to see if I can create a Battlecruiser Group so we can try AirSet out! (after testing it of course ) Thanks for the Tip SC! I'll post my times in the thread and then see if AirSet will work. -Fox P.S. We can also post the fleet times on there to so we can see when fleet activities are and when just the regulars are on. (maybe we can have fleet vs regulars wars )
  14. Fox682

    Any UCSE player out there?

    Hello! I JUST got UC:SE and it should be here in a few days! I'm avaiable After 6pm PST (-7 GMT) and most of the day on Sundays. Until then! Fox P.S. Keep an Eye on GCQL I'm always on there!
  15. Fox682

    The Voyages of the GCV- Antigone

    *party boy takes away the book fox was reading* Hey man.... I was reading that... If your looking for comments on the story, it is a good story, i'm interested in how it turns out! One suggestion though, the story does progress a bit fast through. But its still good -=Fox=- P.S. Theres your reply! what happens?!?!!?
  16. Fox682

    Signature Tests Here Only!!!

    SSSSShhhhhhhhhhh.... BAM
  17. Fox682

    Evolution vs Intelligent design

    LOL! yeah... kinda weak
  18. Fox682

    A Blast From The Past

    Greetings to all BCM fans and esspecially Mr. Smart I've been one of those silent members watching BC3k all the way, and since i'm poor I haven't been able to get all of the series in time to keep up with the times... But I finnaly got enough resources to grab BCM:G hopefully before the community falls apart completely... or at least that's what it feels like... I hope that when I get BCM up and running there will be some shred of hope that I would be able to play BCM online... This game is waaay to good to just let it sit and do nothing.. even though the game is no longer supported.... it still has a fan base! Also If anyone can point me to a few guys that still play BCM:G online I'd be tickled to death! I'm one of those ppl who believe that origional ideas are often the best Oh... I got my copy of BCM off of Ebay...the box and all the contents are original... the guy bought it but it wasn't what he expected and just sold it back on Ebay... I'm hopeing that that won't be a problem.. its the only way I could afford it... I'm a starving student.... To Derek Smart and all BCM Fans, Never say Die! Pat