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  1. quote:

    Originally posted by Raziel:

    This is the spiritual successor to the RTS Total Annihilation. *cough* though I hope not, TA sucked something awful*cough*


    From what i can recall, is TA was the first fully 3D (albeit simple 3D) RTS, with 3D units and Terrain elevation.

    TA kicks the crap out of any RTS I've ever played, I still have it and i still play it, and yes its still fun.

    And if too many units are the qualm don't download all of the 3rd party units, there are a BILLION of those. If the AI sucks, get a new AI (yes you can do that). If you don't like the maps, get new/more maps. You can change the game to suit your particualar tastes with TA Mods...

    The strenth of TA is the variety of units and the varieties of game play strategies that can be employed for any set of terrain features. And how the game itself can be modified.

    Besides if TA sucked that bad, why would their STILL be a large fan base after all this time and several large websites dedicated to TA and gaming communities?


    I'm my opinion Star Craft wasn't all that impressive...

  2. Ya left out the XBox360 O_o.....

    The 360 has games out already and its a "next gen" console.

    If ya want "next gen" that has some games you can go get the XBox.

    Or you can wait for the PS3 to come out with games that will spank the 360 and that nifty Blue-Ray Drive that comes with it!.....Assuming they can make enough for all the PS3 fan-boys... and the hardware works... and installing linux on it isn't too hard... etc etc etc.....etc.....etc.

    The PS2 is great if you want a cheap-er console that isn't "nintendo-ized".

    The Wii sounds exactly like what it sounds like "wii" but its cheaper and some games like Call of Duty will be ported to it and some of the games are pretty inovative, so its not all bad.

    My $0.02

  3. Well hold on, that might not actually be 100% accurate.

    I've seen several cases where tunneling or use of a VPN have actually improved stability, but there are other factors to keep in mind.

    When using a VPN it will increase your bandwith usage, and if the VPN is encrypted it will also hit your processor (but not much to affect anything unless your on a pentium 2 or less).

    Tunneling isn't a bad idea don't take Axx0s statement as a all encompasing answer to all tunneling or VPNing.

    The only way to find out diffinatively is to try it, it may actually help with certain aspects, it is not impossible, but do try it and see if it helps.

    If you never try then you'll never know either way.


  4. quote:

    Originally posted by Wolferz:

    The only way that your ship can become visible while docked is when the station is destroyed.

    If that happens, there is no guarantee that your ship will still possess enough cohesive mass to be functional. Also known as DeD. ....

    Well yeah i figured thats what would happen... but it doesn't answer my other questions... (I know i put a billion questions in my posts so please.. bear with me...)

    I've done some searching and I can't find the details i'm looking for, nor the explanation as to why the stations are soooo HUGE you could easily park a fleet in there with the compliment of fighters and have room left over!

    It still begs the same questions.

    Eventually (maybe BCO or BCG) is it conceivable, that in future versions that when you dock at a station, you'll be able to actually fly INTO or NEAR the station. (and be protected by its sheilds)

    And when you dock, it will basicly "attach" or "Dock" the ship, in the same location your ship was when you log-onto the station.

    So that being said, the "end result" would be the ability to actually SEE the ships docked at the station.

    Thats what I've been trying to find the answers for, and either the topic hasn't been discused, or I have no ability to use the search function.

    This is not a wish-list, its an inquery, why would the stations be so big other then for eye-candy? And why can i walk around the station with my magnetic boots (nvmd...)? Why would the stations be SO HUGE??

    I think SC has some plans up his sleeve


  5. What were we talking about again?

    Oh yeah Kerry, really, this is just politics as usual, whenever a politician who isn't as popular tries to say something he really means, he gets his head chopped off, then recants and the apoligises, if he got a positive responce from the recanting...

    (politicians seem to think that if they go backwards enough they'll end up ahead...)

    Voli0, your OPINIONS are welcome but stating things, that you have no proof of, as fact won't garner any support for your opinion.

    As far as Kerry goes IMHO he smiles like a car salesman and I wouldn't trust him as far as i could throw him.


  6. OOOOK... check this out, I did some lookin cause I was bored.

    The ORIGIONAL story came from a spot from Associated Press (HERE) that appeared on Nov. 1st

    Then it was picked up by "TPMuckraker"

    Nebraska Episode (Nov. 7th)(HERE)

    And HIS source is HERE

    (Grand Island Independant)

    But of course its a restricted log-in only for those who are registered... go figure...

    And he Mirrors the AP source (Nov. 1) HERE

    Then there are These Guys...

    "Talking Points Memo"

    Obviously a Spoof of the Fox News Channel

    Hosted By none other than Joshua Micah Marshall an obvious lefty which the link above refers to and he displays these two pages:

    "CT Incident"- HERE

    "NY Incident"- HERE

    These are from TPM Readers, who knows who they are, obviously have no journalistic weight, they could be anybody and Joshua doesn't take them as fact but asks for people to keep an eye out, Good Boy!

    And then of course this is picked up by this NUT (seriously look at his SITE!) HERE!!!

    I mean.. hes got an animation of the president shooting the bird, a wanted poster in the backgroud for the president AND one of those "The Cost of the War" moving number things. (LOL)

    And of course, he doesn't even do any research himself he just pawns it off to "the talking points memo" webside and a BLOG which is HERE and sites the same sources as the "CT Incident" and the "NY Incident" which of course points too..

    SUPRISE! the "Talking Points Memo" and thats IT.

    And they don't put the actual link to the AP site... hmmm...


    Anyone else getting dizzy? I feel like i'm going in circles..

    My point... RTFM... do your own research.. and don't take what some nut job has to say, as fact.

    I gave all the sources so please. look it up and see that half of this thing is crap.

    These guys don't site their sources and expect you to take what they say at face value....

    So PLEASE for your sake... Use your Brain...


  7. ....ROTFLMFAO!!!!!....

    Unfortuantely, this however is exactly what most teachers want... to shove information down your throat, even if its inaccurate, and to not question their authority even if they are wrong.

    But whats even sadder.. is this quote:

    "Every other student in class accepted my lesson without argument..."


    The Public schools are machines turning out mindless drones, they no longer teach you how to think but what to think.

    "Alex would be better off simply accepting my teachings without resistance"


    Teachers : "We are the BORG, resistance is FUTILE!"

    at least... IMHO


    P.S. LMAO!

  8. Duly Noted: At the discretion and conveniance of a moderator, squash this thread mercilessly.

    I don't like air from a can.


    P.S. Its not really a "wish-list" as much as a request for "feedback", I love BC and if SC doesnt change it, fine, no loss, it's his game and he'll do what he wants, I just wanted to hear "opinions".

  9. I know 2 new topics in one day might be a bit much.

    As always, if i sound like a broken record or if this topic has already been fully explained please... forgive and advise and point me to the right place.

    I don't know if this is an issue but i think its probably not the fault of the server.

    When i walk around ON the station the ground (station surface) bounces up and down as I walk, everything else seems normal, i have a hunch its just related to my 100ms ping and the station moving.

    If i bump into the stations interior while inside i'm bounced around like a peice of flubber!

    The other thing that kinda piques my interest is some little known bits of information I picked up.

    (ive done searches and i can't find the exact quotes... sorry...)

    1) The ship stays outside the station when docked

    I can hear firing still even when logged in the station, from what i understand is that the ship is outside but does not interact with the environment and isn't damaged...

    2) The space stations are HUGE

    What really gets me going is that you can easily fly around in them.

    So two things pop up in my mind.

    1) will ships being docked at a station eventually be come visiable and appear to orbit with the station?

    2) that being said, will you be able to "park" the ship INSIDE the docking bays of the station and the ship will orbit with the station?

    I have a hunch and it keeps bugging the heck out of me so if someone or SC could explain what is going on i'd be tickled to death.

    Will be finally be required to actually physicly dock INSIDE (or Near) the station and park the ship as we log into the station????

    Again sorry for the post if its already been fully covered, its just an itch i can't scratch....


  10. quote:

    Originally posted by Kalshion:

    I hope I answered your question

    Bah >.< I thought thats the way it was...

    Eve Sux

    The only reason is that my Sunflash only has 2 drones, it would be nice to be able to have 4 drones.

    What about the idea of being able to trade ships. (not anything spectacular) for example, if your in a fighter and you can't get anywhere to get it repaired, it would be an awesome thing to have an Aestrom fly by, and hand you one of its fighters so you can be on your way, and take the other one so they can fix it.

    This would resolve the need to dock on to CCs, you could just eject a fighter and collect the disabled one.

    Or if your shuttles/fighters get destroyed, and you don't have the resources to buy any of them, someone could hand you a couple of fighters and a shuttle.

    *can you stick a shuttle/fighter in a Cargo Box?*

    Would be like buying mining drones, only used to replace the ones you lost.

    What do you think about that possiblity?


  11. I was on Server 3 (AG) and I had an interesting thought that i've never tried before in SP.

    I actually tried to get more than 2 mining drones that i had, I bought an extra one hoping to use it for mining, and it appears to not work.

    1) is it possible to have more than the mining drones your alloted actually mining?

    2)If so, what did i miss?

    3)If not... why not??


    I'd LOVE to conduct massive mining operations with MANY mineing drones on a planet. Or Even be able to share mining drones.

    If you can't use more mining drones would it bee too much trouble to implement that feature? (maybe an update for UC:SE?)

    I'm thinking you could have an option to "dis-associate" your mining drone from your assets so that the mining drone would appear to have been lost, that way you could get more mining drones.

    But then of course you'd need the ability to load mining drones that were not tied to your assets.... hmm....

    I've read its possible to "collect" transport ships with your shuttle to liberate some of the goods, perhaps we can do the same thing with the mining drones, use your shuttle to collect the mining drone the same way to liberate its cargo, yet leave the drone in place.

    Just some thoughts to throw around.

    *thinks about setting drones on EVERY planet for anyone to use as needed ^_^ *

    Just to toss some ideas around!


    P.S. Perhaps the same could be done with other assets including the CC so that ships/vehicles can be traded

  12. I Agree with SC that XP will remain the Standard for Gaming and enthusists, but Vista is comming whether we like it or not, and when Dell and other companies start puting vista on computers by default...

    Guess whats going to happen.

    -Hardware Vendors will update their drivers.

    -Game companies will upgrade to DX10

    -More Computers will come with Vista

    -Some people will actually BUY Vista

    -The software vendors take notice of the above.

    Then M$ will shove vista down our throats like they did XP and the people will love them for it because they don't know any better.

    I hate M$......



  13. Just a Re-Cap for the requirements for the AirSet accounts, oh on a side note, if your on 56K it will take a while to load up the AirSet Java Scripts (I think its Java...I looks like Java...).

    *taken from my previous post*


    Originally posted by -=Fox=-:

    The requirements are:

    AirSet account:

    AirSet Name: (fake, see examples [above])

    ->>>E-mail address: Used for verification<<<-

    You can PM me your E-mail address and/or name if you don't want your e-mail displayed here.



  14. Ew...

    Maybe the guy should actually throw in some solutions rather than tell everyone what to do.

    I'll tell you why linux sucks for gaming, Its a well known fact for those to use their brain for a second.

    Game Developers develop games for the OS that is most popular so that their games can be used by as many people as possible.

    The fact that linux gaming sucks has no bering on the OS or OpenGL or anything other than the fact that most people don't know how to use Linux.

    If a linux distro is more user friendly (which it is fastly becoming!!!) then more people would use it and then more people CAN use it, therefore Game Developers would develop more games for linux or at least make the game Cross-Platform Compatible so that they can be either ported, run on top of Cedega-type programs or even *gasp* run natively.

    So whats the solution? Use Linux more and get your friends and family to use it. Educating people about alternative OSs is the first step. And eventually Linux will take up more of the market and then you know what happens next.

    However, whether this happens in my lifetime or not would be a hotly debateable topic.

    There is of course the possibility that the process could be done backwards. IE: Game Developers provide the ability for companies to port their games, or provide a Linux Installer or be compatible with Cedega-type programs.

    Then more people would realize that their games will run on their favorite/preferred OS. And they could encourage people to use Linux without sacrificing gaming ability.

    Of course... this isn't in the interest of most Game Developers and if it did happen it probably wouldn't happen within my lifetime, at least not without some major effort and education.

    There ya go, I saved you from having to read an article that appers to be biased and nothing more than full of criticisms and depressing news that most computer savvy people already know.

    At least, IMHO


  15. *UPDATE*

    I've implemented some basic secruity for the AirSet Group so that it is a little more spam and stupidity resistant.

    The Following Limitations are Now in place:

    -You cannot view another members e-mail address.

    So NO spamming of ANY kind. I respect your privacy and will NEVER give anyones e-mail address to ANYONE without YOUR expressed permission.

    -Members can only edit the events they have created.

    So nobody is gonna mess around with your Events!

    -You cannot create Lists.

    This feature is pretty useless for anyone but an admin or manager (later on). Only Admins can create lists for the time being.

    It could be good for createing a list of objectives for Fleets and stuff in general (ask me if you need lists).

    -You cannot publish any content (events, lists, etc) to another group or to a public group or to the public at all.

    Thats right, whats in the group stays in the group and no other groups (AirSet) are going to have access to the content. If another group pops up such as a Fleet group then I might enable publishing.

    -I've disabled the Web Links and Blog Capabilities.

    They are mostly useless features that will only detract from the main purpose.

    There NOW were almost ready. Once again if your a member of the AirSet Group PLEASE set an event of any type, i don't care just make an even for any time. Any time BEFORE SUNDAY so that I know that this is working!

    Remember to click on the Universal Combat Group TAB, next to the personal tab and goto the calender and create events.

    Create an event by clicking on an empty space on the calender and fill in the appropriate information and use the SERIES tab for events the re-occur weekly, daily or monthly.

    Otherwise your just creating events in your PERSONAL Tab which of course is useless since we want to SHARE that info with the rest of the Members.

    Any Questions about AirSet I can prolly figure out in a minute and get right back to you otherwise you'll probably need to look it up on the AirSet site. Don't hesitate to ask I'm here to make sure this thing is workin!

    Thanks and ENJOY!