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  1. GhengisX

    Various Strange problems - nothing works

    hello, quote: (because they don't appear to do anything, except remove a few warning symbols in the devices tab), it's exactly these things that tell you your hardware and OS aren't completely meshed yet. anything can happen with your stuff in this state. strive to eliminate all questionable indications and warnings in device manager.
  2. how long have you been harassing? doesn't it take a while for them to set up a bounty hunt for you?
  3. GhengisX

    The GG debate

    a good read. if not educational.
  4. GhengisX

    Design a ship!

    WarMonger with 2 fighters would be un-friggin stoppable!!!!
  5. GhengisX

    Night at the movies - Equilibrium

    this flik rocked!!!!
  6. GhengisX

    Getting Rich The EASY Way!

    what makes that so great is... everyone still knows what he's talking about!!! ILI!!!!
  7. GhengisX

    Getting Rich The EASY Way!

    true fully green noob...
  8. GhengisX


    if you wonder... you are.
  9. GhengisX

    BCG Beta 2 Shots

    dassum tight shizou...yo!!!!!
  10. GhengisX

    New Official Beta Testers

    Congratulations to all of you!
  11. GhengisX

    Cant install from CD

    sorry. my "WTF" was for why he wasn't ejected for dierespectful behavior yet.
  12. GhengisX

    Not since Falcon 4.0...

    ahahahahahahahahahahahah..... OK. i see i can't win with this one. lol too kul!!! toochee...
  13. GhengisX

    Not since Falcon 4.0...

    SC... the explanation was NOT for your benefit, the story was, as I knew you would appreciate the concept. sir. I, as you, (but not to the degree) constantly deal with people who want an open interactive answer mochane, and are unwilling to answer any of their own questions, even with the info up their wazoooooo. i was trying to demonstrate: with effort comes reward and rarely is anything free. long term gratification requires effort. this sim is rare in that.... any other POS (Perfectly Operating Software) would have been off my machine in an instant. Ghengis out.
  14. You are a GLUTTON!!!